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6 Nov 2016

I am quite surprised at myself that I haven't spoken about skincare more since we're moving closer to winter, but here I am FINALLY back with another skincare post and it's going to be a review! I've only recently been introduced to the brand BEEGOOD after winning this little travel trio set at the blogger blog awards, but for every day skincare I don't think I'll be looking back!

I've never sought out skincare for the purpose of maintaining my youth and I'm no where near an age where that's important! I always purchase skincare to make my skin feel good, keep away the spots, stop the dry skin I constantly seem to have, so it was a nice change to actually be trying out skincare which was for another purpose I hadn't tried before! First things first, I'm in love with the packaging, an egg shell blue and silver which looks like a metallic? The packaging even plays on words, as the pattern looks like the inside of a bee hive! This particular package is the youth enhancing travel trio, which contains three little tubes of skincare! The three products are meant to restore vitality to aging skin, through the combined power of British Bee ingredients! The products are meant to plump and firm, soften wrinkles and brighten dull/tired skin!  

Hydrate, Smooth & Prime Serum - Out of the three products this is my most used, I tend to use it like I would a makeup primer (surely it's the same thing?!) rubbing it into my skin each morning with circular motions. I always miss the eyes as I use a primer for my eye shadow, but for on my skin it makes my makeup practically glow! I have noticed such a difference in how easily my foundation blends with the primer on, it lasts longer so maybe after all it is meant to go on underneath your makeup. One factor I LOVE about BeeGood products is somehow it smells like the drink sprite, you expect there to be a fizz sensation but the cream is so soothing! It's refreshing to have a nice scent which isn't chemical or floral.

Plump & Firm Moisturiser - I use the primer every morning and most nights I use the plump & firm moisturiser, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight but instantly I notice how soft my skin feels! It's helps sooth down my skin after taking my makeup off with a facial wipes and takes away irritation after cleansing! I really like the tube itself on the moisturiser because it's thinner, meaning that you can squeeze a small amount out which is all you need. I hate over using cream because you've accidently squeezed half of it's content all over your hands.

Lift & Brighten Eye Cream - I use the eye cream as part of my night skin care routine and especially now that we have zero sunshine this season, it's really helped me to keep my face looking bright! I hate underneath my eyes because they can get so dull, but after using this cream for a good number of weeks I've noticed such a difference! Once taking my makeup off I don't see the dull patches, I look like I've had a decent night sleep!

I absolutely loved the blogger blog awards and I feel so lucky to have been apart of it! My first huge blogging event and it was a fun one, I'm chuffed I won something. I love finding new skin care brands to indulge in so let me know if there's any go to's you have which are like BeeGood! I love their formula, it really works well with my skin.

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