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Sunday, 20 November 2016

I was super excited to put this post together as it gave me time to look through old photographs, the ones sat in a dusty folder on my computer which probably hasn't been looked at in years. I first saw this idea over on YouTube when some of my favourite bloggers shared the insight and how much their appearance has changed over the years, so I thought why not do the same but in a blog post form! I feel as if from the age of fourteen to twenty two I've changed so much, I first started to experiment with my look, clothes, hair at that age and it really under took a lot of changes. So here's a little step by step photograph guide of how I've changed throughout nearly nine years!

Just putting these photographs together I can't believe how much my appearance has changed over the years and I feel like I have in myself too! Personal style is literally that personal and it's taken me so long to find what makes me feel my best but most importantly comfortable! I always played with a vintage style meets a music influence of rock, whether it be my charity shop jumpers with heavy eyeliner or when I shaved the side of my head but wore the cutest dresses! I always stuck to the black though, you can see it influence my style more and more as I get older but I truly feel like I am in my element. I never realised how much I've played around with my hair, always having some what of a fringe but the colour bounces from browns, reds, blonde, purple, pink, black, green! I think your teenage years are prime time to experiment with who you want to be and how you want to dress because when you hit your twenties, you just don't care. I'll literally wear whatever I want as long as it makes me feel good. I've gone from a no makeup, brace faced fourteen year old to a gothic green haired mermaid and I'm so happy I've changed.

What was your favourite style to experiment with? I think this is a great idea to self reflect so definitely create your own collage!

Until next time guys,

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  1. I loved this post! You've changed so much and I defintley can relate to some of the scene style pics >.< I love seeing how you've experimented over the years to get to a place where you are happy and confident with how you look! Which you definitley should be because you're so gorgeous! Love all the hair transformations too!!
    Robyn //


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