My 10 Favourite Things To Do In Autumn

2 Nov 2016

Hello Hello! Are we all as sad as I am that Halloween is officially over for another year? It sucks! But at least now we're deep into Autumn where I have planned a number of Autumnal inspired posts! I'm excited, September just seemed too fresh to be slamming posts on coat fashion and snuggling up with hot drinks, so I'm happy the cold months are finally here! Todays post is one I've been piecing together as Autumn has been going on, nothing down what has become my Autumn ritual. It already feels like winter but I'm holding on to all that toasty orange falling leaves and the spiced latte hype (which is funny because I don't drink coffee) because the moment December hits it's all going to be about Christmas! Lets keep Autumn alive, here is my 10 favourite things to do this time of year!

1. Big walks
One thing I LOVE to do any time of the season is go on walks, but there is something special for me to have a walk with leaves falling, the small chill creeping whilst I snuggle into my fur coat! I wish I had a dog for moments like that so I could go on walks all the time, luckily my boyfriend also loves going on small adventures so we put on our coats and boots pretty much every week when we get a day off together! Throw a hot drink into the mixture and you have yourself a perfect evening walk.

2. Baths
I mean I love baths in any season, but escaping from the cold outside to a nice toasty bath is something I find myself doing pretty much every odd day of the week in Autumn. Now that it's November and it's getting dark so early, I love to turn out the light, light a good few candles and listen to a podcast in the bath! It's so soothing and a great way to relax whilst getting your douse of warm.

3. Knitting
My motivation to knit always comes to me in Autumn, I think of woollen hats or scarves and I want to sit for hours with yarn whilst I create something home made! I've always started scarves and never finished them, so hopefully this year is the year where I can actually wear something I've knitted! I always set myself up in front of the tv whilst I knit something.

4. Hot drinks
I'm not a coffee drinker, but there is nothing better than sipping a tea or hot chocolate with cream on top! I rarely go for hot drinks unless we're out and about, nipping into Starbucks to prepare for a big walk or even if we do walk out into town, souly to visit a coffee shop to sit by the window and watch the city of York get dark!

5. Taking orange warm tonedphotographs
Something better than the warm tones of the setting sun is photographs in the setting sun, I have a number of polaroid photographs which scream Autumn to me and share some of my favourite memories. I love seeing photographs with that cold autumn crisp look to them, and it's always orange toned! I mean I hate the yellow glare that my living room gives my photographs at night, but that out door warm tone! I love it.

6. Bringing out the coats and boots
I try to not accept that winter is coming by sticking to wearing my leather jacket or jumpers, but I secretly love the first day I wear my old coats or put on my boots! I love my fur coat because it's a classic and it can only come out in winter, so whilst we're still in Autumn I can get away with showing it off fashionably, rather than where I try to pile as many layers on me to keep warm in winter.

7. Illuminating York
This is a specific one to where I live, but I love the light festival that goes on in York! In November York council create a walk around the city where you can look at light shows, some created by artists of the city and others working with our big attractions! I love how they light up the city so much, the shambles currently having Katherine wheels running down the street, almost looking like shooting stars. Some of these shows are simple lighting up of buildings, but it looks so pretty.

8. Making Bonfire Toffee
I've loved Bonfire Toffee since I was a child, it reminds me so much of my Grandma because she'd make it and come round with a big batch! She'd always want the baking dish back asap, but I loved chomping on it whilst my Mum took us to watch the Bonfires!

9. Eating Chilli
Admittedly I can be a fussy eater, but once you've tried chilli in Autumn you'll never go back! My mum makes a gorgeous chilli which reminds me of Halloween parties and giant bonfires in the garden, but my boyfriend Joel does too and it's TO DIE for.

10. Changing over my skincare
I do this fairly early into Autumn but I find I start to really see a different just as winter is starting to show it's colder head! My skin starts to get so dry and I lose all glow I had to my skin, but I love going to my old favourite skin care for this time of year, which gets me through the cold months! I overly moisturise so my face feels so soft 24/7!

I absolutely love Autumn and I'll be sad to see it go, so I'm happy I can share my favourite ten things to keep myself in the mood of Autumn! Go get yourself a lovely hot drink, eat chilli and watch the fire works because they'll be disturbing the night very soon!

Whats your favourite things to do in Autumn?

Until next time guys,