November Monthly Favourites

25 Nov 2016

Hello hello! The time has come around again that I share my November favourites, a loved post that I really enjoy to write each month! If you also follow me over on youtube I publish a video each month sharing things I have LOVED that month, but I've found also doing it in a blog post form is incredibly enjoyable because I get to play around with a flat lay to share the products I've loved. It's all about the flat lays, as bloggers we cannot lie! I've had a little extra money this month (some how) so I have indulged in products I've wanted for ages and impulse buys which I will never regret.

Zoella Beauty - I published a post reviewing the two products from the Zoella collection here which I LOVED. They smell great and add something extra to your bath time, both the fizz and bath milk creating bubbles but also leaves my skin feeling amazing. The bath milk can be popped into the bath or just lathered onto your skin, which I prefer to do! I've used the two products rather quickly just because I've really enjoyed using them when I get a bath, but with being less than $5 their super affordable to just re purchase again.

Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette - I was given this palette from my secret santa at work but I am in love, the creamy pale shades are incredibly pigmented and there is a good balance of both matte and shimmery shades. Each row equals to a specific look such as an Egyptian cat eye and punky 80's!

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot - This has to be my go to every foundation every time. I re purchase this foundation every time it runs out because it's a perfect skin tone match and for only £12 it lasts me a long, long time. It has such a good coverage which I definitely want in winter.

The Blogging Grotto - This is my project baby at the moment and I finally have my front cover design all ready! I've decided to put together a magazine for bloggers, written by bloggers on blogging and so far I'm thrilled with the progress it's making. I have a lot of bloggers working with me to publish this and there will be more details published next month!

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - I bought these lipsticks recently and I've found they definitely out trump all of the Nyx lipstick products that I've tried. Their texture is beautiful, soft and it feels almost as if you have no product on your lips! I love a good nude so I did choose four different shades from light to dark, brown tinted and warm for the season! Retailing at $6.50 I think they're an amazing price even if you're buying on a whim to experiment with, cheap but the quality is incredible.

Rose gold patterned candle from Home Bargains - THIS beautiful candle is from home bargains and that in itself amazes me. Super cheap but less than £4 and the scent is subtle but really nice! I love sweet smelling scents and as a plus the glass holder is amazingggg. I love rose gold as does any other blogger and slowly my house is filling up, so one more candle cannot hurt and for the size and price, it's completely worth it.

Rose Gold Metal Jar from Home Sense - My favourite feature about this jar is the fact it has leaks, almost like bleached patches that when a lit candle is inside you can see it shining out through small holes. It's beautiful! I adds something extra to what is first seen as just a plain jar. I love the colour, another rose gold item to add to my collection and with it being a hidden find in Home Sense it was only £3.99!

Rose Gold Stationary - I don't know what I love most about these, the fact that they're rose gold or that they're stationary! Another cheap find in home bargains and you can't not have enough of these small pieces of office wear. I always need clips, I always need pins so to have them in these cute jars is a step up from having them tucked away scattered in my draws. I'm tempted to never open these just because of how good they look!

Turtle Neck Jumper from Stylewe* - I love working with brands which offer unique pieces of fashion and Stylewe are a reliable source here on my blog as it's the third time I've worked with them! I love everything about this jumper, it's colour is a soft grey which is different for my wardrobe and the material is a fantastic quality. I'm new to such a high turtle neck feature but I've just rolled it under. It's long which is a style I'm loving this winter, it allows me to wear it with either skinnies or proper trousers like I have here.

So those we're the main items which I have LOVED this November. I feel as if all I could say for each product was that I loved it, but that's the reason they have become my favourite 'can't leave alone' products this November. Have you tried any of the product's I've mentioned? I've also bought so many Christmas decorations this month but I felt it was a little too early to involve them! I'm no scrooge but even I have a limit.

Until next time guys,