OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Casual Fashion With Zaful

11 Nov 2016

I am so excited for this outfit of the day because it’s the first lookbook with my new hair transformation! It's such a huge change for me but I don't know why I haven't gone green before, it matches in so well with my personal style and now I can let out my hidden mermaid/alien self. This autumn it's barely been cold, right up until a week ago where it became ice cold over night and now I need every layer to stop myself from shivering. I find it incredibly hard to pull off a stylish outfit because I'm adding tights and a giant coat (lets not even talk about hats and scarfs) so I end up not feeling the outfit at all. I don't really like tights, after having my legs out for months it annoys to have to cover them if I want to wear a nice skirt in November. I'll probably get dressed up at least once in the week, the other hours of the day I'm at work, at home or just enjoying a day off in York, so when it comes to items of clothing I've been heading more for comfort

Zaful is no new brand to heartshapedbones, I love the quality of their pieces and when I reviewed them in the summer time I found they provided unique pieces which I couldn't find any where else! I love brands who are fashion forward and offer pieces which you don't find on the high street, it gives you the chance to be individual with your personal style. When Zaful contacted me to style one of their pieces I decided to go for something a little different, opting for casual fashion which I love to wear in the chillier months. Yes everyone needs a coat, but they also need that easily wearable dress to just throw on in the cold mornings to get them out of the house!

Comfortable fashion sums up everything about the Tee shirt striped dress with floral lace trimmings* it's feminine, a little something extra with the lace detailing but being completely in fashion with the stripes! I love my stripes. I think it's perfect for all seasons but this Autumn/winter I'm dressing it with black (of course) adding on the extra layers which takes this from a summer piece to winter. You could throw this one on with tights and ballet school and it'll look effortless, or to spice things up some boots, accessories and a nice coat! Keeping with my black theme I decided to go chunky and throw on a giant fur coat, allowing the dress to peak out from underneath! I love how a floppy hat can make a look more...witchy? So I think it's a perfect accessory for winter, along with chokers. I also picked this string choker from Zaful! 


Don't get me wrong I do love to dress up, but sometimes you just need a tee shirt dress because they are comfy as hell! Have you shopped at Zaful before? Definitely check them out for the latest trends and unique fashion!

Until next time guys,

*DISCLAIMER: Items marked with a * were sent to me for free in exchange for a blog post, but all opinions remain my own and honest

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