OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Changing up an item of clothing

4 Nov 2016

I feel as if I’ve returned to normality with my outfits of the day now that October is finally over! I’m sad a little, I love the run up to Halloween and now we’re in the month where it’s just limbo till Christmas. I’m unsure when it’s even appropriate to start buying my decorations and décor this year…it’s weird having your own place to actually decorate for the season! Anyway, even though Halloween is over the cold weather is still here and at this time of the year I tend to put away my lighter clothing and layer on the dark!


When I got dressed this morning, this outfit started out completely different! The shirt is actually a button down shirt dress, with a tie around feature from Primark! I bought it last Autumn and it always is a piece I forget I have till I dig through my wardrobe, I don’t know why that is because it’s completely different to other dresses I go for. I go through phases with shirts, so a shirt dress is something I have to be in the mood for and usually dress up! It was freezing when I stepped outside so the shirt dress itself wasn’t going to keep me warm, so I thought why not add another layer and change the look completely?

I think a pinafore is a timeless piece for me, I dress it either with a lace piece or shirt to make it look vintage, or a t-shirt to dress it down like an American kid in the 90s. It took me almost a year to hunt down the perfect black denim pinafore, every time I thought I'd found the one it was shapeless or just didn't sit right on my shape! I found this in the summer time at H&M and I pretty much wear it every week, the button down feature matching the A-line skirt trend. You can pretty much wear a pinafore dress with any style of top and it just works, the dungaree style straps adjusting for a looser look if you were to wear a vest with it, or tight like I have to wear with a shirt. This piece really brings in my waist which I love.

I think re using an item of clothing for another purpose or style is fantastic, you're basically getting more outfits out of something which you thought would only be one! You can tuck a dress into skirts, culottes, vis versa if you were to wear a baggy top as a dress! I'm hopefully dying my hair Green next week and I think the colour will go amazing with this burgundy shirt, my purple hair at the moment just isn't matching well! Do you have a piece which you wear as something else? Let me know how you change up a piece of clothing! I'm curious.

Until next time guys,