7 Nov 2016

So I managed to take a few snaps whilst I still had violet hair (I've actually re-dyed it green so keep your eyes out for that) which I actually did love! It just wasn't the colour I wanted it to be. Somehow I managed to two tone my hair, the top being violet and the bottom a warm tone pinky/purple, which even till I re bleached it today I loved! It's different, but it bothered me to my core that it wasn't all one colour, so I decided to ditch the purple and try something out of my comfort zone! HELLO MERMAID GOTH. Anyway, on to my outfit for today!

I've been loving comfort lately, especially with the weather getting colder because I've had zero motivation to plan a good outfit lately. I'm in this weird funk where I've been so busy lately with a lot of projects that I've only been getting dressed for work, then throwing it off when I get home to get under a blanket for the night. It's been hard constantly working, but as they say you've gotta earn your bread! I've felt a little self conscious of my hair because it wasn't exactly planned and when I feel nervous about myself, I always revert back to wearing black. I love black in the winter (who am I kidding I wear it all seasons) I think it's a great way to darken up a look, I feel so grungy in this lighting with my hair and leather jacket!


I am a huge lover of Nirvana and have been since I was a child, Kurt Cobain holds a place deep in my heart because he was so utterly talented! An artist and musician, I'm completely in love with a dead man and each time I watch a documentary or listen to an album I'm completely blown away. Does that make me sound like an utter creep? I tend to always buy Nirvana merch whenever I see it, so when this little crop top popped up in H&M I had to splash out the mere £7 and snatch it up! T-shirt material crop tops are so easy to style, a band t-shirt always being a must have for any wardrobe. I wish I had more of my favourite band t-shirts, but I'll just continue to collect Nirvana merch and live happily.

I wish I had taken more photographs with my violet hair but my next colour is by far my favourite, I can't wait to show you! Do you own your favourite band's band tee? How do you style it?

Until next time guys,

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