28 Nov 2016

For a while now I've wanted my fashion content to contain something a little more than just fashion, last month I posed the idea that I would be talking about other things whilst at the same time sharing an outfit I've loved on myself! Today's outfit features again Stylewe, an online fashion platform which shares independent designers and exclusive products. What I love about this brand is the product quality, the clothing feels fantastic and wears really well in the sense you're confident there won't be any annoying tears from simply washing the thing. Yep I'm an adult now doing my own washing, I think of these things in advance when purchasing my clothing. The lovely team over at Stylewe got in contact so that I could bring my own personal style to their clothing, which seeing as I LOVE the designers they feature, I was more than excited to. 

 You've already seen how I styled a piece from their knitwear range, the second piece to their parcel was this beautiful but also sophisticated looking Gray Houndstooth Aline dress*, which I think looks incredibly smart! The material, style and print of dress to me is something perfect for say an interview, meeting or to work if you want to look like a boss lady. I've never really owned anything of this print or cut, so I'm happy my first look into this style of dress is an independent designer product! For me that's something that sets Stylewe a part from it's competitor fashion stores online.

So a blog post that I've seen floating around by a number of bloggers on my bloglovin list is of the lifestyle genre and it's what bloggers get up to outside of their blog! I don't mean this as a generally summary of what every blogger does away from the computer, but specifically what I do when I'm not blogging! I do have a full time day job where I work in Retail, but when I'm not there I try to spend most of my time blogging whether that's taking pictures, writing my posts or networking with my online pals! I love twitter because I've found every blogger is open to chatting, if I have any problems the bloggers on twitter are their to help and are so supportive! When out in real life meeting new people I do tell people I'm a blogger, I'll tell them about my job which I actually love, but then I always mention that I do blogging and also have an art print store. But I think blogger is where I'm throwing most of my passions lately, not that it's a bad thing but I also wanted to show that actually I'm not just a blogger. There are so many things I love to do. 

I love to make art 
I have my own art store but I've always loved to create art. I love to draw, paint, stitch, knit and throw myself into any project where my creativity can come out. Lately I've been creating little hand stitched dolls but I also create illustrated prints! I usually draw with ink pen, which is definitely MY medium. 

I love to watch films
I'm a massive film geek, I constantly have a film on whether it's a classic like the shining or a new indie film that I've fallen upon on netflix. I'm open to watching anything but I do love 90's films, films that are about monsters, vampires, magical creatures, people with powers, good old ghost films or just your simple rom com. I always quote films so it's good to also be into films or my humor just isn't understood. 

I love to read 
I used to read two books a weekend before I came to university, but with a lot of things taking prior I had to put reading on the back burner until I graduated! This year I'd finally got back into reading and I've loved the selection of books I've opened myself to in 2016. I'm such a fussy reader so I really have to know what a book is about before I pick it up, but I've been loving the best sellers in waterstones!

I love to take trips to seaside towns
I love sea side towns, I don't know if this is just a British thing but nothing gives me more pleasure than taking a bus through the country side to Whitby or Scarborough! Some of my family are from Scarborough so since I was literally we've visited every year, it holds so many good memories for me which might be why I love it so much. I love getting fish & chips to walk down the harbor with, looking at all the boats and the ocean!

I love to cook
I used to suck at cooking, but living with Joel who is passionate about food has really helped me step up! I love to cook, I find myself most nights offering to make us a meal and it's exciting. I've opened up to so many new foods, I've never ate onion in my life till living with Joel.

I love to market hunting
This might be inspired by the fantastic Christmas market that is now live in York but I LOVE going to markets. I love going fresh and early on a weekend morning, getting a hot drink or a bacon sandwich whilst you browse stalls. The ones in York are amazing and I always end up buying food or more flowers!

I love to sew
My mum is a pro with the sewing machine because she does it for a living, so as a child I always wanted to do something with her and that was the odd bit of sewing! I love it. Making clothing, artwork, knitting or my little hand stitched dolls.

I love to go on big walking adventures
I'm not much of a traveler because I get really bad travel sickness, even going on the bus I need to pop the travel sickness tablets to make it. It makes me hate driving or going anywhere, but I love giant adventures where we can just walk for hours. Joel and I walk everywhere, on our days off we'll put our boots on and go for huge walks out of York just to breath fresh air and not be stuck in the house all day. It makes me so happy though, just exploring. 

I absolutely love to work with brands I love and who offer unique fashion so thankyou Stylewe for getting in contact once again! A complete reliable brand. Have you bought anything from Stylewe?

Until next time guys,

*DISCLAIMER: This fashion item was given to me for free in exchange for a blog post, all words are my own and honest