What I've been snuggling up & watching

18 Nov 2016

I love to watch films all throughout the day, whether it’s when I’m typing up blog posts, drawing or simply snuggle up for the night, I constantly seem to have something on the telly! It’s more often now especially with it getting dark around 5pm, I’m constantly tucked up at home after work searching for something new to watch. I can’t say I’ve found many new films which have taken my fancy, but I’ve definitely dived into some new tv series!

I’m a die-hard fan of American Horror Story and I’ve been 100% blown away with the new season; Roanoke Nightmare. It’s so far beyond anything that we’re used to with AHS, it has more gore, I’ve jumped out of my skin numerous of times each episode and I feel that they’ve really stepped up the creep factor. It reminds me so much of season one for the vibes, but it’s as if Murphy decided he need to amp up the scare factor. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the season involves MAJOR twists which are fantastic. Definitely close to being one of my favourite seasons, just because of how different it is.

Gilmore girls has been around forever but I’ve only just watched the whole thing! As in I’ve finally just finished the last episode of season 7 and I am fully prepared for the year in the life of new season 8 which is coming out soon! The trailers have me absolutely buzzing. If you haven’t seen GG when you were younger, the show is basically surrounding the life of a mother and daughter and how they simply live life and grow! What I love about it is how down to earth the plot line is, it has Rory the daughter going to school, her first boyfriend, going to college, following her dreams, friends, family and I really wish I was a part of the little town they live in. I can’t wait of the new season!

I feel as if I’m soo late to the Gotham train, I’m only a couple of episodes in but how it starts just after the deaths of Bruce Wayne’s parents. The DC Batman trilogy that I love starts many years later when Batman is born to save Gotham, but I’m so intrigued into this series just because it shares what happens in Gotham whilst Bruce is still a boy, the detectives are all young and they’re searching for his parent’s killer. I have to say Penguin may be my favourite character, but there’s something about him that I really don’t like too.

NOW SISSY THAT WALK. I love Ru Pauls Drag Race, when I saw season 7 was now available on Netflix I lost my shit. I pretty much sponge watched it in two nights and I found all of the Drag Queens we’re absolutely gorgeous! These season saw faces such as Miss Fame, Pearl, Ginger Minge and more who I absolutely loved! MAX! Max had to be my favourite queen, but you should definitely watch it and see for yourself how fab they all were. Ru Pauls drag race for anyone who hasn’t seen it is basically a challenge show where Queens compete to be the next face for Ru Paul, winning so many things for each challenge but it gets so intense! The snatch game is definitely my favourite round.

I didn’t think I would like this program as much as I have, I’m only three episodes in but I watch it so intensely. There’s so much information about the Royal family that I never knew, which is so interesting to see acted out by a great cast. I’m British and the royal family has always held an air of mystery to me, I’ve never really been into history so to find out things about the queen and how she became the queen is fascinating.

Last but not least, West world. I am IN LOVE with this program. Joel and I had seen it advertised on the television for ages and everyone went mental for the first episode, so we decided to watch it and now we make it a date to watch it together each week. I love how different it is, the idea of a western themed adult park with life like Roberts following out plot lines is incredibly. There’s huge twists between the Roberts and the real people who are called ‘guests’ and I’m always on my seat because something is constantly happening. There’s big things going down in the park and it’s intriguing to see if it’s all planned by the creator or if the Roberts are able to do what they want.

Ok and there are the current programs I've got myself into! Is there anything you think I should watch? What are you watching at the moment?

Until next time guys,