Zoella Beauty : Bath Latte Milk & Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer

14 Nov 2016

I'll be honest, when Zoella first brought out her first range of Bath essentials I never jumped on the hype or even popped into super drug to see what the products even were! I didn't watch Zoella on Youtube until a year or two ago and now I find myself watching every vlog! The appeal I have to watching her vlogs is that she is someone who made a dream into a business, both Zoe & Alfie have made careers out of blogging, which I have to agree with is inspired! I'm not saying that I went out and bought these products souly because they were created by Zoella, but when I was shopping in Superdrug, they finally caught my eye! She constantly shares information in her videos and shows her own products, so when I came to the section in Superdrug, they were finally familiar because I had literally been watching her that morning show one of the candles which is apart of her home range! It made me wonder what the products were actually like, especially when coming from a blogger like myself I was curious of the quality. It still seems mental to me that blogging has become such a big thing, so to have someone who creates Youtube videos and blog posts like myself ALSO have a beauty and home ware range? I had to pick up some of the bath bits to try out.

I think the first thing that can be said about Zoella's products are that the packaging is BEAUTIFUL. There's such a periodic feel to the packaging, the style of pattern reminding me of something out of the 1920's! They remind me of the Great Gatsby's, the gold patterns on colourful backgrounds reminding me of the décor in Gatsby's mansion! In the summer my Boyfriend and I stayed in an old fashion grand hotel at the sea side and the packaging also reminds me of that. The products are just so feminine, fun with the old fashioned stylised text, which I love! I think a positive thing about having a blogger create products is that they're so photographable, they're bright, stand out and look so cute all together.

Le Fizz, Fragranced Bath Fizzer - I love how this product actually resembles a candy bar, it feels so luxuries to have something feel quite heavy in such nice packaging. I had heard good things about the bath fizzers before purchasing this product, making me incredibly curious to find out what a bath fizzer actually was. After getting past opening the beautiful packaging I was amused to find it also looks like a candy bar on the inside with the rows of blocks, making it easy to break a little square off to pop in the bath! All over the packaging it states that this product isn't food and you shouldn't eat it, which in a way is a well done to making it look so authentic! The Le Fizz is macaron scented which has to be my new favourite scent and really added an extra something to my bath!

Bath Latte, Bath & Shower Milk - Again I think it's genius how they have packaged this range, the Bath Latte coming in a small milk bottle with a golden lid! Dove do a very similar bath milk product so I wasn't new to what I thought this product was, it smells amazing with a hint of almond and honey, making my skill feel so soft! Pouring a little into the bath I felt as if it was incredibly moisturising. With anything I put into my baths I love for them to be milky, so it was really soothing to relax having my skin feel as good as it can.

In all honesty I do think the items are pricy, I went for these two products to try just because they were less than £5 each, where as the rest we're just a bit too much for my first test purchase of a brand! Now that I've found I do love these products, I really want to try the skin care and also the candles! There is such a variety of scents, one perfect for each season!

Have you tried any of the Zoella products? What do you think?

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