My favourite moments of 2016

30 Dec 2016

I think 2016 was a very eventful year for everyone, whether it be bad with our favourite celebs dying, Trump being voted president or the entirety of the UK f**king us over and voting out, or good with our own personal joys (because lets face it this year has been a complete joke with everything else) there certainly was a lot going on this year. I had a good year if I'm honest, I finally finished university, moved in with my one true love and got a job I bloody enjoy, plus a lot more special moments which I'm going to share with you now!

Bloggers Who Have MADE My 2016

27 Dec 2016

Happy Christmas everyone! For me this festive period is all about family, the people I love all being together and sharing all our love together. My family is super supportive with everything I do and it doesn't just stop there, 2016 really has been an awesome year for myself with my blog Heartshapedbones and it's all because of the amazing people I've met! Bloggers are truly amazing, lovely people, the community we've built online contains some of the most down to earth, supportive and hummable people who I feel lucky to have met or even spoken to online! On days where I doubt myself my friends online are there to keep me grounded, they support the content I create and have helped me along the way, with projects like The Blogging Grotto! I met a number of bloggers who I've been talking to for months, some years online at the blogger awards this Autumn and it was the best feeling to meet people who also do what I love, so now I want to share that love I feel towards these bloggers and why they have made my 2016! 

Hello everyone! Are we all excited for the weekend because it's going to be a very big Christmasy one?! I didn't really want to write too many Christmas themed posts so I've kept my content the same, but I couldn't resist adding some decor into my flat lays so I hope you enjoy everything wooden in this post! I've never been one to wear watches until this year, actually last Christmas I was bought a beautiful Ted Baker watch and from then I've indulged in a couple to add to my wardrobe. Watches look so classic and are incredibly helpful to me whilst I'm at work, so whilst being on the look for another, I was thrilled when JORD watches got in contacted and wanted me to style one of their own!

Cool Little Bits From Primark!

19 Dec 2016

Lets all face it, we secretly love Primark. I wouldn't even claim it to be a secret, I feel like it's a treat when I go to a city with a store there and I find the cutest little bits! York now has a Primark right in the city centre so no doubt when I get paid I'll be right in there spending my money, but before this happened I decided to head to Doncaster (where my parents live) to do some Christmas shopping and cheekily see if there was any good finds in Primark. Ill say this now in my introductory paragraph, a lot of it was found in the home wear section. 

My Perfect 'Me Time' #MKB PARTY #AD

18 Dec 2016

One aspect I love about blogging and my blog is that I get to see others interests and share my own, Heartshapedbones always being filled with content on things I love! I share my personal style, products I love, films/programs I like, food I eat and one area that I think has been lacking on my blog is the books I read! I LOVE to read, probably as much as I love to indulge in a good film. From being a child I've always loved books, I used to have a huge book case that ran along the upstairs landing when I was younger to now having books pretty much scattered all throughout my home. It's strange to see how my interests in certain subjects has changed but I literally can fall into any genre of book, I love my mystery, adventure and crime, whilst always having a soft spoke for the supernatural! I am a pure fiction book lover, but growing up a little I've even been opened to non-fiction. I'll always give any genre of book a try, so when My Kinda Book got in touch to introduce me to the #MKBPARTY and wanted me to throw my own with a number of books to read, I had to say yes!


13 Dec 2016

Ok so I have something to confess, I really really really, really really do not like Love Actually or Nightmare Before Christmas. I hold my hands up and am fully open to judgements. There are so many films I love to watch at Christmas time and to be honest a lot of them aren't necessarily about Christmas, so I thought it would be perfect to be incredibly stern with myself and share my favourite strictly Christmasy films! No Edward Scissor Hands or Narnia, just good old, warm hearted films about Christmas.

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Black Lace & Mermaid Feels

10 Dec 2016

I feel so good to be back with an outfit post, it's felt like such a long time purely because lately most of my posts had been scheduled. On my blog six posts ago I did post an OOTD when in reality that was written nearly a month ago (jesus I've really been skipping out on my fashion lookbooks) and now that I've ended my blogging schedule hopefully if I write posts they won't even be a week in waiting to be published. I want to feel connected again to my blog and the content I write, the content I love and narrowing that down I love to shoot fashion lookbooks! If I defined my niche I'd say Heartshapedbones is a personal style fashion blog, I do love to write about other things like lifestyle things and beauty, but I've always wanted my blog to be about my fashion. I want more outfit of the day posts here on my blog like I used to, so hopefully I can share more outfits which I love with you guys and then a little of the other stuff I like to write.


5 Dec 2016

I mentioned in a previous post that I've been feeling a little stressed and unattached to my blog posts lately, so I decided to give up my blogging schedule and I feel soo much better. I'm blogging when I can and most importantly when I want, coming up with post ideas that I can share with you guys straight away instead of scheduling for the next month and completely forgetting what I've even written. I have a lot on my plate this month with work and exciting projects (whilst you know living life too) so my head is being completely blown off with constant things to think about and plan! I thought this would be a fun little lifestyle post to put together on what I'm thinking about right now, everything that's going on and the mindless babbles of how my brain works.

Hello December! 2016

3 Dec 2016

This post has started out as many different things but I just want to start off and say HELLO CHRISTMAS WE ARE NEARLY UPON YOU. I love Christmas time and in my house hold it starts on the first of December, so I officially have my decorations up and I'm getting into season with good food, movies and activities! For the past week I've felt like I've been in a complete uninspired rut, I did explain how I've been feeling in one of my latest posts but basically I've felt like I need to change how I've been blogging. I want to drop scheduling because it's just leaving me feeling unconnected to my content, so I'm going to blog when I can and when I want - no pressure and hopefully I'll still maintain my consistency each week! I just want to take away some stress in my life, I work full time and I have so many huge commitments going on at the moment! Anyway, this post started out as so many things because originally I wanted to do a 'shopping for Christmas decorations when on a budget' type post, but I felt completely un interested in writing it. It's this type of content I'm starting to feel as if I'm only writing because it's what I should be as a blogger, it's what others are doing and I want it to stop! I want to write content more about my interests, things I love, everything that I set up this blog to well, blog about! So no more typical blogger posts that you're going to see everywhere this blogmas, instead I want to tell you all some things I love about December! I actually got inspired by my lovely friend Kayleigh who also shared her loves for the month, she's awesome so definitely check out her post here