5 Dec 2016

I mentioned in a previous post that I've been feeling a little stressed and unattached to my blog posts lately, so I decided to give up my blogging schedule and I feel soo much better. I'm blogging when I can and most importantly when I want, coming up with post ideas that I can share with you guys straight away instead of scheduling for the next month and completely forgetting what I've even written. I have a lot on my plate this month with work and exciting projects (whilst you know living life too) so my head is being completely blown off with constant things to think about and plan! I thought this would be a fun little lifestyle post to put together on what I'm thinking about right now, everything that's going on and the mindless babbles of how my brain works.

1. Why is Joel making me watch Modern Family? We've never watched it before in our lives and now he's super obsessed in what seems like over a night. We have so many programs to watch so why Modern families...
2. I need to make dinner later and I have zero ideas...I have mince and that's it
3. Omg I bought RoseJam from Lush and I can't wait to bath tonight
4. I feel really good about blogging right now, this post might not be a fashion look or anything fabulous but I love getting my thoughts out, like a diary
5. Ok so I'm laughing at Modern Family, it's quite funny
6. I did get it confused with Rules of Engagement...I wish I was watching Rules of Engagement
7. We've decided on Spaghetti Bolo, good decision
8. I tried some paper samples for The Blogging Grotto magazine yesterday and I'm so excited for it to be finished and published for everyone to read!
9. Every post that other bloggers sent me to publish are amazing and I think that's what I'm most excited about to share with everyone
10. I need to bleach my roots soon but I don't know how to go about it...
11. Oh no I just realised my works Christmas party is on Sunday and now my roots definitely need doing
12. Jesus I haven't done a fashion post in ages, the weathers really bad at the moment so I can't take any good photos aaah
13. I also need a day off which isn't till Friday...I have a lot to do on Friday
14. My Nikon filming camera is broken and I need to send it off but I also need time to actually send it off. I work too much.
15. While on the subject of time I need to make time tomorrow on my break to go to the post office and get stamps to send off prints! People need them before Christmas eepa
16. I'm now super stressed because I have a lot to do tonight and I've only just thought about it. I better get off my butt and do something
17. When I'm stressed I cuddle up and watch aa tv program, but at the moment we're juggling so many series
18. We've started Wayward Pines and it's weirddd but I love it. I don't think Joel likes it as much as I do though...I don't want to ask him because that means we might not continue the series ugh I really want to watch it now
19.  I wonder if Jess & Rory will ever get together, I've just sort of told myself that they have but the big ending to Gilmore Girls might say other wise ugh
20. I bought some really cool things from Primark yesterday and I want to keep them all but some are gifts no
21. They're all homeware bits, which says a lot about me because it's all I buy
22. Oh, anyone who's receiving a gift from me it's probably home ware or a candle surprise
23. Joel just called me Jessie Bear that's cute!
24. I don't know what Christmas posts to write for this month, I want to do something but at the same time I want it to be natural on my blog and not forced
25. I did so well with Halloween content, probably because October is my one true love month
26. Speaking of true love I saw a Nirvana beanie at work today and I want it nowwww
27. I don't know how I'm affording Christmas
30. I still have a number of pages to put together for the magazine so hopefully I can get it done tonight or tomorrow fingers crossed
31. I really want to download the Simpsons hit and run game but I can't find it anywhere
32. Omg Joel is buying me soft box lighting for Christmas and I need to do research and find the best kind but I don't even know where to look
33. I went back to Doncaster this weekend to see family and do shopping and I'm so happy, I feel so content after having cuddles with my doggies I miss them
34. I bought my Brother the best Christmas/Wedding present and I don't know which one to save it for
35. I only have Christmas decorations in my living room and now I'm sad, I want another tree for in the kitchen
36. I'm going to have a give away for the magazine and I'm excited, I might throw goodies in there too
37. oh no we're so behind watching Westworld
38. I need to work on a commission piece I'm doing for a friend and I'm excited but nervous because I haven't drawn in ages
39. All of the clothes I want to photograph for OOTD are from H&M ooo
40. I have so many books to read but I need to get my life in order and have less on so I don't feel bad sitting down for a couple of hours to read

I love getting my thoughts out like this because I feel that half of the time I never tell anyone what I'm thinking. I never had a diary as a child or wrote anything down, so to have it now on the internet makes me feel that I can share more of myself on heartshapedbones.