Bloggers Who Have MADE My 2016

27 Dec 2016

Happy Christmas everyone! For me this festive period is all about family, the people I love all being together and sharing all our love together. My family is super supportive with everything I do and it doesn't just stop there, 2016 really has been an awesome year for myself with my blog Heartshapedbones and it's all because of the amazing people I've met! Bloggers are truly amazing, lovely people, the community we've built online contains some of the most down to earth, supportive and hummable people who I feel lucky to have met or even spoken to online! On days where I doubt myself my friends online are there to keep me grounded, they support the content I create and have helped me along the way, with projects like The Blogging Grotto! I met a number of bloggers who I've been talking to for months, some years online at the blogger awards this Autumn and it was the best feeling to meet people who also do what I love, so now I want to share that love I feel towards these bloggers and why they have made my 2016!

Kayleigh is honestly one of the most caring and supportive human I've ever had the honour to speak to! I feel lucky to call this lady my friend because she really is awesome, she's there for everyone and even when she's having a problem herself, she's still so caring for other people. She works so hard at university, her work and blogging, she deserves every follower because her content is just so bloody awesome. If I ever have a worry, problem or even curiosity to do with blogging or even life things, Kayleigh is always there to talk to, and hopefully in the new year I'll get to finally meet up with her!

I had the pleasure to meet Robyn at the blogger blog awards this year and I have to say this girl is so so cool! She is a super friendly, open person who creates such creative content and I admire her personal style so much. The first thing I noticed when meeting Robyn was that she had a really cute bag which was a milk carton (I'm sure it was a milk carton) and I thought right there a girl with a cool bag like that is good in my books! Through the powers of the internet getting to know Robyn has been an absolute pleasure and I'm so thrilled to have article in the blogging zine I created called the blogging grotto! I find myself constantly checking up on her blog to see if she has posted anything and I always take to twitter to see how her day is going. Another super awesome human I really want to meet in 2017.

I cant sing Sophie's praises enough because she is my absolute home girl and I have always loved her blog <3 I think Popcorn and glitter has to be one of the first blogs I ever started to read and inspired me to blog myself if I'm honest, I love her content, especially her foodie posts and film reviews! I constantly check her blog to see if she's reviewed any new films for me to read and get her opinion on and I tend to always check out the films she recommends. I voted for Sophie in the blogger blog awards and I cheered so hard when she was announced as a runner up to one of the categories. It's such a shame she lives in Brighton or else I would be a real life stalker, I love this girl so much for her creativity and my god she looks so damn cool. Love you Sophie.

After speaking to Sarah for nearly two years (or more!) I finally got to meet her at the blogger blog awards and now we're best friends for life. I love Sarah, she's such a genuine human being and would help anyone out in any level of situation. She's so fun and I got to meet her awesome sister too! I love the content on her blog because it's so real and honest, her taboo talk series bringing me back to her blog daily. I love to sit down and read through her latest and older posts, along side blogging Sarah also creates beautiful art that I really need to get my hands on! I hope to see her more in 2017 as we need to have some serious blogger days.

I have to thank the blogger blog awards because it allowed me to meet so many bloggers who I have been reading for ages now. I got to meet Sarah and I'm so happy I did, she's lovely! I love her blog for it's quality, every time I read a post written by her I have such envy of her photography skills and want to step up my game on my own. I love her content because it's always something I can relate to and she deserves so much credit because she works her butt off on her blog and you can tell.
I came across Beth's blog this year and fell in love with it so hard, along with her social medias where she shares her makeup looks (which are pure goals). She created a look for each day of October for Halloween and has been doing the same this December, so definitely give her Instagram a follow to keep updated. I find myself checking and liking her work daily because she really is so creative. I featured Beth in the blogging grotto and from getting to know her more I think she's a divine human!

What blogs have you loved this year? Definitely give these girls some loving because by god they have kept me going this year!

Until next time,