Hello December! 2016

3 Dec 2016

This post has started out as many different things but I just want to start off and say HELLO CHRISTMAS WE ARE NEARLY UPON YOU. I love Christmas time and in my house hold it starts on the first of December, so I officially have my decorations up and I'm getting into season with good food, movies and activities! For the past week I've felt like I've been in a complete uninspired rut, I did explain how I've been feeling in one of my latest posts but basically I've felt like I need to change how I've been blogging. I want to drop scheduling because it's just leaving me feeling unconnected to my content, so I'm going to blog when I can and when I want - no pressure and hopefully I'll still maintain my consistency each week! I just want to take away some stress in my life, I work full time and I have so many huge commitments going on at the moment! Anyway, this post started out as so many things because originally I wanted to do a 'shopping for Christmas decorations when on a budget' type post, but I felt completely un interested in writing it. It's this type of content I'm starting to feel as if I'm only writing because it's what I should be as a blogger, it's what others are doing and I want it to stop! I want to write content more about my interests, things I love, everything that I set up this blog to well, blog about! So no more typical blogger posts that you're going to see everywhere this blogmas, instead I want to tell you all some things I love about December! I actually got inspired by my lovely friend Kayleigh who also shared her loves for the month, she's awesome so definitely check out her post here

01. My Annual Family Trip - I love December because every year my family and I head to Scarborough (a seaside town in England) to see my Mum's side of the family! I love it so much, it honestly is the best day out of the entire year to me because everyone is so happy. We all feel really close, we go for a meal with my granddad who I only get to see once a year (on that date) and then we do loads of Christmas shopping! Just so we know we have something to do that day we always leave our shopping to do there, so this year I'm pretty excited because we're going on a Saturday for a change instead of the Sunday so all the shops will actually be open! I want cold winter walks by the sea and seafood <33333 Now that I'm older every year my Dad really worried rings me to ask if I'm still coming and I kind of get offended that he has to ask, I love that day so much it will crush me the year I can't go.

02. YORK Christmas Market - This will be my fourth Christmas in York and one thing I've been excited for is the market in town! It's HUGE. They have a giant beer tent up called Thor's which has an actual fire pit! The stalls have food, drink, home d├ęcor, clothing, everything is so quirky and makes for a really cool Christmas present for someone! I love to get a mulled cider or some form of hot food and just stroll down the middle, the lights are all hung in the trees and there's Christmas music playing. It's perfect.

03. Decorating Our Home - So this will be mine and Joel's second Christmas together but the first that we've lived together, so it's the first time we've bought a  tree and decorations! I feel so grown up and I've managed to get everything I wanted for under £50 woo! I took to cheap places like Ebay, Poundland, home sense and Tk Maxx for decorations and even managed to find cheap packs of baubles when doing my food shop at ASDA! I have quite a full collection which is fantastic because it means less to buy next year! I just want our flat to be incredibly homely because I get so home sick at Christmas time, my parents go full out with decorating and now that I don't live with them I'm finding it strange but thankfully I am spending Christmas day at their house!

04. FOOOOOOD - This isn't necessarily a Christmas thing, but in winter my boyfriend Joel makes the best food. He is such a good cook and makes really good comfort food like chilli, stews OMG THE BEEF ALE STEWS! We always make our own soup and with the weather now being incredibly cold we've started to cook more homely meals which I love! We literally smoother everything in gravy which is such a British thing to do, but that sums up my winter. I can't wait for Christmas dinner at my mums house srsly, I do plan to pack on some weight freely.

05. Christmas Parties - In my last job we never got around to arranging a Christmas do, but now that I work with H&M it is all organised and even paid for by the company!!!!! I've never been in a job where that's happened so I'm thrilled, we're all going out for a meal and then plenty of drinks after! I feel so apart of a team and I have to say I love my job, I do work a lot and it does make blogging really hard sometimes, but my day job is the best job I've ever had. It's great to work with amazing people so I'm really excited for the do, it's next Sunday which makes me giddy!

06. THE BLOGGING GROTTO! - If you follow me over on my twitter you would of seen that I've set up my own magazine called The Blogging Grotto! I've put this little project together and I'm going to call it more of a zine and ALOT of bloggers have pitched in with articles which I am so thrilled to share! It's a blogging magazine written by bloggers, for bloggers about blogging! It's being released for purchase this month and there will definitely be a post up!

I was really undecided whether to do Vlogmas or Blogmas this year and then my camera decided to break so I thought it wouldn't be the best time at all. My life seems incredibly busy this month so I would struggle so much with both ideas, so I may have to save all the Christmas content I have pented up inside me for another year! I will be posting some Christmasy content on both platforms but just more casually and mixed with my regular content like OOTDs. I feel asif I haven't done a good outfit post in a while which makes me sad.

I think the main thing I'm excited for this month is just spending time with my family! Living not even in the same city can be incredibly hard so it's going to be so nice being back at home with everyone for the Christmas period woo! What are you up to this December? Note that I didn't include shopping, I'm such a stress shopper haha

Until next time guys,