I'd say (and many people have told me) that I have a very good memory, but when I try to think back to what pieces in my wardrobe I was loving this time last year, I can't even recall anything happening in January. Winter to me was a blur last year because I had the big bad dissertation at university to write, so I pretty much spent most of my time in baggy tops or dresses that I'd no doubt also slept in, or in my work uniform as I'd do late night shifts in aa bar/kitchen then run back to the library to smash out 7000 words. Without looking on social media or my blog, I honestly can't think of my staple pieces last year, but my preference in clothing has 100% changed this winter round. I've never really been one for comfortable clothing, sweats, jeans, jumpers, they've never really been my thing, but for the past cold winter months you've not been able to get me out of them!


19 Jan 2017

Have you ever seen an item of clothing and despite how much it is (which wasn't cheap oops) just thought 'I need that in my life, right now, where is my bank card someone get my money I want to throw it at this item of cloth'? thats how I felt when I saw this dress. Long dresses or skirts have to be a staple piece for my wardrobe, not only are they super comfortable but I find them to be very feminine! Don't even get me started on a vintage style long dress, anything that brings in my waist and makes me feel like a floating princess has me sold. 


15 Jan 2017

I can't believe it's another Sunday already! I can't believer either we're half way into January, but I said that every month last year because it seemed to go by so quickly! Anyway, hello lovely people, I hope you're all in your comfies with a cup of tea because Sundays are made for doing nothing and I stand by that. This weekend is the start of me having some time off work, so I plan to get so much content filmed, shot and scheduled for you all because I'm feeling really creative at the moment! I'm excited to take some time off for myself to do things I love, but at the same time it's come at a super stressful time because if you haven't seen my last post this week, IM MOVING HOUSE! I'm spending my week off pretty much getting all our stuff in order and packing it up, so it's gonna be a busy week but I'm quite excited. I think this is how I'm going to remember January, as one big busy month but at the end of it I get a house with lots of nice new furniture.


11 Jan 2017

I have a little horror story when it comes to Leopard print and I think thats why I've always been really comprehensive about buying it. I must of been at least fourteen, fresh onto social media thinking I was cool by taking 'selfies' (which weren't a thing then) pretty much everyday. I'd take photos in anything, new outfits, weird outfits (when I got more scene lol), pjs, hoodies, my school uniform, I'd document every moment online and this one time I had an outfit failure and I got pretty embarrassed by it.


9 Jan 2017

It feels so good to be back with an outfit of the day post, fashion blogging is what I love to do here on my corner of the internet, so i've been a little sad not to have put together a fashion related post in ages. I just haven't had the daylight or days off to do it and straight off to start the new year my boyfriend and I are moving to a completely new city! It's all happening this month so I hope I can stop to snap more outfit photographs, but we'll have to see on that front. 


8 Jan 2017

Happy Sunday guys! I only posted once this week which isn't like me, but a couple of big things have come up, so balancing them with full time work really has been hard. I spent most of yesterday taking outfit photographs so we should be back to regular content that I love to post, more outfit of the days, personal posts and I have some new things to come. When sitting down to write my new year resolutions I thought past that and asked myself what I really wanted to do in the new year, something fun, so amongst plans like doing something new each week, reaching social media goals, working my way to manager at work, I decided to do something fun and document myself every day by taking part in the photo a day challenge. I want see how I grow in a year, visually, so I thought this would be a fun idea to do and share it with you guys each Sunday in a week summary post! I can talk about what I did, how I felt each day, kind of like a diary entry. I think that's what I'm missing here on my blog, a personal consistency.

The Night Before Christmas Lush Giftbox

3 Jan 2017

I feel as if I haven't done a Lush post in so long and it really has been, considering they're one of my favourite brands for skincare and bath products, I'm surprised in myself that it's taken this long! I tend to buy products from Lush all through out the year, but never huge amounts which is why there isn't more Lush posts on my blog. I'm going to work on that this year so you get to see more of my favourite products at big times of the year (Valentines, Mothers day, Halloween, etc) so lets kick if off with two of my favourite products from the Christmas range, which so happens to come together in a gift box called The Night Before Christmas!


1 Jan 2017

I am so thrilled to say HELLO NEW YEAR! HELLO HELLO 2017, I am no doubt really hung over right now because I decided to grasp adulthood by the horns and I got drunk. I don't get drunk because I don't drink, I'm terrible after one pint so no doubt I'm pretty rough right now. If I'm perky fresh on social media today than well done me (update I actually feel ok omg I'm attempting to eat food right now send help) but I hope you all had a fantastic night to celebrate the change of year! Lets make 2017 bigger, better and your own!