1 Jan 2017

I am so thrilled to say HELLO NEW YEAR! HELLO HELLO 2017, I am no doubt really hung over right now because I decided to grasp adulthood by the horns and I got drunk. I don't get drunk because I don't drink, I'm terrible after one pint so no doubt I'm pretty rough right now. If I'm perky fresh on social media today than well done me (update I actually feel ok omg I'm attempting to eat food right now send help) but I hope you all had a fantastic night to celebrate the change of year! Lets make 2017 bigger, better and your own!

Most years I make resolutions for the new year, but I always see them more as goals or a better term would be dreams for how I want the new year to be, and I never tend to stick to any. Or remember them really. I think the wonderful thing about having a blog is you can scroll back and look at the memories you've documented, so hopefully by creating a post on my goals for 2017 i'll actually keep looking back on it and work towards what I want every day! 


  • PHOTO OF THE DAY CHALLENGE! Ok so I thought this one would be incredibly fun and a year challenge I've always wanted to do! I really want to see how much I change in a year, plus documenting each day in some way will be amazing to look back on when 2018 comes around. I plan to share each week in a Sunday week summary post, which I love to do so it'll give me the opportunity to bring more of them to heartshapedbones!
  • One new thing each week! I love this idea, either a new activity, film, craft, food, book, just something new once a week which also can be shared in my Sunday summary post. 
  • Grow my hair long (I'm doing so well I haven't had it this long since I was 17)
  • Learn to drive - so Joel and I are moving cities which is going to give me the chance to drive because I'll be on more familiar ground, I'll have more money and we won't be in a place where driving isn't unnecessary!
  • Go on holiday! We're saving to go on a big holiday this year but with moving in February it might just be a small week trip, but still I'm so excited because I love spending time with Joel exploring. We tend to go on a two day trip to somewhere in England each year so it'll be nice to get on a plane!
  • Get another tattoo 
  • Get better at saving money 

  • Work my butt off for the next five months and go for assessment to be a manager 


  • Post three times a week, but don't get myself down with a schedule 
  • Step up my photography and outfit posts (more lookbooks)
  • Comment more and follow more blogs!
  • Post two videos a week on my youtube channel 
  • Film more fashion content for my channel 
  • Meet bloggers who I speak to pretty much every day 
  • Grow The Blogging Grotto!
  • Get back into drawing more regularly 
  • Push my store, release the beetle juice t-shirt again and publish another!
  • Publish other merch, like a drawing book, cup or bags
  • Reach 8000 on Instagram, I'm currently at 6,600 but I want to regain my activity like at the beginning of last year and grow this platform!
  • Reach 1000 on Twitter, I love the community of bloggers I follow and talk to 
  • Reach 5000 on youtube, 4000 is just round the corner for me which I'm so excited about! I want to really step up my channel this year 
  • Grow my bloglovin, I feel as if I've left out my bloglovin so I'm going to give it so much love 

Heres to 2017! What are your resolutions? I hope you achieve everything you want to and more!

Until next time guys,