15 Jan 2017

I can't believe it's another Sunday already! I can't believer either we're half way into January, but I said that every month last year because it seemed to go by so quickly! Anyway, hello lovely people, I hope you're all in your comfies with a cup of tea because Sundays are made for doing nothing and I stand by that. This weekend is the start of me having some time off work, so I plan to get so much content filmed, shot and scheduled for you all because I'm feeling really creative at the moment! I'm excited to take some time off for myself to do things I love, but at the same time it's come at a super stressful time because if you haven't seen my last post this week, IM MOVING HOUSE! I'm spending my week off pretty much getting all our stuff in order and packing it up, so it's gonna be a busy week but I'm quite excited. I think this is how I'm going to remember January, as one big busy month but at the end of it I get a house with lots of nice new furniture.

Sunday 8th - Joel and I finally got a day off together and it really was a relaxed one! I started the day off with scrambled egg and Salmon (my favourite breakfast at the mo) and we headed out into town for a little walk! I exchanged my booty fit jeans for a bigger size (I have never been a size 10 in my life wtf) and  we had Sunday dinner! It feels like months since we had a Sunday off together, so it was nice to really relax as we're not going to be able to explore York together soon.

Monday 9th - I was on the early shift at work but so was Joel, so when I finished I met him at the pub and we pretty much spent all night in there! We're taking time with friends (again because Joel won't be working there soon) we went out to cosmo, had a good laugh and it was nice just to not have gone home after work like I always do!

Tuesday 10th - No surprise I had work, but I started super late in the day so I had time to do a lot before hand! I did a few things around the house, and finally decided to use some makeup I bought but barely touch! I bought so many Nyx suede's in unique colours so I thought I would actually use one, so I went to work with Amethyst on my lips and it went down a nice treat! Work was really stressy as we we're down staff, but I liked the change in my makeup. I managed to pack up half of our bedroom!

Wednesday 11th - You know when you have those days where you just really don't want to be at work? That was mine, it was testing and I felt so stressed leaving purely because it'd been non stop all day. I pretty much just published a look book post and curled up on the sofa, which really annoys me because I feel as if I've wasted my day doing nothing because I'm so exhausted. I always feel like that half way through five days in a row.

Thursday 12th - I did pretty much the same shift at work, but so much was going on today I couldn't think! Joel went to view houses in Doncaster and we put the fee's down on one (yaya) so I think all the stress I'd been building up left my body. After work I met Joel for one cheeky drink, we went home and watched some of our programs like Brooklyn 99 & I wrote out the moving real talk post! I've been filming videos here and there for the past couple of weeks so I sat down and started to edit one, but got no where really.

Friday 13th - Unlucky day you're telling me! My last day at work because now I have a week off, but the bank charged me loads of money for something I'm unsure about so I have no money after paying rent AND work was just a little poo. I ordered a food shop with the little money I have left and did all my credit check paper work, again BORING night in.

Saturday 14th - FIRST DAY OFF WOO. I finally had a lay in which felt so good, but once I had a cup of tea down me I got up and filmed two videos with my new backdrop! I'm so happy to be back filming makeup related content, I love putting together a video like that. I went out to meet friends and tag a lot whilst they did a little shopping, then I had a cheeky drink and headed home to wait for this food shop. He missed my frozen food AMAZING so now I don't have that food and it takes five day for the refund. mint. I finished editing a 'how I got my hair green' video and watched all the Batmans with Micheal Keaton, so good first day!

What did you do this week? Any tips on how to pack up your home for me? I need help

Until next time,

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