Sunday, 22 January 2017

I swear when I've worn eyeliner this week I've been blessed by the mighty eye product gods above, but it's been wasted because I've barely left the house! I'm laughing whilst also dying inside a little. HELLO everyone! Another weekly summary post, we get the drill, I'm doing the photo a day challenge and Jesus I can't believe we're already three weeks into January. Instead of stating each time the year challenge I'm doing, I thought I'd turn these posts into something more and talk about a subject that's been on my brain that week. This week has been completely different than my usual routine because I actually had the full week off work, using up my holidays but also because I needed the time to pack up our things because we're moving house! Yayaya.
If you haven't read any of my other posts or seen my 'IM MOVING HOUSE! REAL TALK' post, you guessed it I'm moving house! At the end of this month (less than a week away) my boyfriend and I are up and not just moving houses, but into a new city too. We're moving to Doncaster back to where I'm from, Joel my boyfriend has a new job and I really want to be closer to home. I've loved living in a city but if I'm honest apart from seeing people I work with, I don't see anybody else, so it's bloody lonely. Lots of things are happening with my family at the moment (really good things!) so I want to be closer, despite me never really wanting to live in Doncaster, the change of circumstance makes me think it's not going to be bad at all. I can't wait to get moved in, it's been so stressful packing all this past week because JESUS I HAVE ALOT OF STUFF. Once I started packing I just couldn't believe all the things I had and I even managed to throw a lot of it away! Rather than being able to do it over an evening it took my days, so I pretty much spent all this week doing each room, then attempting to tackle some of the cleaning too. I guess you learn the more you move, but once we're in the new house next week it'll be worth it!  I'm so excited, just five days to go and then I'll be sleeping in my new home.

Sunday 15th - My second day off work and boy it was a lazy one. I woke up with Joel and we spent pretty much the entire afternoon in bed, I edited videos, wrote out my Sunday summary post whilst he watched telly. It was so nice to just chill and afterwards we got dressed and headed into town for a cheeky drink and to watch the footy. We didn't stay out long because we had packing to tackle and I managed to get the entire bedroom and bathroom packed up! Good start if I do say so myself, but I ended up throwing so much away because really anything under the bed that I haven't touched in two years, I don't really need.

Monday 16th - Positive start to the week I got up nice and early, Joel and I sorted more of the flat out (the living room especially) and I managed to film both a makeup coppery eye tutorial and a story time! I've felt so much motivation to film videos for my channel and I have four scheduled all for next week! I'm feeling good and hopefully I can keep this up, even with my schedule getting really busy over the next month or so. Slowly we're getting everything packed, thankfully it's been less stressful because we've done it two weeks in advance!

Tuesday 17th - Since we spent Monday in the house Joel and I decided to head out into town and get ourselves organised, we seriously went all over the city but ticked off all of the jobs we needed to do for the house. Joel even took some outfit photos for me! We got our reference checks back and passed! So we went to the library to scan in our passports, sorted out an appointment at the bank for a joint account and even nipped into Marks & Spencer's to use some vouchers we got for Christmas! To treat ourselves we got a bunch of meals and had a nice dinner, which I was super happy about because hello food and it was nice to sit down and actually chill for a night.

Wednesday 18th - Back to the stress in my life which is packing! My friend helped me out so much with getting me some boxes so I spent my afternoon packing up the kitchen, which I had been dreading allllll week. I had to make a real mess to even start organising my things, which stressed me out so much. It took me all day to sort everything out but finally it's just the cleaning in the kitchen that needs doing. What do I even do with my food? I have so much in the fridge that'll need packing because hell no I'm not throwing it away.

Thursday 19th - I really wanted to film something new for my channel so I decided to do a 'what I ate' video which I'm super happy with after editing! I've loved having time off because despite having so much to do with the flat, it's been nice to film and edit and upload in the same day! Whilst filming vlog style all day I headed out to the bank to sort out our account, which made me feel super grown up. I watched Disney films all day, edited photos and then cooked Joel our favourite meal! His shifts are really easy for his last week which has been nice, he's finished early so spending time together has done us some good because we can constantly sort out house things.

Friday 20th - I hated Friday. I woke up feeling really...out of it. Not myself at all, like I wasn't even in my body. I felt weak all morning, barely eating or feeling hungry so instead of rotting away in the house I got ready and went out to take outfit photos. I've felt really uninspired lately with my blog but I always want to create a fashion post, so I went to my favourite spot and shot an outfit that was sent to me by rosewholesale! I met a photographer whilst taking the snaps and it was lovely to get some one else's opinion on my work! I still couldn't shake the feeling of not feeling...well, so I went to meet Joel and grabbed some hot food which instantly made me feel better. Plus sugar, I always need more sugar. I feel like Friday was so un productive but I did edit my photos and edit two videos, so every cloud.

Saturday 21st - My last day off work and I've been everywhere and done everything today! I got to work this morning and scrubbed down my kitchen and bathroom, which now I'm thinking was a really bad idea because I don't want anyone to touch anything. My entire flat smells like bleach, so hopefully we keep it clean for a week. My parents came to help with the cleaning and after we went into town for some food, I'm gonna miss being able to pop into York for a cheeky meal. My parents find James Cordons car pool Kareoke hilarious so we wasted time watching every video made, so I was a little sad when they headed home because ugh, back to cleaning. I managed to do the living room so I feel incredibly organised for this next week!

I wish I'd done more blogging related things this week but it's been packed with sorting all the little things out for moving and packing. It's taken over my life at the moment so I hope you don't mind all the house/home ware related posts to come!

If you have any tips on the best way to move/pack pleaseeee let me know!

Until next week guys!



  1. Eeek I can't believe you're moving house next week!! That's insane and I completley get you on the having too much stuff >.< I hope everything goes really well with the move and I can't wait to watch the videos you've filmed! <3

  2. Hi! Nice post love to read that.

  3. Hope the move is amazing girl and I hope you do some homeware posts! X

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