Friday, 13 January 2017

I never thought in my life I would be saying this with excitement, but I'm moving back to Doncaster and I'm SO excited about it. Well, if I had to describe the feeling in my stomach when I think about the move, it's a mixture of fear, excitement, stress and a little wonder because it's all going to be completely different!

If you didn't know already, four years ago I moved to York because I went to university, but I originally lived in Doncaster with my family which is a pretty big one at that. Only my brother and one uncle live outside of Doncaster, but if I'm brutally honest I'm happy I got away for a little while, experienced a new style of life and did it all on my own in a new city because I really have grown into the person I want to be for the rest of my life. I met Joel, graduated, have a job I LOVE so now returning back to Doncaster is going to be a completely new experience. I'm not going back the same person I was when I lived there with my parents, I'm going back with my own little family (My Boyfriend Joel & the ratties) to live in an area I haven't before so really it's a brand new adventure! I just have a little more familiarity to this adventure than Joel does. 

So we've known we'd be moving since the beginning of December, we just didn't know when specifically because we're moving due to Joel getting a new job! Yay! Joel got a new job we just didn't know the start date, but it isn't located in the city and it involves travelling a lot but that worked out perfect because my brother just so happened to get the same job (double yay) so they plan to work & travel together! In short, thats why we're moving to Doncaster, so until Joel learns to drive himself, he can travel up to work with him. They both didn't know their start date because the work is slightly seasonal, so when we found out on the 3rd of January that it's at the end of this month, we went into full panic mode and jumped onto the house rental market to find our next home ASAP

We started off with the worst luck in the world and if I'm honest I'm surprised we even got a house. Everywhere we looked something wasn't right or when it was, the moment we rang up the houses we're gone or unavailable. I went to view a place and that morning it was gone, but after visiting the area I realised it realllllly  wasn't the right place for us. Starting from the drawing board we started to look in this new area and found the most PERFECT house, but when ringing to get a viewing it turns out it was actually up for maintenance issues and had been for months...so we ruled that one out. I started to really panic a little because I know the clock was ticking, we've given in our last months notice on the flat, Joel's handing in his notice at work (I haven't because I'll be commuting to York for my job) so we have to move no excuses. I've spent every moment outside of work looking at houses online, emailing, ringing up agencies, so finally when we had a number of places to view I felt so sick with worry that they'd all cancel that morning. It wasn't me who actually went to the viewings as I had to work, Joel & my Mum went and finally I can put the stress of finding somewhere down because WE GOT OURSELVES A HOUSE!

Well, we have put the fees on the house, but after we're credit checked it'll be all ours! I'm so excited now that I don't feel as if we're gonna end up homeless. We've got somewhere with fifteen days to go which to be honest is over two weeks away so everything should be fine! I have the next week off, Joel has the week after that off too because he'll be between his jobs so we should manage to get everything packed up ready for the big moving day. I really hope everything is smooth sailing from here because the stress of finding somewhere was enough for me. I know nothing about things like this, getting a student house was so easy where as I hated the rejection of houses being taken by others the day I was meant to view them (buggas). Both Joel and I are so excited to start this new chapter of our life together, it's scary to be moving everything for a new job, but the adventures of living in a new place is going to make it all worth while. We'll be near my parents which is going to help us out a lot and my brothers having a baby so Hello being a top aunty and baby sitting all the time! 

As for work, I am still going to be commuting to York because I love where I work and I couldn't bring myself to transfer or find a new job. I love the company and the branch I work in, so hopefully it's a good decision and a step in the right direction to getting my managers training. 

I'll no doubt be making more posts on moving and hopefully I'll have some useful tips for anyone else who is moving cities completely! 

Until next time guys, 


  1. Happy you've found a home! Good luck with the move :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. Yasss I'm so happy for you!! I can't wait for all the posts and to come and visit you really soon! 💕

    1. Thanks bbe girl <333 I can't wait I can do so many types of posts! 24 days yessssssss

  3. Oh that sounds so exciting - slightly nerve-wracking but I'm glad it worked out well!
    I hope it all works out perfectly for you and I'm excited to see future posts about the move.

    Good luck with it all!

    Sarah xo
    seethe stars.co.uk

    1. Thankyou so much Sarah! I proper cant wait, packing is hard but it'll be so worth it to get into the house! xxx


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