23 Things On My 23rd Birthday! Yay!

9 Feb 2017

It's my birthday! It's my birthday! I've never really celebrated my birthday with any big jester and I don't really know why. It's February and without fail each year the weather is always pretty crap, so there's no hope in going out and doing anything (we got snowed in once it was that bad) as well as everyone usually being at work. The last couple of years I have attempted to do a mini bar crawl around York with friends or Sheffield, but I'm not a huge fan of drinking so that's always fallen on its arse. My birthdays always pretty...normal like every other day. This year my blogger friend Robyn has come to visit and I feel so happy to finally be doing something different on the day, so to get myself in the happy mood about me getting another year older, here is 23 things that are currently happening! These are things that are making me happy, things that happened whilst I was 22 that defined the year for me and things I hope to do in 2017!

1. I love my new house so much. We've made it our home already and I'm getting quite house proud

2. We might be getting a little doggie! We've been looking at breeders around in the area and nearly went for a little male sausage dog but he sadly had already been bought!

3. I really want to meet a lot of my blogging friends this year and right at this very moment I'm spending time with my best blogging goth sister Robyn from midnightandlace!

4. My huge goal this year is to get back into creating art, I really miss drawing daily and loving each print I put out on my store! So here's to making some new prints and making time to draw more.

5. It's so weird to think how different everything was on my last birthday, I was still at university and worked at Wetherspoon's!

6. Tomorrow I'm going to my management assessment course which is so bloody scary but I'm so excited at the same time!

7. I've been tossing around the idea of doing DIY's on my blog and other cute little creative bits so here's to doing some of that starting this month!

8. I feel as if I've really grown as a person from my new job, I've gained a sense of leadership and other qualities which I think is going to be promising in my career. I would love to work for myself but I love my job so much, it really brought around 2016 for me.

9. Despite me never planning to have my hair green, I'm so happy I decided to take a the plunge because it's such a different colour than I've seen on others! I really want to add shades of blue to create a teal, but then in the light I love how my hair sometimes looks emerald.

10. From living with Joel his year I've really got into cooking and I do feel as if I have some skills in not just being a basic bitch when it comes to food. I love to cook and experiment with what we like, this year really opening up my taste buds. Each night I find myself looking up recipes and cooking with Joel which is so fun, definitely something I'm proud of because it's setting me up for life!

11. I put together my first magazine/zine last year and it revolved around of my favourite things in my life; blogging. It's called The Blogging Grotto and the first issue: WINTER went down a treat, so heres to making more in my age of 23! I'm currently working on the base for issue two woo.

12. Sometimes I miss having black hair on the odd occasion so I've ordered myself a gorgeous wig that I can wear for my brothers wedding! Two birds I get to look normal in family photographs for a day and I can indulge in a new wig yay! I could even buy a cute grey one omg 

13. When I was illustrating loads at university I became obsessed with collecting art prints and now that I actually have a house to put them in I'm wanting to buy so many cool illustrations I see one! I want illustrations in pen, paint, A3, A2, so they can be dotted everywhere in the house, game related ones for Joels man room!

14. In the year of me being 22 I did something that felt like a long time coming and that was I graduated university! We had a big ceremony in the Minster in York which was utterly beautiful and worth the three years of hating my course to finally be done with it.

15. Living in York was really expensive so now that we're gonna have a bit more money for ourselves I want to grown my record collection more! I started adding records by my favourite bands/artists early last year (in fact I think I bought myself Lana Del Reys album for my 22nd) but stopped because other things needed my money more, so I really want to indulge for myself and grow my collection!

16. Another exciting event that happened when I was 22 was the blogging blog awards where I met some amazing bloggers who I've been talking to for YEARS! And new bloggers two, these are the people who I want to have long lasting friendships with, because they get exactly what I do because they also do it too! A lot of my friends outside of the internet don't really get what I do, so it was amazing to go to a event which was filled with just endless support.

17. My brothers having a baby boy and I'm going to be an aunty this year for the very first time! 

18. A little tradition of mine and Joel's is to go away to seaside towns in the summer for a little mini get away! I love doing it because we explore so much and it's very...British. Last year we went to both Spain and then to Scarborough which is my favourite little town to visit because my family lives there, this year we're off to Blackpool! 

19. Another positive aspect about moving to Doncaster is with having more money comes more tattoos yay! I really want another tattoo and I need to stop just getting one a year if I want to get myself a patchwork sleeve pretty soon. I know what I want next but I just don't know where to put it, whether to go for my arm but I don't want it to look really odd until I get more to make a sleeve. 

20. Nyx Cosmetics has become easily my favourite makeup brand this year and I haven't come across a product by them that I don't like! I love their lingerie liquid lipsticks and their suedes with being a different texture of lipstick are both AMAZING. Their concealer is officially my go to and their contouring palette yes. I really want to try some of their eye shadow pots next!

21. I'm doing the 'photo a day' challenge and I'm hoping at the end of the year I can bring all the photos together in a huge collage! 

22. Joel and I have been together nearly two years now and thats so exciting to me because he's the best thing in my life! He's my best friend and we do everything together, making it a total bonus that we have our new home together now <333

23. My aim for this new year of my life is to grown my social and blogging platforms, pick up new things for my blog like baking and D.I.Y and also challenge myself with the content I'm making to make it better!

Heres to my 23rd Birthday! 

Until next time!

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