A Little Late Sunday Week Summary! #4 : WE FINALLY DID IT!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Ok so I feel incredibly bad that I haven't posted anything in an entire week! But then again am I even a blogger if I don't apologise for a short absence that you've all possibly not even noticed...I'm happy with my blog size (I say whilst inhaling air through a paper bag) no seriously. The idea of lots of people reading my blog is definitely the big dream, but with the stage I'm at now I'm so happy I can engage with every comment and most readers because it's not over baring. It's my favourite thing to do, so thank you for everyone who keeps up with my blog, social medias and leaves me so many lovely comments! (I'll stop being soppy now). 

Last week was bloody huge for me because I moved house to a complete new city, it was stressful, time consuming and it's so completely worth it. If I'm honest the most stressful part was actually packing, it's been a breeze moving into the house, but leaving the flat with all our stuff pretty much gave me early grey hairs. With packing being new levels of stressful I was so anxious about moving, so when it was smooth sailings I was pleasantly surprised! We got everything unpacked in one day, new furniture fitted and then took a cheeky trip to Ikea on the Sunday, which again was another level of stress. Don't go to Ikea on a weekend, you're looking for trouble. 

Sunday 22nd - I rarely work weekends but seeing as I just had a full week off I said I would start a day earlier than planned! It was weird going back to work but I started nice and early to get a full day in! It felt motivating but I really was off my game, I forgot pretty much everything I needed included my glasses! Nightmare. I was so blind all day.

Monday 23rd - This had to be the most confused day of my life because I was totally thrown off, I felt like the day before was Monday because it was the first day for me back at work, so every time I went to follow out a Tuesday job for myself, I had to keep reminding myself it was Monday. I just felt off the entire day with my organisation because in my head I was a day behind. I hate that feeling!

Tuesday 24th - Today didn't hold much significance for me but it was Joel's last day at work, quite a big life moment for him because he's worked at Spoons for nearly six years now! His friends bought him so many leaving gifts (bless them) and we had a few drinks!

Wednesday 25th - Delivery at work starts at 6 in the morning and this was my last delivery shift as I won't be able to travel that early once we've moved! It's always so hard to get up in the morning but worth it when you finish early, I got out of work at 2pm but then had to roam around York trying to find Joel because my phone died and he had the keys! NIGHTMARE. He went to Doncaster to pick out some furniture for the new house which is exciting, but who he got back into York he went out drinking with the boys so it took me a while to locate him. I then ended up packing all night! 

Thursday 26th - Last night ever in the flat and I felt so bloody unorganised and stressed! After work I screamed, cried and frantically tried to pack up the remainder of our things! One of our best friends came round for a chill and take away which was so nice to calm me down, it's really sad that I won't get to see everyone so regularly but at the same time I can make time for people I care about! The commute to York is only 20 minutes on the train. 

Friday 27th - I started at 2.30pm today which was a godsend, because it meant I was able to do so much, all those last bits we needed to do before leaving the flat! Joel's Mum came round to help us pack and clean, we sorted out all our food, cleaned over everything and then headed out into town for some lunch! We went to Jamies which was an absolute let down. I loved the starter and disliked the main, but opinions were the same all around! I headed to work, had a quick four hour shift and then we were away heading to Doncaster with a van full of our stuff. We stayed at my parents which was cosy as we had to sleep on a pull out sofa in the kitchen.

Saturday 28th - THE BIG DAY! Everything went so so smoothly, we headed to the estate agency nice and early, got the keys and was in our new house by 10am! Unloaded all the boxes before midday and even went to do a food shop! Joel's Dad and step Mum came to help unpack which was fab, along with put up all the flat pack furniture which I couldn't of thanked them enough for as there was so much! All my siblings came round to help, we had a giant take away and I felt so settled in within the first day.

I hope you guys love these little weekly instalments because I love writing weekly summaries again!  What did you do this week? Any cute furniture I should look at?

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're back to posting! I was having withdrawel symptoms from not having anything new to read!! Yay! congrats on moving and I'm glad it all went really well! I can't wait to come and see it for myself next week!
    Robyn xx

    1. haha don't worry I'll never stop posting again! Felt so weird, it's all I thought about every day xx

  2. Congrats on the move!! Glad to hear it all went smoothly :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

  3. YES! I love little weekly life update posts, I've just started doing them again myself.
    Glad your move went smoothly, I moved back in September and it was HORRIBLE!

    1. Aw nice I'll check it out on your blog!
      I think the most stressful part about it was just getting going, moving in was so easy thankgod haha x


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