Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope you're all feeling super loved up, for those in a relationship I hope you're being treated nice and lovely, for those who are single you do you and drank those cocktails! Or if you're one of those who hates participating in a little bit of fun, happy just another random day but have a happy one none the less! I never tend to do anything on Valentines day but I feel love for my partner just the same, I love to indulge in the holiday specials at Lush, buy chocolates and bubbly which are on special and watch some soppy love films! This year Joel is actually working away on Valentines (b00 n00) so I thought a post on what I like most about big old lurvvv day would be a nice, fun one!

If you haven't already seem my film picks for this year's valentines, I'll also be indulging in a number of other fun things to celebrate the holiday! I love themed things, tattoos, books, fashion, events, so Things & Ink has to be one of my favourite magazines to sit back and relax with because their love issue is the cutest. Love related tattoo stories to read about, my favourite! I have a big stack of their magazines on my coffee table so this year I plan to start my morning off with a lovely cup of tea and a read of the love issue!

A ladies gotta treat herself once in a while and I think Valentines day is the perfect time to do so! Whether it's something expensive from Victoria Secret or a cutie two piece from Primark, I think the exciting thing about love day is the idea of feeling good and underwear 100% does that! I'm always really picky with the underwear I like to buy but I found this year that stores have been killing it with Valentines inspired clothing and especially underwear! I found this cute rosey number in Primark (PRIMARK!!!!) along with a lot of lace triangle bras that I need in my life. I love putting on a fresh new set of underwear and just feeling good about myself!

Of course you have to treat yourself to Lush this Valentines, for me it's the best time for products because they all smell so sweet! I love Rose Jam bath bombs, sweet fruity scents like the Prince Charming bath cream and many new ones that I jumped for this 2017! Plum rain smells incredible. A good suggestion for anyone wanting to get the most out of Lush this Valentines is the lots of love gift box, it's fantastic and has all of my favourites!

Finally, you have to treat yourself to some chocolates! I love all the deals supermarkets have on cheap but good Valentines treats! Whenever I want to have a chill night in watching films I always indulge and buy the gift boxes, considering this happens possibly once a week I'm happy that atleast this time the chocolates are a tad cheaper! I'll let you in on a secret, I hate sharing food but I'll steal any chocolate Joel leaves around the house so he's resorted to only buying sweets that I really dislike so I don't steal them! How rude.

Have yourself a lovely Valentines day! Whether you're by yourself or with your love, have a good day and night! Treat yourself, if anything this Holiday can let you do that. I'll personally be by myself because Joel is working away (boooo) but I'm at work all day to distract myself and then hello night in with a lush bath, chocolates and movies!

What are you doing this Valentines?

Until next time guys,

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