Sunday Week Summary #5 : My First Week In The House!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

As if another Sunday has rolled around again! I'm really enjoying writing out my week each Sunday and I hope you guys like it too, it feels like I have my own little online diary where I can share what I've been doing but also how I feel about certain things! This week was so much more relaxed than the last, it's been our first week in the house but I've felt completely at home.
I love the house and now we're filling it with furniture it's becoming our own! I've lived away from home for four years now and even though we had the flat together, I never felt like it was home and Joel feels the same way. It wasn't ours and nothing in it was, so I'm happy we started with an unfurnished house to buy and add our own things. Instead of taking time out to get used to the house and unpacked we through ourselves straight back into life, I commuted this week to work and Joel went away all week to do training! We've only ever been apart five days so on the Friday I couldn't wait to get off the train to see him. Commuting's been quite hard because the trains aren't direct and I'm constantly waiting around, which doesn't bother me so much on the way to work, but when it's taking me three hours just to get's hard. Finishing work just after 6 and not getting home till 9? It's going to take some time to get used to if I'm honest, but in better news I just received an email saying I've been accepted onto a management assessment day for H&M yay! Ending the stressful week with good news and a bottle of bubbly. 

Sunday 29th - Our first morning waking up in the new house! I swear this is how Sundays should be, we woke up at 9am and made ourselves breakfast, Joel drank a coffee whilst we watched Sunday Brunch on the telly and then we took a day trip to Ikea for more house bits! It was a mad house, I suggest to NEVER go to Ikea on a weekend because it's too busy to even shop. We cheekily had a mcdonalds on the way home and seeing as we were both back to work on Monday, we tucked ourselves up in bed (it took us pretty much all night to put up our flat pack furniture).

Monday 30th - I had to be at work for half 7 in the morning which is a big push on the train for me, so I kindly got a lift from someone and my day seemed to go so quickly after that! I've found a cool podcasted about murder called 'my favourite murder' which has become routine for my commute! It was nice to get home early because I still had my desk area to set up, but then all night I started to feel a little funny and long story short I was ill all night.

Tuesday 31st - I had to call sick into work because I couldn't even lift myself from my bed, which was such a strange feeling but it had hit me all at once last night. I felt completely worn out and didn't eat anything, the idea of even smelling food made my stomach churn all over again. I don't know if I had ate something or it was just the stress from the weekend hitting me all at once again.

Wednesday 1st - Feeling a little better I did my first morning commute and headed to work, I didn't start till half 12 so that was nice to really take my time in the morning because I still didn't feel myself. Work went quick but the nightmare started after I finished, I had to wait an hour for a train, my train was then delayed, I had to run to my second train with 6 other people and I didn't get home till 9. Fantastic. I was so worn out and not having Joel home to come back to made me sad.

Thursday 2nd - I only realised it was February today but yay it's my birthday month! Today was so productive, it was my day off and I blogged so hard I'm pretty much set for the entire month. I filmed my favourites and put together my month video, scheduled a lot of posts for my blog and took three outfit photographs! It felt so good to use my house for content because I'm so proud of it, so expect a lot of home décor very soon! My sister and Dad came round to chill with me for a couple of hours at night and we got a lovely call from the landlord because my oven keeps tripping all the sockets wooo.

Friday 3rd - Back to the morning commute and if I'm honest it's hard, I'm having to set off pretty much three hours before I even start work! The sun was out though so it was a lovely change, plus the idea of Joel being at home waiting for me powered me through the day, I ended up zoning out in the train station listening to my murder podcast! Joel ordered Dominos for when I got in which I was super excited for, until it arrived and was one of the worst pizzas we've ever had.

Saturday 4th - I rarely work weekends so I was excited but a little pre stressed at home busy work would be, working in York can be a complete different world at the weekend because it's flooded with tourists! The day seemed to stretch on but Joel surprised me by showing up when I finished work! He was drinking with his brother and friends so we had a drink or two then went home, made such a basic meal (chicken, mash and gravy lol) and cuddled up watching a film! I love having him home on the weekend, it's our time. I have 8 days off work now which I'm so excited about, lots of blogging and it's my birthday!

What did you get up to this week? Any advice on how to make a commute more bearable?

Until next week,



  1. These have quickly become my favourite kind of posts! I love reading about your week! I've never really listen to podcasts but I love the sound of the one you've been listening to! When I'm on the train I usually read or write up blog posts 😊
    Robyn xx

    1. Eeee I'm glad you're liking them! me too, I'm so happy I've been keeping up with the photo a day challenge! I really got into podcasts from this summer and it's changed my life! I always have them on even when cleaning up or blogging! I never thought to write blog posts on the train oooo I might get a keyboard for my laptop :DD xxx

  2. Welldone on being accepted onto the management assessment day! Shops at the weekend in general are a bad idea! IKEA & Primark being the worst!

  3. Thankyou!!! I'm so proud of myself, really nervous to have to put together a presentation but I'm sure it'll be peasy! Oh god I can imagine primark being hell, I wanted to scream in Ikea


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