Sunday, 19 February 2017

It felt weird last Sunday not posting my usual weekly round up post but instead you got an exciting OOTD lookbook featuring my best girl pal Midnight&Lace! I had so much fun working with another blogger! I wanted to share with you guys our fun shoot as soon as possible so now you get the fun of seeing what I got up to over the past two weeks! I pre warn, I can barely remember what I did yesterday so summarising my days from two weeks ago will be fun  (:

Some incredibly things happened in the space of two weeks, really kicking off the second month into our new year! So far I have to say 2017 has been awesome for me, February being a big month because it's actually my birthday! I say it every year that I wish I planned something like going away or a day out, but I always end up doing very little on my birthday and this year was exactly the same. Everyone was working so Robyn decided to come visit me finally, we did lots of blogging, planning ideas and had some good food! I took the entire week off just so I could get to know the house more and where we live, it makes me want to work from home so much more because I've become so house proud! I've found the perfect spots in my house to film (this is a big deal I hated our old flat because it was so shady) and I now know there's a park less than ten minutes down the road which has a perfect band stand to take photos on. I feel so much more happier living in a small village than to the city, it feels safer and our home which if I'm honest the flat never did. That consumed my week off and then it was back to work things, I had a managers assessment day with H&M (that I'll find out about on Monday eeep) which I'm super excited about. From then out for the next week Work consumed my life, but I've felt not myself at all and quite run down! I've slept instantly when I've been getting home from work and on Thursday night I accidently got on the wrong train home! It's been testing and it caught up with me, I've felt poop for days and my throat is inflamed to f**k. I've ate so little but I've had enough on my hands to forget about my hurty throat because, JOEL AND I GOT A DOG!!!! It's something we've spoken about for months, even when living in York we wanted a little friend but we didn't have the right situation for one. Now having a house, a garden and an awesome landlord who said yes, we have little Baxtor!

Sunday 5th - Today was a complete chill day, my first day off work and I got to share it with Joel before he went off to work away for a couple of days! We ate food, chilled watching films and just did what you're supposed to do on a Sunday!

Monday 6th - First day of blogging graft! I attempted to film a valentines day video but my camera started to play up majorly, being unable to charge which was super worrying. I don't know whats happening to the wire but I've had to charge it via my play I still need to look into that. I had a walk up to the post office to pick up my parcels, had a walk round the little village and treated myself to the best mint lamb sandwich of my life. I took a number of photos for favourite posts and over all had a really good photography day!

Tuesday 7th - With the little charge my camera had I managed to film a valentines day makeup look and I went for something very pink! I decided after already doing a peachy look last year and a classic red lip, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different! I worked a little on editing and then spent the evening with my sister and brothers girlfriend! We're obsessed with teen wolf so we had a season sponge I love it soooo much.

Wednesday 8th - eee exciting day! Robyn finally came up to see me for a couple of days and I was so excited to spend some time with my goth sister in real life! I met her at the train station and we practically ran into each others arm, I love having someone who shares the same interests to spend time with! We bought cake and snacks, ordered bad food to indulge in and pretty much talked all night! Such a chill day to get Robyn settled into our home ready for the big blogging day on Thursday! She also bought me a beautiful necklace from Regal rose which I felt all soppy over!

Thursday 9th - ITS MA BIRTHDAY! I turned 23 and spent it with the best company, Robyn and I headed out nice and early to shoot such a gothic lookbook! We got ourselves some lunch from a cute bakery, froze off our fingers but I also got about three packages which was a massive surprise! Afterwards we took photographs for a surprise little project we want to do, then spent the afternoon watching our favourite films (Addams family & Beetlejuice) waiting for Joel to get home so we could all go out for some tea! I think that's how I love to spend my birthday, trying out good food.

Friday 10th - Despite it still being my week off I had a work related thing, meaning I had to say goodbye to Robyn early because I had to go off for a management assessment course! It was fun but made my head hurt because I was so nervous the entire time, I thought food would make me feel better but it really didn't. I tried Five Guys and got completely ripped off, just a burger and drink cost me £10! I  was furious. On my way home I went to my parents to celebrate my birthday more, opening cards, eating a take away and then my sister decided to stay over at mine with me so we could sponge teen wolf more! Joel was in Manchester at his friends boxing match, so I loved the company.

Saturday 11th - Saturday was family day! With my birthday money my sister, brother and his girlfriend went into town to do a little shopping! I did my sisters makeup and I think she looked absolutely beautiful! Of course I went to Lush, we got my sister some new clothes that she'd had her eye on and then I went a little mental in the Primark home section. I bought new bedding but got it in the wrong size ugh! Coming back home Joel was already in so we spent some time together, my older brother with his fiancé came round for pizza that night so we had a really relaxed night in!

Sunday 12th - last day before being back at work for the both of us and we had such an easy going day! Woke up early so I could take some photographs for my blog, plan out posts and edit some videos. I decided to re dye my hair too using one of the Live colours in sea mermaid, but the result was more blue than I had anticipated! We didn't really move till mid afternoon so we went out to the shop for some bits, made dinner then my family came round shortly after! I like how they come on Sundays, it makes the day more homely for me. My aunty came to see the house for the first time and we walked about work, my sister going off to college and watched James Cordens car pool for hours.

Monday 13th - Back to work but I didn't start till 1pm so I managed to get a lot done that morning! I woke up really refreshed and treated myself to getting ready for ages, doing some admin on my blog then setting off for my commute! I'd updated my iTunes so I can browse ll kinds of music and download it with a three months free trial. I also got back into listening to 'my favourite murder' podcast which I find hilarious, I'm on episode 11 now and it's soooo good. Work was quick with me only working five hours, Joel was working away for a couple of days so I had a lonely return to an empty house.

Tuesday 14th - first day of feeling exhausted! I had work at 9am so my train was at half 7, I really couldn't focus on anything but with it being valentines day I had worn a red lip for the occasion! My makeup was looking good, I had a good day at work but I just couldn't get back into the flow so easily as I normally do. I just felt really off. My throat started to hurt along with my teeth which is weird, I think I must of ate something I'm allergic too. My manager being the cutie she was left heart shaped notes on everyones lockers! Everywhere I looked everyone was in a couple so I went home sad, Joel was still working away.

Wednesday 15th - Another 9am start and nothing special happened today. I didn't feel well, I purchased some things in the sale because we had an offer on for staff and I instantly fell asleep accidently the moment I got in. Joel still isn't home and I felt so utterly poop.

Thursday 16th - My last 9am start this week and I felt excited to finish because Joel was coming home! He on and off works away from home and close to home, so I just wasn't to get my shift out of the way so I could see him! Everything was up and down all day for me, my throat felt as if it was on fire and to put the icing on the cake I got on the complete wrong train when I went home! I ended up in Leeds, confused and upset, so I had to run for a train to Doncaster hoping the conductor didn't kick me off because my tickets we're all over the place. Joel was waiting for me at home with a curry when I got in and I slept like  baby afterwards, nothing better than food and sleep. 

Friday 17th - I felt like death today. If I was anyone I was the corpse bride because I felt dead. My throat was on fire and it sent pain to my head, I couldn't swallow, breathing hurt and eating was out of the question. Absolute write off day.

Saturday 18th - I soothed my throat all Friday/night so I felt a little better, but I wasn't excited about doing anything major. I put on a little makeup and took some outfit posts, but then I dived straight back onto the sofa to relax. Joel's mum and brother came to see us so we walked around Thorne, having a spot of lunch and then Joel told me we were off to buy a dog!!! I was too excited for my own good, we bought lots of treats and bedding stuff from B&M, waiting all afternoon until we could go pick her up and then Baxter came into our lives! It was a hard first night, she was overly excited to meet everyone and it was hard to get her to sleep but I think over all it went well! She's 80% trained and she'll get there once she stops thinking my white rug is a puppy pad. From the ad online the people selling her had said she was a boy, so despite her being female she's still called Baxter!

What did you get up to these past two weeks? Do you have any advice on training beagle puppies? I'd love to hear!

Until next time,

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  1. aww yay! I love reading your summary and I loved coming to visit and spending a few days with you! I still can't believe you got a dog and she is so adorable! I can't wait to come and see you again and this time I can have puppy cuddles! <3
    Robyn xx


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