How To Make A Ceramic Moon Phase Hanging!

31 Mar 2017

 I'm incredibly excited for this post because it's something completely different then my usual content, but it's something I've ALWAYS wanted to do on my blog! If you didn't know already I am an illustrator but I also love crafts, home made embellishments and I've missed creating artwork so much lately. My plans when creating this blog was to involve a lot of art work, looking more into those interests of mine, but fashion and other aspects of my lifestyle took over in the end. I love the content I make, but now I think it's time to take things into a different direction slightly and here is my first D.I.Y!

My current favourite things in March!

29 Mar 2017

One thing I love to do each month is my monthly favourites, which I’ve been doing on my youtube channel for nearly three years now! I love to collect my things together, look back on my blog, social media’s and tweets to see all the things I’ve loved then make content with them. It’s only since the end of last year that I decided to also do the same on my blog, documenting what I love through photography which happens to also be another passion of mine! I created Heartshapedbones to not only share my lookbooks but also create posts where I show my lifestyle bits, plus I know nosey buggas like myself love to see what people have been buying in the month!
 Hello hello! Last week I got to attend the preview night of The Blind Librarian, a 1920's themed speakeasy bar which definitely is an intriguing one. As well as the antique furniture collected by the owner himself, this bar's story has to be my favourite factor because it's so unique, just like the cocktails they create! The Blind Librarian is run by the fictional character Jimmy Cutthroat and his boys, stocking a secret bar as to hide from the prohibition police. The bar is located in Bawtry, Doncaster which is an amazing community of bars and restaurants that I think is a must check out if you're in the area this summer! Standing out from the rest is a barbers called The Gentleman's Retreat in which you can find The Blind Librarian! Here is what I thought to the bar...

Outfit of the day: Kate Clothing feat Iron First

19 Mar 2017

I wouldn’t say I have a specific style of fashion purely because my looks depends on how I feel that day, I dress how I feel when I wake up in the morning and 99% of the time it’s what has inspired me or what I’m going to feel super comfortable in! When you get older you just want comfortable, which is something I thought I would never say after wearing small shorts for every occasion when being 18. Whenever anyone asks what my niche or I think what overall look I’m trying to create here on my blog, I always feel a layer of sweat form on my head because I really don’t know! I worry that my style posts are going to look mixed because I don’t wear the same things, I don’t dress just alternative, one day I can be dressed so goth it hurts then the next a really cute pink dress because helloooo it’s spring! Like I said I dress how I feel that day, so if it’s sunny I really want floral dresses, if I want to feel like a member of coven, I dress all black! I don’t think too much about it until I form a lookbook and the worry kicks in that I don’t have a ‘set’ style to express…but really I think that’s what makes fashion fun, you can wear whatever the hell you want, don’t limit yourself!

Outfit of the day: I hate stereotyping fashion

17 Mar 2017

So I bought some knee high boots. At least two years ago I first saw my best friend wear them at our uni digs and I thought to myself wow, she really pulled them off! They’d never been a style of shoe I’d been interested in, but from then I really wanted a pair to see how I would style them myself. With being at university though I couldn’t really afford to randomly splash out on a pair because everywhere I looked (mainly public desire) they we’re always out of my price range, so I just put that out of my mind. UNTIL NOW!

Beauty Review: Nyx HD Studio Photogenic Foundation

15 Mar 2017

It feels like such a long time since I last did a review on a beauty product, here on Heartshapedbones but seeing as lately I’ve been on a little splurge with trying new products I thought I would share with you all one that I’ve fallen absolutely head over heels for! I am a huge fan of Nyx cosmetics, if you haven’t seen my huge haul that I did last year then I’ll link it here for you, but basically I spent a lot of my money because BOOTS in the UK finally got a Nyx counter. I went mad, buying every sort of product to test out the brand and now they’re my old faithful because everything works so well with my skin! There are still some products I’ve not tried such as a face powder, their individual eyeshadows, primers, but when my Soap & Glory one heck of a blot foundation ran out, I thought I would go for something different and try out a foundation by Nyx because I hadn’t before! I can say this now, I may never go back to using any other foundation because everything about this formula is perfect.

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Pink Space Lady

13 Mar 2017

Hello spring, what is this? You're bringing the colour in me? I'm wearing clothes that aren't just black? I think the same can be said from many mouths that the moment spring hits we feel 100% happier, I woke up this morning to floods on light and the fact I didn't really need my jacket today made me giddy! I love this time of year because it's not too hot, it's no longer cold which makes me feel instantly motivated to get myself up, outside taking outfit shots! Looking through my blog I love the outfits I put together in the warmer months, they're always more experimental and bright, which I did say in my last post. I love to change up my personal style because to me fashion is fun, my outfits rely on how I feel that morning when I get dressed, so with the sunshine beaming in I went with something light and refreshing!

Outfit of the day: Fluffy Purple Unicorn

10 Mar 2017

Out of everyone I know I’d say I’m never the one to experiment with colour, especially not bright colours in my wardrobe so this is definitely a first! The first thing that comes to mind is omg this is so fluffy, the second being I feel like a pimped out joker with my green hair wearing bright purple. Both I’m completely ok with. I’ve never really been into wearing colourful things, I always manage to slither in something black as a comfort blanket, like I’ve done in this outfit too! It’s my safety fall back for when I don’t know how to style something, adding black immediately creates the look I want and makes me feel like a cool ass Goth princess. As you grow up your style and love for things change, so as I creep more into my twenties I’ve found the second the weather starts to brighten up a little, I’m getting more daring about bringing something other than black into my wardrobe!

I had a little fun changing up my hair!

7 Mar 2017

I love to experiment with my hair, for anyone who has known me for a long time or has been here on heartshapedbones since I had pink hair, this isn't a new fact! Its not that I get bored of my look...I just really want to change things up, I get used to my hair and then I see something or get an idea, meaning of course I have to follow it through. Before I dyed my hair pink all I saw online was pink hair, I fell into a world of pastels on Tumblr and then I took the plunge. It was the same with green, I'd wanted it that colour for so long, I couldn't decide on acid green or teal, so I just went for it and got a mixture with some blue in there too! I loved it, but as someone with bills to pay, a dog to feed and a job which is just minimal wage, I just couldn't follow the up keep. The last time I did my roots was New Years eve (how bad is that!?) so I decided I needed to do something a little more permanent, something that didn't need as frequent attention as brightly coloured hair. I also missed my black hair a little, so this black to green ombre is perfect for me! 

  I absolutely love the blogging community, everyone is so supportive and full of love, and it’s amazing to talk to people with the same interest as your own as well as read their blogs, so I feel nervous to write this post because I’m probably going to come across to some people as a dick. I hope if you’re a blogger you can relate to this instead of seeing me as a bitter lady, but every time I’ve sat down to write this is all I’ve wanted to write for a while now!

A Lush Haul! Current Favourites & TWO Gift Boxes

3 Mar 2017

It wasn’t until Saturday night, my day off before I started my 6 shift week at work that I realised crap I didn’t take any outfit photographs to schedule! My blog is 80% fashion based and starting this year I really want to increase my outfit posts because it’s what I love to do! I started Heartshapedbones to be my personal style domain, adding little extras like my lifestyle posts and beauty! I love doing other stuff but 2017 goal is to step up my OOTD game, so I definitely failed this week by not preparing because I get zero done when I’m working all day throughout the week. Last night I was sat hammering my pencil into my ‘ideas notebook’ for my blog and I realised I hadn’t done a Lush haul in a very long time, and considering I’ve just bought a load of products I’m surprised in myself that this hasn’t come sooner! No outfit post this week but  I think getting a lush haul instead is a great second choice, if you hadn’t noticed from my blog, social media or Youtube channel I am a little Lushie till death do us part.