Beauty Review: Nyx HD Studio Photogenic Foundation

15 Mar 2017

It feels like such a long time since I last did a review on a beauty product, here on Heartshapedbones but seeing as lately I’ve been on a little splurge with trying new products I thought I would share with you all one that I’ve fallen absolutely head over heels for! I am a huge fan of Nyx cosmetics, if you haven’t seen my huge haul that I did last year then I’ll link it here for you, but basically I spent a lot of my money because BOOTS in the UK finally got a Nyx counter. I went mad, buying every sort of product to test out the brand and now they’re my old faithful because everything works so well with my skin! There are still some products I’ve not tried such as a face powder, their individual eyeshadows, primers, but when my Soap & Glory one heck of a blot foundation ran out, I thought I would go for something different and try out a foundation by Nyx because I hadn’t before! I can say this now, I may never go back to using any other foundation because everything about this formula is perfect.

I think there’s something very professional about having the foundation in a box, which did attract me to it because there is so much more information offered on the back that you don’t usually get when just printed on a bottle! I was really unsure about the shades as I do have a picky skin tone, but I can’t express enough how PERFECT this shade is to my skin! It’s the right amount of pale but also warmth to it that matches my skin tone, which is the ‘101 Nude’ shade. It has a small yellowish tint which my skin does have, like a slight olive tone which is perfect as my skin is definitely not on the cool tone side of pale. It’s nice to have taken a chance with the shades and have it pay off because I’m so used to getting a foundation way too dark for me! As for the coverage I'd say it's not quite full, but it's so easily buildable I've not taken it as a negative point about the product because it's going to be perfect for summer! I've been applying it with both a sponge and brush which gives me two different outcomes, I do have to use quite a bit of products to achieve the level of full coverage I like, but it instantly removes any red patches I may have and blemishes! I currently have a mountain growing on my chin but the foundation has done wonders to hide it.
So you can see how the foundation sets on my face I've covered the right (to you, my left) side of my face with the product and left the other bare! I have some red patches around my nose, chin and right in the eye socket, but the foundation covers them right up and this is only one layer of the product applied! I don't usually apply foundation to my lips but as you can see it even covers the natural colour of your lips, which is great for if you're applying funky bright colours for coating. It easily blends into my skin too, you can't really see the diffraction line as to wear I'm not wearing foundation, but as I said it's not a full coverage foundation like I've used previously. I do then apply concealer and a powder foundation, but I think this level of coverage is going to be perfect in the summer time when you don't want to wear lots of layers on your skin!

Have you tried the HD Studio Foundation by Nyx? Are there any other products by Nyx you think I need to try?

Until next time guys,