My current favourite things in March!

29 Mar 2017

One thing I love to do each month is my monthly favourites, which I’ve been doing on my youtube channel for nearly three years now! I love to collect my things together, look back on my blog, social media’s and tweets to see all the things I’ve loved then make content with them. It’s only since the end of last year that I decided to also do the same on my blog, documenting what I love through photography which happens to also be another passion of mine! I created Heartshapedbones to not only share my lookbooks but also create posts where I show my lifestyle bits, plus I know nosey buggas like myself love to see what people have been buying in the month!

I didn’t manage to post a February favourites because I really wanted to indulge in Valentine’s Day posts this year, so a lot of things I did buy last month but they’ve continued to be a favourite! They’re just so good, items like Lush products and homeware being something I’m constantly a sucker for! I decided I wanted to revamp my room a little even though we have just moved in with new decor, so I headed to Primark which is killing it at the moment for home wear. I bought this palm/geometric bedding which was super cheap and looks stunning, adding a few teal bits to the room like a Sweet fig and Tonka bean candle that smells so soothing! I love scented candles which are different, only costing £3 and feels way more luxuries than it really is! I also found a copper light frame which was super cheap too, the light bulb inside being plastic and the flint inside is battery powered. It's so different to anything I've seen around and I thought would make a brilliant blogging prop. I think everyone can agree that in the recent years Primark has been stepping up their quality so much, I even indulged in some of their underwear because they have such a huge selection of triangle bras!

For beauty products, I've either been sticking to my old faithfuls and not really expanding my makeup collection, or going in the complete opposite direction with new products I haven't heard of before! I really wanted some new foundation but something I hadn't tried before, I do love my Soap & Glory one heck of a blot but until summer it's a little too dark for my skin. I love Nyx cosmetics so when I saw their HD studio foundation I thought I would give it a go, my review is here and it's turned out to be my favourite product of the month!
Of course I also bought some Lush products, I adore the valentines range so I splashed out a lot to not only get some of my favourites, but some new products too! Plum Rain is all I've seen via twitter and instagam, so when I went into Lush and smelt it for myself I had to snatch up a bottle asap. I love fruity smells and it leaves my skin feeling amazing! Since I purchased a shower gel I thought I would also go for one of my favourite shower creams, the consistency being more thicker and softer. I love Prince charming because again it's so sweet and fruity!

Clothes wise I did buy a lot. I'm currently trying to not spend a lot and save, but when you're only earning the minimum whilst commuting too, it's really hard. I found a lot of amazing things in the sale like this shiny bomber, only £4 in H&M! It helps when you work there too because not only do you get discount but you'll wear it all the time for work, so I definitely have gotten wear out of it. Stepping away from sale one of my favourite purchases of the month is definitely this pink denim jacket! With it finally being Spring I decided I really wanted to step outside of my usual, pastel colours or this beautiful dusty pink being right up my street this year! I managed to get 50% off the price because I helped out another store for the day and I've barely taken this off since. I think with how the country is going everyone seems to be stepping up their prices, so the jacket was pricey so the discount definitely did help! I can't wait for summer when I can dress it with cute white outfits.

Last but not least I did go wild for some booties! When it comes to shoes I tend to always go through stages of finding pair after pair that I love, other times I'll just go back to shoes I bought two years ago. When de cluttering my wardrobe shoes are always something I throw out the most of, so I always have to buy the most in when it comes to different seasons! Two of the three we're actually sale finds, the pink back less wedges being full prince at only £24! My space booties we're only £3 from Primark and I wear them every week, they really step up my outfits and I'm desperate to feature them in a look book here on my blog! The last pair are the knee high boots which I've wanted for years now, H&M having further reductions in their sale so I found them for only £20!! Bargain. They're so comfortable which I didn't expect. 

I did buy so much more this month (my poor bank balance really took a hit) like a new tattoo, other bits of clothing but for me this collection really has made it for me! What did you buy this March? Anything that you think I would love too? 

Until next time guys,