Outfit of the day: Fluffy Purple Unicorn

10 Mar 2017

Out of everyone I know I’d say I’m never the one to experiment with colour, especially not bright colours in my wardrobe so this is definitely a first! The first thing that comes to mind is omg this is so fluffy, the second being I feel like a pimped out joker with my green hair wearing bright purple. Both I’m completely ok with. I’ve never really been into wearing colourful things, I always manage to slither in something black as a comfort blanket, like I’ve done in this outfit too! It’s my safety fall back for when I don’t know how to style something, adding black immediately creates the look I want and makes me feel like a cool ass Goth princess. As you grow up your style and love for things change, so as I creep more into my twenties I’ve found the second the weather starts to brighten up a little, I’m getting more daring about bringing something other than black into my wardrobe!

Looking back on my blog at the outfits I share, all of the brighter pieces of clothing that I’ve styled definitely come out more when we hit spring. I remember being sent a bright lemon yellow dress to style and of course I did add black accessories like a leather jacket, but I’d never been more excited to see what I could do with it! Last summer I styled a baby blue skirt and I feel asif I wore it pretty much every day, a 70’s inspired autumnal coloured dress last September and then we hit black and whites for winter. I’m excited for it to be spring because I can feel myself getting more daring, not reaching for my black fur coat, but my metallic peach jacket or this fluffy purple number!

Lucky for me the weather was beautiful on my day off so I took full advantage for these outfit shots, perfect to show off not only the fluffy jacket that was sent to me by Sammydress* and my new hair since I had a little play with some black dye to create an ombre! I feel as if I've reverted back to my true goth self whilst also keeping the mermaid in me, so best of both worlds and I'm so happy with how my hair turned out!
Now onto my outfit!

This was such a casual look I threw together and adding the purple jacket really was the finishing touch, I feel so comfortable and not worried about people thinking the jacket is too much. I’ve had put this A-line skirt away for winter but now the UK is warming up just that little bit I thought I would bring it back out, normally pairing it with some tights because hello milky white bottle legs. I love nothing more than wearing a skirt with some sort of print t-shirt (always a men’s band tee) but today I went for my favourite Harley Davidson Motor Cycle tee which I actually bought from the Spanish market this time last year! The small spell of sunshine we’re having now, makes me really want to go on holiday soon, even if it’s just a spring trip to Spain where it’s slightly sunnier with nice food and lots to explore!

Something I always have my eye out for is a chunky fluffy cropped jumper, I thought all hope was lost when I didn’t find one this winter, so I couldn’t be more excited to have something similar like this Fake fur purple jacket! I love that it just comes to the hip because it looks almost cropped, sitting well with a skirt! There’s always that doubt in how to style something with a piece like this, but I’ve been able to wear it with anything black because it stands out all by itself! It has a little hook at the top if you wanted to have it closed to your neck, but I’ve kept it open just to show off my outfit underneath. I really wish I had taken these photographs when my entire hair was green, there would have been major joker vibes!

I think one concept in fashion I'm going to experiment with this year is definitely colour, bright but statement pieces like this fluffy jacket to really make an outfit stand out! What do you think to this jacket? Have you ever shopped Sammydress?

Until next time,