Outfit of the day: Kate Clothing feat Iron First

19 Mar 2017

I wouldn’t say I have a specific style of fashion purely because my looks depends on how I feel that day, I dress how I feel when I wake up in the morning and 99% of the time it’s what has inspired me or what I’m going to feel super comfortable in! When you get older you just want comfortable, which is something I thought I would never say after wearing small shorts for every occasion when being 18. Whenever anyone asks what my niche or I think what overall look I’m trying to create here on my blog, I always feel a layer of sweat form on my head because I really don’t know! I worry that my style posts are going to look mixed because I don’t wear the same things, I don’t dress just alternative, one day I can be dressed so goth it hurts then the next a really cute pink dress because helloooo it’s spring! Like I said I dress how I feel that day, so if it’s sunny I really want floral dresses, if I want to feel like a member of coven, I dress all black! I don’t think too much about it until I form a lookbook and the worry kicks in that I don’t have a ‘set’ style to express…but really I think that’s what makes fashion fun, you can wear whatever the hell you want, don’t limit yourself!

I completely went OVER THE TOP goth with this look, but when I opened a package Kate’s clothing sent me and I saw this beautiful cobwebsweetheart cut dress* I nearly died. I think it’s beautiful! I’m always on the hunt for gothic clothing which is more casual than the items with buckles, I always want it to look either vintage or cute, which is why I could never seriously label myself goth because I feel that I put 80% into it. I see ladies on the internet killing it with long black locks, heavy Victorian style clothing, big boots with buckles and I think there is a true goth in all their glory, I couldn’t live up to that! So let’s say I’m a casual dressed down goth. My style is more alternative without feeling the ultimate cringe of saying you dress alternative. Anyway, Kates clothing offers such a variety of alternative fashion so the second I saw black dresses covered in cobwebs, moons and lace I knew this was my sort of brand! I love online stores which offer a different look on fashion, it’s refreshing to get away from the high street stylings sometimes. Kates clothing kindly sent me this little number to style and I feel so in my element, Its as if the sweet heart stylings of Courtney Love met Morticia Addams.

So on Kate's clothing some of the clothing are apart of their own brand, so whilst being sold on this fashion store, the dress is from Iron fist! As someone who loves Halloween all year round I love this dress, the material of the body is velvet with cobweb detailing feeling silky! I've always been a huge fan of velvet and I don't actually have that much in my wardrobe, so it was so fun to style it! My favourite feature of the dress definitely have to be the lace chest area, the cut of the collar has a frill around it which then followers around the arms and end of the dress. For me this dress is something completely different than what I've been seeing, now that we're going into spring I've been getting on board fully with the pastel pinks, blues and white but I'll always have room in my heart for more black! The smallest size they stock in this dress is a 10 but I think it looks perfect, a sweetheart dress is meant to hang from your body which makes it super comfortable.

Putting the dress on for the first time I felt super edgy, so I wanted to really get into feeling like a bad ass with adding my knee high boots and of course a leather jacket! It was either an over sized leather jacket or my favourite cropped one, I opted for the latter because I wanted to show off lots of the dresses detail because hello cobwebs! Adding a spiky choker I also thought I'd go for a whacky coloured lip just to make this outfit fun! That's what I love about having a darker style, you can completely go wild with your outfit and look so good. My lipstick is from Nyx Cosmetics in the shade Amethyst!

Of course Baxter had to get involved by running through my photos! Have you shopped Kates clothing before?

Until next time guys,

*DISCLAIMER: this product was sent to me for free in exchange for a review! All words and opinions are the truth and my own.