OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Pink Space Lady

13 Mar 2017

Hello spring, what is this? You're bringing the colour in me? I'm wearing clothes that aren't just black? I think the same can be said from many mouths that the moment spring hits we feel 100% happier, I woke up this morning to floods on light and the fact I didn't really need my jacket today made me giddy! I love this time of year because it's not too hot, it's no longer cold which makes me feel instantly motivated to get myself up, outside taking outfit shots! Looking through my blog I love the outfits I put together in the warmer months, they're always more experimental and bright, which I did say in my last post. I love to change up my personal style because to me fashion is fun, my outfits rely on how I feel that morning when I get dressed, so with the sunshine beaming in I went with something light and refreshing!

So I'm featuring some new and some old pieces in this lookbook, this metallic silver which I got in Autumn finally making its way onto my blog! I've worn this skirt so many ways but never managed to take an outfit photograph in it, until now and I think it looks perfect with the light colour scheme I've gone with. It adds something exciting to the bigger picture, an edge which contrasts with the soft pastel pink. It makes me feel like a space queen, but it looks incredibly subtle with my outfit combination. For me spring is about lighter clothing in both colour and fabric, so I'm happy the skirt isn't saying 'HELLO LOOK AT ME METALIC AAH', instead it's singing 'I'm a light silver'. The jacket is a new purchase of mine and was put onto the shop floor recently at H&M, meaning it's probably going to be coming into trend this spring in the next couple of weeks! I did a shift at the Doncaster H&M to help out on their new store launch day and they gave me 50% off three items, so of course I had to indulge a little so I went for this pastel pink jacket! I love a good denim jacket but I never thought to go for something other than either blue (obvs) or black, so to change up my wardrobe I thought pink would really mix things up! I'm bringing more of my white clothes back out to wear so I think pastel pink is going to be the colour I love this season. I went for a bigger size than I usually would so the jacket would look over sized on me, but I think the sizing is small as this is a size 12 and it's quite tight on my arms!

I was worried this combination would be too much but I decided to also add my other new person from H&M, which is also pink...but surprisingly I think they went really well with the pink jacket because my outfit was broken up with the metallic skirt and the checked shirt! I've been wearing this shirt open with other outfits but I thought today I'd style it buttoned up, which I loved both tucked in and hanging out. Even with only having a small part of the metallic skirt showing, I think it still breaks up my outfit so that there isn't too much pink on show. These backless shoes have to be my life's greatest achievement, they're cute, retro and perfect to introduce me into spring because they're open toed! I love how big the heel is but they're so comfortable, barely feeling like a heel at all.

This outfit definitely has to be my introduction into spring and I can't wait to experiment some more with colour! Hello pastelssssss.

Are you loving the weather?! What do you think to the pastel pink trend happening?

Until next time guys,