The Blind Librarian! A 1920s Speakeasy Club | Bawtry, Doncaster

28 Mar 2017

 Hello hello! Last week I got to attend the preview night of The Blind Librarian, a 1920's themed speakeasy bar which definitely is an intriguing one. As well as the antique furniture collected by the owner himself, this bar's story has to be my favourite factor because it's so unique, just like the cocktails they create! The Blind Librarian is run by the fictional character Jimmy Cutthroat and his boys, stocking a secret bar as to hide from the prohibition police. The bar is located in Bawtry, Doncaster which is an amazing community of bars and restaurants that I think is a must check out if you're in the area this summer! Standing out from the rest is a barbers called The Gentleman's Retreat in which you can find The Blind Librarian! Here is what I thought to the bar...

From getting the amazing invite through the post which has it's own little key, I was excited to check out The Blind Librarian. Bawtry has some really lovely bars and restaurants so I had no doubt this would join the community, but with so much mystery around it I was more than eager to go! The mystery started from the moment we parked the car and set off walking, because it's not a very easy place to find, but not because of it's location! It's actually just down a country style alley off the main street, so close to where we had parked but the fun is it doesn't look like a bar! In fact the building is The Gentleman's Retreat,  you present your key on the door which I find makes it the new secret hang out! The 1920's theme really radiates even in the rest of the building, I don't want to give too much away because it seriously is so unique where the bar is, but keep in mind that Jimmy Cutthroat is in partnership with the Book keeper.

As well as the decor being so impressive, the cocktails keep up with the game! The atmosphere of the bar was amazing, smiling, welcoming faces, the staff all dressed to tie in with the theme and there was a selection of nibbles whilst we talked about the bar! I seriously couldn't stop taking snaps of the antique decor, the room was from my dreams! The cocktail menu is intense, but in a way which gives you every possible opportunity to find something you like! The menu is sectioned out into spirits which then has a number of cocktails to choose from, the drinks menu however is a completely separate book which has everything you can think of. I'd say the bar really prides themselves on their selection of whisky based drinks which does not disappoint! I had to go for one of my favourites which is the White Russian, strong yes but utterly perfect. I'm usually a fussy drinker when it comes to alcohol I actually like, but this drink was made just how I like it! Strong and tasty. It felt so relaxing to be in a lamp lit room with soft 1920's style music in the background, a cocktail in hand and good conversation! 

I  think The Blind Librarian isn't just perfect for those gents getting a fresh cut upstairs, but also for anyone who loves something different from the generic cocktail bars! If you're wanting to keep up with events, updates and the big things planned for TBL give their Facebook page a follow and their instagram!

Thank you to the team over at The Blind Librarian what a fantastic preview night! i'll definitely be booking Joel in for a cut whilst I get drunk downstairs!

Until next time guys,