How to brighten up your living room on a cheap budget!

27 Apr 2017

Hello everyone! A couple of months ago my Boyfriend and I moved house, we moved out of our tiny old flat into a three bedroomed house located in Doncaster! We left the great city of York to be closer to my family and Joel also got a new job, which has to be the best decision we made because I've fallen head over heels for our home. I've become a little house proud where all my decor has to look super on point, I'm constantly looking at spare walls or corners of our room thinking of all the planty goodness I could put there! We're slowly adding more furniture to our house which literally is when we have a spot of spare money we'll order shelving or something for the garden, but a lot of it we're having to/have done on a very small budget. I'm only in a minimum wage job at the moment so most of the time I spend myself window shopping decor wishing I had the money, so this made me want to share just how I have put together some of my living room on the cheap! Whilst really just showing off my fire place because I'm so bloody proud of it. 

From my experience the best decor comes either from quirky home departments or the unexpected places, decorating a house from scratch really giving me an eye for finding bargains! The shops I always go straight to are Home sense, Home bargains, B&M, Primark and other low priced stores, always great it you want to pick up a number of things to spruce up your house. Even at a low price the right items can completely change a room! Some times decor can pop up in the most unexpected places which I can definitely say about these fans and banners, found in Clintons! CLINTONS! 
My brothers getting married tomorrow so in the week I popped in to pick up a couple of cards, looking into the party section for confetti which is where I found these beauties! They're by Paper Destiny, exclusive design by My Minds Eye which is an independent company that Clinton stocks. Everything is beautiful, pastels, metallic, incredibly feminine and fantastic for parties or weddings! There was such a variety in store to choose from and then when looking online there is so much more, which you can pick by colours, themes, occasions and even their collections. Even though they're intended for temporary display via for parties I knew I had to put them up in my living room, especially with the pink and gold palette I chose which fits perfectly with my decor!

I'd like to say the idea of sticking the fans to the wall were all my own, but they're actually displayed this way both on the website and on the back of the fans packet! The fans come packaged all folded up, double sided tape in the inside to bind them together and has thread to hook them up onto the wall. Joel and I don't own the house so I had to get creative with how I would attach them. I'll admit I used a glue gun, which does sound really bad but after a few hours I took one off the wall to see the damage and not even a mark! To make it easy I followed how the fans are laid on the website, aligning them with my fire place and then adding the tassel banner which is also from the same brand! I love how different they are and paper based which makes them look very home made!
I have a pink and gold theme going on in my living room which made these accessories perfect for the room, it instantly brightens up the room especially when the sun falls onto that specific wall! I suggest definitely putting them up on the biggest wall in your room, I think it looks really good above my fire place because I'm able to then add my own decor to make the area my own. Most of these pieces I bought for less than £5, the plant from home base, hand statue from Home sense and candles from Primark. I love to get liquor bottles and decorate them with flowers to make them look more feminine, going in perfect with the subtle pink theme I have going on. My Grandma gifted me with the Buddha and I also found this framed print in Clintons too!

The fans also come with metallic confetti which I've later sprinkled onto the fire place surface!

I'm so impressed with this brand and I think these fans are a perfect way to bring something different to your rooms! I plan to get more to decorate in other rooms which I'll keep an update on over on my social medias.

Until next time guys,

What the hell is going on with me

24 Apr 2017

Lately when I think about blogging I have a pit in my stomach, I feel bad for my lack of presence on the internet and if you really haven't noticed then you'll probably enjoy my next posts more than this one! I usually tend to post 3-4 times a week but over the last couple I've really struggled to even post just once, which is a very weird feeling to me because I absolutely love to blog. It's not that I'm in a rut, far from it actually because I have so many ideas that I want to create here on Heartshapedbones, it's just that my time seems to be spent on everything else but blogging. Life's been catching up with me and blogging has taken a back step, but as a regular poster it just leaves me with a bad feeling in my stomach because I never want blogging to be the last thing on my mind.  I cant think of a spare minute I've had to focus on blogging till now, which seriously needs to change but at the moment it's something I'm going to have to injure! What I love about this platform is when I really need to get all my thoughts out on the table this is where I can do it, so I thought I'd chat a little about what exactly is distracting me from posting content for you guys.

I'm not a full time blogger even though I am trying to get to that point, blogging is still a hobbie per say whilst I work full time in another city! I think that's where lies my problem, not only am I working a full time slot but I also have to travel out of where I'm living, so I'm on the go at least two or three hours before and after my shifts. It's hard to just crack out my laptop in the train station and I definitely cant take an outfit picture when it' really late after work and I'm getting home at 9pm. I'm having to really grasp every second on my days off to put together a post, but whilst also looking after my home, my boyfriend, my dog, filming for youtube, re launching my art store (eee) and other projects I run like The Blogging Grotto! I'm trying to do so much in the small space of two days off whilst doing everything else and if I'm honest its frying my brain. It's nothing new though, I've been traveling to work for over three months now and I think it's just no good only getting a little done when I'm crammed next to strangers in a train carriage or star bucks.
Putting aside my slight resentment of traveling, some big things are happening at the moment and if I'm honest they're going to be amazing! I've been working me way up the ladder in my new job and I'm happy to announce I landed myself a manager trainee position in one of the top stores with H&M in the UK! I'm going to be training in Leeds which is a whole new city for me and I'm incredibly excited. I love York and it holds so much good for me, but its time to dive into new exciting things and it's all happening pretty damn soon. Leeds is closer, cheaper on the train and I feel like the city is going to give me so many opportunities!
As well as getting myself trainee manager I've also been working on re launching my art store with a completely different branding! I've really wanted to create a niche for my work, so it's going to be crafts crafts crafts with a witchy dark theme. I've been working on prints, plushies, stitch work pieces and even t-shirts which is exciting! There's going to be d├ęcor too which I'm so thrilled to work on, so I definitely have a lot on my plate.

I've always been able to manage my life but right now I think I've been focusing mainly on getting my store together! It's great to be back into the swing of creating art I love if I'm honest, but now I have some free time I'm determined to get my blog in order so that I can stop feeling let down when I actually log onto the internet. Sometimes a break is exactly what the body and mind needs, so I'm trying to not feel too guilty about putting myself first.

Short but sweet, I promise to get back into the full swing of posting regular fun content and look out for so many DIYS!

Until next time guys,

Trends I’m excited for this SS 17

17 Apr 2017

Sometimes when I look over the outfit photographs I’ve taken I have to access things, is this a super cool outfit where I can’t stop writing about the clothes on my back or do I want it to be more information and completely on topic? This is definitely the latter, I don’t think I’m particularly wearing anything special, these are in fact some of my most comfiest set of clothing which I’m definitely going to be sponge wearing this season! If you we’re a loyal reader of heartshapedbones last year you would of seen how I fell in love with off the shoulder shirts and dresses, which now that the weather is getting warmer is my absolute go to! The shops are getting them back in so to make myself feel more girly I’ve been wearing them with every type of bottom, another comfy go to of mine being culottes. A couple of days ago I noticed that the fields by my house had started to bloom like crazy so on my day off I grabbed my camera and headed out to capture some Spring inspired looks, but really I just went for my comfy clothes which to me is just as easy wear! It got me thinking about items of clothing I’m really excited to wear this season though, the pieces that will make the exciting outfit posts which I’ll want to just ramble on how much I love the dress or the shoes. For now though I thought I would share with you guys what I’m really excited for this SS17!
Off the shoulder tops
Durr I just can’t even. This was definitely a trend that re kindled last year in retail, everyone and their mums started to wear off the shoulder pieces with puffy sleeves and I really didn’t want to get into it. I didn’t think I could pull off the style of top until I was sent one in black (which has become one of my ultimate favourite tops) and then I went a little crazy and ordered a bunch. I love how I can show off my shoulder tattoo whilst still having my arms covered, the comfort of feeling feminine because you’re baring a little skin whilst still wearing a loose long top. I even found a number of dresses I love, so I’ll be on the lookout for more this season to add to my collection! I think there’s something incredibly bohemian with how they are styled, so I constantly add a floppy hat and lots of cute chokers.
Platform sandals
I’ve never been a girl to bear her toes in the summer time, but I’ve seen so many cute high sandals which I need in my life. I’m talking about the incredibly alternative looking things, high platform shoes with just a strap to keep you in them. I’ve been looking online at places like Public Despire, BooHoo, Missguided (not so much now ugh oh misguided you fucked up biggg) but the style of sandal is making its way back to us and I want to jump all on board! I hate sweating away in my converse or creepers in the heat, plus if I do go on holiday I’ll actually have sandals which match my sense of style than the dreaded flip flop.
Dusty pink and mint green
I swear these are the colours to keep your eyes on this season, they are everywhere and my god it is so damn cute. I’ve already purchased a denim jacket in the dusty pink, some pastel shoes and I have my eye on a mint green little frilled top which I possibly could pull off now that I have less green to my hair! I think 2017 is the year I experiment with colour and for some reason this shade of pink can do no wrong in the garments I’ve seen entering stores. With working in retail I’ve found myself being able to see the trends happening more than I did working in a kitchen.
I was a little boring last year when I bought a couple of pairs of culottes, I went for plain black, some with a little frill but none that I think WOW to. So this year that’s going to change! I want stripes, silk and possibly lace if I can find a pair with a little fringing down below. I made a daring purchasing and went for a deep berry red coloured pair, which I’ve yet to style because I attempted last summer and just didn’t feel myself at all. I never found the perfect top to wear them with so they sit gathering dust till I think of the perfect collab. They’re high waist and long, so possible a short crop top to balance out my body but we shall we because hell yes I’m going to be experimenting this year with my looks!
Going more vintage  
I tend to always slip a little 1930-60s class in with my looks, so I’m excited for long flowing skirts with a tiny waist, frilly tops and possibly even frilly shorts! Shorts are another item I’m very on the fence about, I just don’t suit denim shorts because I never know how to dress them especially with what shoes, but I think find a high waist soft material pair I’d be excited to see how I could style them. The same with playsuits really, I want that soft material but I’m really iffy with how the cut of shorts sits on my legs.

One thing I love about my style is how experimental I can be, so I'm excited to see what this year brings!

Until next time guys,

Fashion Review: Marc B. Handbags

7 Apr 2017

It's Friday! Friday! I hope you're all as ready for the weekend as I am! Today I'm here with a fashion review which is unlike my others, because it's a wee handbag review! I tend to go wild on a number of items such as shoes, jackets, but bags I tend to purchase on very rare occasions like the change of seasons! Last year I bought a summer bag, a back pack for travelling and then a huge over the shoulder for the colder months when I needed more things on me. I love handbags though, so I feel as if this needs to change! I recently received a handbag from Marc b., a brand who's goal is to create products which have the quality and design of a luxury handbag, at middle range, affordable price.

I've always wanted a quilted handbag, since I started to understand fashion more I've always yearned for a cross over, quilted Chanel bag which of course it's too far out of my price range! Marc b. Sent me this Knightsbridge Quilted Grey Handbag* which got me a little giddy as I unboxed the package! My first impression is it's beautiful, the grey incredibly different than the black finish I'm used to seeing from designer handbags! My second thought was omg am I a luxury blogger now? because everything about this item screams high end, if I was unaware of the nature of the brand I would of guessed high prices but this handbag is only £49! Along with super soft quilting, the bag as a silver addition, the chain being adjustable to either sit as a cross over or a shoulder bag! I feel almost like a handbag newbie because I've never seen a chain like this, the one long chain sits as two short on the outside of the bag so that you can wear it over your shoulder, you simply pull on one of the two chains to turn it into a cross over. The inside material is leopard print which is always an attractive feature to myself, having a number of compartments which actually holds a good amount of stuff! 

If you're like myself who can't really afford full price designer handbags, I'd definitely check out Marc b. as they offer such a variety of bags to suit everyone! If you're more of a big handbag for all your stuff kind of gal they have plenty to cater for, even small little clutches for going out. I'm incredibly impressed with the quality and this grey beauty as soon become my every day accessory! Big thankyou to Marc b. for sending me such a lovely bag, I'm definitely keeping their brand in mind for not only myself but my loved ones as every woman loves a good luxury bag.

Until next time guys,

(DISCLAIMER) *This product was given to me in exchange for a blog post, all words are my own and truthful 


Beauty Review: Rich & Famous Hair Oil Treatment

6 Apr 2017

I don't think it's a secret around here how much I love to change up my hair, I've evolved it from black, pink, purple, green and now the ombre combination it is today! I wouldn't I get bored of my hair quickly...but I do love to make myself feel fresh and new by giving a new trim or colour a try! After the incident of having my hair snapped off from bleaching just over two years ago I got hair extensions, which lead me to meet an amazing hair extension stylist! She literally looked after my hair until it was in healthy condition again, introducing me to brands which specialised in extension hair care and if I'm honest I owe it all to her that I can even have my hair natural now without the extensions. Whilst seeing her once a month to get my hair did she showed me her own brand of hair and hair care named Richy Remy,  one of her hair care treatments being the Rich & Famous Hair Oil Treatment*

Straight away I have to say the packaging is gorgeous, I love sleek black packaging and once opened the bottle fits the look - heavy, but a great size to keep in your bag when you're on the go! The hair oil treatment targets frizz, detangles, softens the hair and helps to add shine along with moisture to your hair! When I had extensions I always used a number of sprays and oils to keep them healthy, but I will admit that now having them out I rarely use a treatment! Having used the oil for a couple of days now on wet hair and dry I can already see a difference, the smoothing of hair is noticeable after usage and it's made my hair feel less dry! To get a little more technical the hair treatment contains Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Avocado oil which not only strengthens our hair but hydrates, and coconut oil! It's free of Alcohol, Paraben and MIT. Suitable for all hair colours and daily use which I have been doing! What I love about a hair treatment is one you can easily fit into your routine, the Rich & Famous oil can be applied on both dry and wet hair so you can literally use it when you wish! No need to bathe just to get your hair wet for the occasion, I used it tonight when getting out of the bath and I plan to use it again in the morning before styling!

After putting my hair through so much I'm happy to now have a easy and affective treatment to really help it to continue getting better! If its bleached it's probably damaged, so now I'm happy I can reduce any frizz with this oil treatment.
If you're wanted to check out Rich Remy hair or the Hair Oil Treatment* which is available only on their website, just click this link! For their social medias check out @richandfamous_hairoil on instagram & Facebook!

What do you think of hair oil treatments? 

Until next time guys,

(DISCLAIMER) * this product was given to me for free in exchange for a post, all words are my own and truthful.

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