Beauty Review: Rich & Famous Hair Oil Treatment

6 Apr 2017

I don't think it's a secret around here how much I love to change up my hair, I've evolved it from black, pink, purple, green and now the ombre combination it is today! I wouldn't I get bored of my hair quickly...but I do love to make myself feel fresh and new by giving a new trim or colour a try! After the incident of having my hair snapped off from bleaching just over two years ago I got hair extensions, which lead me to meet an amazing hair extension stylist! She literally looked after my hair until it was in healthy condition again, introducing me to brands which specialised in extension hair care and if I'm honest I owe it all to her that I can even have my hair natural now without the extensions. Whilst seeing her once a month to get my hair did she showed me her own brand of hair and hair care named Richy Remy,  one of her hair care treatments being the Rich & Famous Hair Oil Treatment*

Straight away I have to say the packaging is gorgeous, I love sleek black packaging and once opened the bottle fits the look - heavy, but a great size to keep in your bag when you're on the go! The hair oil treatment targets frizz, detangles, softens the hair and helps to add shine along with moisture to your hair! When I had extensions I always used a number of sprays and oils to keep them healthy, but I will admit that now having them out I rarely use a treatment! Having used the oil for a couple of days now on wet hair and dry I can already see a difference, the smoothing of hair is noticeable after usage and it's made my hair feel less dry! To get a little more technical the hair treatment contains Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Avocado oil which not only strengthens our hair but hydrates, and coconut oil! It's free of Alcohol, Paraben and MIT. Suitable for all hair colours and daily use which I have been doing! What I love about a hair treatment is one you can easily fit into your routine, the Rich & Famous oil can be applied on both dry and wet hair so you can literally use it when you wish! No need to bathe just to get your hair wet for the occasion, I used it tonight when getting out of the bath and I plan to use it again in the morning before styling!

After putting my hair through so much I'm happy to now have a easy and affective treatment to really help it to continue getting better! If its bleached it's probably damaged, so now I'm happy I can reduce any frizz with this oil treatment.
If you're wanted to check out Rich Remy hair or the Hair Oil Treatment* which is available only on their website, just click this link! For their social medias check out @richandfamous_hairoil on instagram & Facebook!

What do you think of hair oil treatments? 

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(DISCLAIMER) * this product was given to me for free in exchange for a post, all words are my own and truthful.

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