Fashion Review: Marc B. Handbags

7 Apr 2017

It's Friday! Friday! I hope you're all as ready for the weekend as I am! Today I'm here with a fashion review which is unlike my others, because it's a wee handbag review! I tend to go wild on a number of items such as shoes, jackets, but bags I tend to purchase on very rare occasions like the change of seasons! Last year I bought a summer bag, a back pack for travelling and then a huge over the shoulder for the colder months when I needed more things on me. I love handbags though, so I feel as if this needs to change! I recently received a handbag from Marc b., a brand who's goal is to create products which have the quality and design of a luxury handbag, at middle range, affordable price.

I've always wanted a quilted handbag, since I started to understand fashion more I've always yearned for a cross over, quilted Chanel bag which of course it's too far out of my price range! Marc b. Sent me this Knightsbridge Quilted Grey Handbag* which got me a little giddy as I unboxed the package! My first impression is it's beautiful, the grey incredibly different than the black finish I'm used to seeing from designer handbags! My second thought was omg am I a luxury blogger now? because everything about this item screams high end, if I was unaware of the nature of the brand I would of guessed high prices but this handbag is only £49! Along with super soft quilting, the bag as a silver addition, the chain being adjustable to either sit as a cross over or a shoulder bag! I feel almost like a handbag newbie because I've never seen a chain like this, the one long chain sits as two short on the outside of the bag so that you can wear it over your shoulder, you simply pull on one of the two chains to turn it into a cross over. The inside material is leopard print which is always an attractive feature to myself, having a number of compartments which actually holds a good amount of stuff! 

If you're like myself who can't really afford full price designer handbags, I'd definitely check out Marc b. as they offer such a variety of bags to suit everyone! If you're more of a big handbag for all your stuff kind of gal they have plenty to cater for, even small little clutches for going out. I'm incredibly impressed with the quality and this grey beauty as soon become my every day accessory! Big thankyou to Marc b. for sending me such a lovely bag, I'm definitely keeping their brand in mind for not only myself but my loved ones as every woman loves a good luxury bag.

Until next time guys,

(DISCLAIMER) *This product was given to me in exchange for a blog post, all words are my own and truthful