How I look after my tattoos

2 Apr 2017

Funnily enough when I was a child I'd stick my tongue out in disgust at my cousin who was heavily tattoo and state 'ughh I'll never get tattoos!' which seems mental as I'd give anything to speed up the process and be covered in them now! I love being tattooed, having beautiful artwork on my body forever not only is sentimental but it makes me feel so much more confident about myself because I think they look great! Of course yes it hurts like a cow sometimes, but it's completely worth every passing minute of having a needle poke you for the artwork that's created on your body. It's a personal experience, each time I've been tattooed it's been such an interesting trip because I've learnt so much, gotten to know new people one on one like my tattooists and felt so apart of the artwork! I find everything exciting about getting tattooed, from the build up before planning ideas, the day and then taking care of your new art piece to have it shine with pride on your body for life. I'd say my ways of taking care of my tattoos are pretty similar to a lot of peoples, there isn't anything extraordinary that I do differently but maybe I have a few things to tell that you may not be doing yourself! 

So my latest tattoo which was done only a couple of days ago is my amazing Wednesday Addams portrait by a tattooist name Jay in Leicester! I'd seen his work online and fell in complete aw with his Dotwork portraits and black work, so when he posted up a sheet of portraits he wanted to tattoo I jumped the gun very VERY quickly and booked in with him! For me I have a number of ideas that I want to get tattooed, but the one always comes at the right time for me and this time it was going to be the goth queen herself. I booked over a month ago giving me plenty of time to financially get myself sorted because of course tattoos cost money, they cost a lot sometimes so it's always better to give yourself time than skint yourself till next pay day!
On the day I made sure the area was well maintained, shaved as if you don't do it your tattooist will do this and I had moisturised my leg too so the area wasn't tight or dry! I wore loose clothes so that I didn't have to take anything off, culottes so that my leg was exposed but I was still covered from the cold weather. I always advice dressing with the fact you're getting tattooed in mind, the area that's going to be tattooed needs to be easily accessible so you're not getting undressed when on the chair! The tattoo took four hours and then it was all down to me to keep this beauty in the best condition! Tattooists will give you advice (more like instructions) on how to take care of your tattoo and I would recommend to follow what they say, they know best as it's their career! I got wrapped up and advised to keep the clingfilm on for 24 hours.

With this particular tattoo I had to travel home from Leicester which took two hours and that only took me to 8pm, so I still had most of my night ahead of me! I always feel crap after getting tattooed so I bought myself some water as I'd been smashing energy drinks all day, a take away and settled down to rest my leg with the cling film still on! I always leave it on as long as possible and then before going to bed I start to clean the area, washing it down with luke warm water in the shower.
I then moisture the tattoo, it's always best to use what your tattooists suggestions but I've used a number of products which have worked wonders for me! Lush do a product called Dream Cream which is amazing for tattoos, but you can also purchase Palmers Cocoa butter which I hear is the bee's knees for tattoos! I have in the past used Bepanthen which is basically a nappy cream for babies, it worked perfectly in the past but I know hear that they've changed the formula and it's been giving tattoos infections. My tattooist advised against it so I went for Dream Cream, but it's whatever product works best for you!
After moisturising the tattoo (which I do two to three times a day using a very small amount like a pea size) I then wrap it back up for bed but only for bed on the first night because I don't want the gunk oozing onto my sheets! In the morning I repeat the stage again by cleaning the area and moisturizing again, but instead of wrapping it up I let the tattoo breath all day and reapply throughout the day.

The tattoo is going to get scabby but that means it's healing, for me this is the worst stage because it's so hard not to scratch, but just keep moisturising and it'll be healed in no time! Even with the tattoos I have that are healed I constantly keep them moisturised, in the summer time it's best to keep them out of the sun and keep them hydrated.

What products do you use on your tattoos? Feel free to drop me any questions you have in the comments about my Wednesday!

Until next time guys,