How to brighten up your living room on a cheap budget!

27 Apr 2017

Hello everyone! A couple of months ago my Boyfriend and I moved house, we moved out of our tiny old flat into a three bedroomed house located in Doncaster! We left the great city of York to be closer to my family and Joel also got a new job, which has to be the best decision we made because I've fallen head over heels for our home. I've become a little house proud where all my decor has to look super on point, I'm constantly looking at spare walls or corners of our room thinking of all the planty goodness I could put there! We're slowly adding more furniture to our house which literally is when we have a spot of spare money we'll order shelving or something for the garden, but a lot of it we're having to/have done on a very small budget. I'm only in a minimum wage job at the moment so most of the time I spend myself window shopping decor wishing I had the money, so this made me want to share just how I have put together some of my living room on the cheap! Whilst really just showing off my fire place because I'm so bloody proud of it. 

From my experience the best decor comes either from quirky home departments or the unexpected places, decorating a house from scratch really giving me an eye for finding bargains! The shops I always go straight to are Home sense, Home bargains, B&M, Primark and other low priced stores, always great it you want to pick up a number of things to spruce up your house. Even at a low price the right items can completely change a room! Some times decor can pop up in the most unexpected places which I can definitely say about these fans and banners, found in Clintons! CLINTONS! 
My brothers getting married tomorrow so in the week I popped in to pick up a couple of cards, looking into the party section for confetti which is where I found these beauties! They're by Paper Destiny, exclusive design by My Minds Eye which is an independent company that Clinton stocks. Everything is beautiful, pastels, metallic, incredibly feminine and fantastic for parties or weddings! There was such a variety in store to choose from and then when looking online there is so much more, which you can pick by colours, themes, occasions and even their collections. Even though they're intended for temporary display via for parties I knew I had to put them up in my living room, especially with the pink and gold palette I chose which fits perfectly with my decor!

I'd like to say the idea of sticking the fans to the wall were all my own, but they're actually displayed this way both on the website and on the back of the fans packet! The fans come packaged all folded up, double sided tape in the inside to bind them together and has thread to hook them up onto the wall. Joel and I don't own the house so I had to get creative with how I would attach them. I'll admit I used a glue gun, which does sound really bad but after a few hours I took one off the wall to see the damage and not even a mark! To make it easy I followed how the fans are laid on the website, aligning them with my fire place and then adding the tassel banner which is also from the same brand! I love how different they are and paper based which makes them look very home made!
I have a pink and gold theme going on in my living room which made these accessories perfect for the room, it instantly brightens up the room especially when the sun falls onto that specific wall! I suggest definitely putting them up on the biggest wall in your room, I think it looks really good above my fire place because I'm able to then add my own decor to make the area my own. Most of these pieces I bought for less than £5, the plant from home base, hand statue from Home sense and candles from Primark. I love to get liquor bottles and decorate them with flowers to make them look more feminine, going in perfect with the subtle pink theme I have going on. My Grandma gifted me with the Buddha and I also found this framed print in Clintons too!

The fans also come with metallic confetti which I've later sprinkled onto the fire place surface!

I'm so impressed with this brand and I think these fans are a perfect way to bring something different to your rooms! I plan to get more to decorate in other rooms which I'll keep an update on over on my social medias.

Until next time guys,