How to make a unique Cactus plant!

3 Apr 2017

Hello everybody! As my first D.I.Y went down a treat on my blog I thought I would make it a regular thing to post more of them! Interior d├ęcor, creative gifts and artwork. I want to dabble in so much more such as up cycling pieces of clothing, so expect a lot more fun bits here on Heartshapdbones! I saw this stone cactus plant DIY over on Pinterest, a platform amazing for visual inspiration under many categories (I sponged it when we we're decorating our new home) and I thought I'd give it a go at recreating it with my own put on it of course!

So What I loved about this idea was how different it is, I think it takes on a complete different meaning to the words 'fake plant' and is SUPER easy to do. This DIY really allows you to use your decorative flare, without asking too much to put it together! All you need is a few simple items which if you're a plant collector like myself with a few paints laying around too, you'll already have in a cupboard somewhere.

What you'll need:
  • A collection of small and big stones (small to go in the pot, 5 bigger stones which are quite rounded)
  • A plant pot
  • Paint (greens & white)
  • Paint brushes

So the first step I took was to collect my  materials and I actually got all of the stones out of my own garden! If not you can easily get them from a garden store like home base, I'm sure they'd have bags of the stuff to buy or even just look out when you're outside and collect a few. You need a lot of smaller stones and then five main stones which are going to become your cacti! I started by filling a plant pot I bought from home base with the smaller stones, leaving it half full to place in our finished cacti and then fill the spaces with the smaller stones to keep the bigger stones in place.

For the next step I got to painting and used a variety of green colours just to make each Cactus different! I did the back darker and the front three lighter shades, so that the thing as a whole would look light and fun. I just laid down some newspaper and used a thick paint brush to lay down the paint, leaving them to dry before doing anything else to them!

Once dry I then popped our cacti into the pot, keeping them in place by fitting more of the smaller stones in there. This is where you can put your own look on things, placing the stones how you want so that it looks like a realistic cacti scene. This makes it easier for our next step which is to paint finer details onto them, using a very thin brush I added patterns which if you want to reference are from illustrations I've seen of cacti! I added dots and then a cross over detail which is where cactus has their small pricks coming from them, which I think makes it look a lot more like what it's meant to be. Serving Cactus realness

That is it guys! How simple, after just a couple of steps you have yourself a cool fake cactus plant which stands out amongst the rest! I think this would be perfect for if you have pets which you're worried about leaving near a real cactus, or if you just want to get a little creative.

Let me know if you try this DIY out! Is there any DIY you wanna see? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time guys,