Trends I’m excited for this SS 17

17 Apr 2017

Sometimes when I look over the outfit photographs I’ve taken I have to access things, is this a super cool outfit where I can’t stop writing about the clothes on my back or do I want it to be more information and completely on topic? This is definitely the latter, I don’t think I’m particularly wearing anything special, these are in fact some of my most comfiest set of clothing which I’m definitely going to be sponge wearing this season! If you we’re a loyal reader of heartshapedbones last year you would of seen how I fell in love with off the shoulder shirts and dresses, which now that the weather is getting warmer is my absolute go to! The shops are getting them back in so to make myself feel more girly I’ve been wearing them with every type of bottom, another comfy go to of mine being culottes. A couple of days ago I noticed that the fields by my house had started to bloom like crazy so on my day off I grabbed my camera and headed out to capture some Spring inspired looks, but really I just went for my comfy clothes which to me is just as easy wear! It got me thinking about items of clothing I’m really excited to wear this season though, the pieces that will make the exciting outfit posts which I’ll want to just ramble on how much I love the dress or the shoes. For now though I thought I would share with you guys what I’m really excited for this SS17!
Off the shoulder tops
Durr I just can’t even. This was definitely a trend that re kindled last year in retail, everyone and their mums started to wear off the shoulder pieces with puffy sleeves and I really didn’t want to get into it. I didn’t think I could pull off the style of top until I was sent one in black (which has become one of my ultimate favourite tops) and then I went a little crazy and ordered a bunch. I love how I can show off my shoulder tattoo whilst still having my arms covered, the comfort of feeling feminine because you’re baring a little skin whilst still wearing a loose long top. I even found a number of dresses I love, so I’ll be on the lookout for more this season to add to my collection! I think there’s something incredibly bohemian with how they are styled, so I constantly add a floppy hat and lots of cute chokers.
Platform sandals
I’ve never been a girl to bear her toes in the summer time, but I’ve seen so many cute high sandals which I need in my life. I’m talking about the incredibly alternative looking things, high platform shoes with just a strap to keep you in them. I’ve been looking online at places like Public Despire, BooHoo, Missguided (not so much now ugh oh misguided you fucked up biggg) but the style of sandal is making its way back to us and I want to jump all on board! I hate sweating away in my converse or creepers in the heat, plus if I do go on holiday I’ll actually have sandals which match my sense of style than the dreaded flip flop.
Dusty pink and mint green
I swear these are the colours to keep your eyes on this season, they are everywhere and my god it is so damn cute. I’ve already purchased a denim jacket in the dusty pink, some pastel shoes and I have my eye on a mint green little frilled top which I possibly could pull off now that I have less green to my hair! I think 2017 is the year I experiment with colour and for some reason this shade of pink can do no wrong in the garments I’ve seen entering stores. With working in retail I’ve found myself being able to see the trends happening more than I did working in a kitchen.
I was a little boring last year when I bought a couple of pairs of culottes, I went for plain black, some with a little frill but none that I think WOW to. So this year that’s going to change! I want stripes, silk and possibly lace if I can find a pair with a little fringing down below. I made a daring purchasing and went for a deep berry red coloured pair, which I’ve yet to style because I attempted last summer and just didn’t feel myself at all. I never found the perfect top to wear them with so they sit gathering dust till I think of the perfect collab. They’re high waist and long, so possible a short crop top to balance out my body but we shall we because hell yes I’m going to be experimenting this year with my looks!
Going more vintage  
I tend to always slip a little 1930-60s class in with my looks, so I’m excited for long flowing skirts with a tiny waist, frilly tops and possibly even frilly shorts! Shorts are another item I’m very on the fence about, I just don’t suit denim shorts because I never know how to dress them especially with what shoes, but I think find a high waist soft material pair I’d be excited to see how I could style them. The same with playsuits really, I want that soft material but I’m really iffy with how the cut of shorts sits on my legs.

One thing I love about my style is how experimental I can be, so I'm excited to see what this year brings!

Until next time guys,