What the hell is going on with me

24 Apr 2017

Lately when I think about blogging I have a pit in my stomach, I feel bad for my lack of presence on the internet and if you really haven't noticed then you'll probably enjoy my next posts more than this one! I usually tend to post 3-4 times a week but over the last couple I've really struggled to even post just once, which is a very weird feeling to me because I absolutely love to blog. It's not that I'm in a rut, far from it actually because I have so many ideas that I want to create here on Heartshapedbones, it's just that my time seems to be spent on everything else but blogging. Life's been catching up with me and blogging has taken a back step, but as a regular poster it just leaves me with a bad feeling in my stomach because I never want blogging to be the last thing on my mind.  I cant think of a spare minute I've had to focus on blogging till now, which seriously needs to change but at the moment it's something I'm going to have to injure! What I love about this platform is when I really need to get all my thoughts out on the table this is where I can do it, so I thought I'd chat a little about what exactly is distracting me from posting content for you guys.

I'm not a full time blogger even though I am trying to get to that point, blogging is still a hobbie per say whilst I work full time in another city! I think that's where lies my problem, not only am I working a full time slot but I also have to travel out of where I'm living, so I'm on the go at least two or three hours before and after my shifts. It's hard to just crack out my laptop in the train station and I definitely cant take an outfit picture when it' really late after work and I'm getting home at 9pm. I'm having to really grasp every second on my days off to put together a post, but whilst also looking after my home, my boyfriend, my dog, filming for youtube, re launching my art store (eee) and other projects I run like The Blogging Grotto! I'm trying to do so much in the small space of two days off whilst doing everything else and if I'm honest its frying my brain. It's nothing new though, I've been traveling to work for over three months now and I think it's just no good only getting a little done when I'm crammed next to strangers in a train carriage or star bucks.
Putting aside my slight resentment of traveling, some big things are happening at the moment and if I'm honest they're going to be amazing! I've been working me way up the ladder in my new job and I'm happy to announce I landed myself a manager trainee position in one of the top stores with H&M in the UK! I'm going to be training in Leeds which is a whole new city for me and I'm incredibly excited. I love York and it holds so much good for me, but its time to dive into new exciting things and it's all happening pretty damn soon. Leeds is closer, cheaper on the train and I feel like the city is going to give me so many opportunities!
As well as getting myself trainee manager I've also been working on re launching my art store with a completely different branding! I've really wanted to create a niche for my work, so it's going to be crafts crafts crafts with a witchy dark theme. I've been working on prints, plushies, stitch work pieces and even t-shirts which is exciting! There's going to be d├ęcor too which I'm so thrilled to work on, so I definitely have a lot on my plate.

I've always been able to manage my life but right now I think I've been focusing mainly on getting my store together! It's great to be back into the swing of creating art I love if I'm honest, but now I have some free time I'm determined to get my blog in order so that I can stop feeling let down when I actually log onto the internet. Sometimes a break is exactly what the body and mind needs, so I'm trying to not feel too guilty about putting myself first.

Short but sweet, I promise to get back into the full swing of posting regular fun content and look out for so many DIYS!

Until next time guys,