Whats been keeping me occupied recently / film & tv talk

16 May 2017

Recently I've been considering taking some time off from blogging, like a mini internet holiday purely because I've felt this pressure building for months now because I've just not had the time for it like I want! I want to post four times a week, have a schedule and be on twitter talking to everyone in the community 4/7, but I work a full time job so it's incredible hard to balance both things along with my other commitments. I've known I've needed a break for some time now because I can't stand the guilty wave whenever I don't post for a couple or days or even a week! Without going full blown cold blogging turkey, I have been making time for myself to just chill, which always involves a good tv series binge on Netflix or a good movie. I love to create film related posts because I LOVE to watch movies and really get involved, so here is what has been keeping me occupied with not only intense plot lines but characters to die for!

13 Reasons Why is definitely this years Stranger Things and if you haven't seen the huge hype about it have you been living under a rock?! Created by Brian Yorkey and based on the book, the show follows a teen named Clay as he listens to a selection of tapes recorded by his classmate and crush Hannah, on why she ended her life. Each tape is a different story aimed at one person or reason as to what they did to her, Clay finding it hard to listen takes a huge journey in not only dealing with her death but shaping him into a person who doesn't just sit there and let these things happen. Even without being able to relate to Clay the show makes you feel for him, his pain, Hannah's pain, bringing about not only an awareness of suicide but the struggle of both mental and physical abuse! It is raw, there being no glamorising of grief or pain, which in my opinion makes it all the more real.

If you want a tv series that not only grips you from the beginning but really is an emotional roller-coaster then I definitely suggest this one is for you. I cried (mostly for clay and omg no Jeff) the entire series, but I could definitely watch it over and over again because it's filmed fantastically. 

I waited after finishing 13 Reasons why to start Riverdale, so I had the pleasure of binge watching a couple of episodes before I had to wait weekly for an episode and my god I am not disappointed! I love a good murder mystery and Riverdale starts right in the action, beginning with the death of a popular boy named Jason Blossom on the 4th of July. It's a new school year so there's new friendships and relationships to be expected, along with the entire town being plagued by secrets and deceptions! I love how the series is almost narrated by the character Jughead, apart of the 'medalling kids' who investigate into the murder and happenings in the small town. He's played by none other than Cole Sprouce! It's a complete different role from what we're used to with the actor and I think that's what I love most, each character is so unique but have classic characteristics of a murder mystery gang (har har the Archie show).

I feel very late to the party with this one but Joel and I had pre ordered the DVD from Sky, so instead of going to see it because we were so unsure of how Star Wars: The Force Awakens turned out, we watched from the comforts of our home! I wish we had because I loved it, it was everything I needed out of a film, especially when its a film series so close to my heart! Rogue one focuses on a group of unlikely hero's banning together to steal the plans to the Death Star, fitting itself into the series as the 4th film! We're introduced to some new characters who's efforts shape the following films, without the plans to the Death Star Luke Skywalker can't help to save the galaxy.
I won't lie, the ending leaves me utterly devastated but as quickly as a tear shed I felt my heart squeeze as we're giving a little scene from the classics with the film ending as Darth Vader enters the ship, Princess Leia ringing out for Obe One Kanobe! With the passing of  Carrie Fisher it was great to see her face once again as we're taken back to the first film! (fifth film in order)

Directed by Kitty Green, Casting Jonbenet is a documentary about the death of Jonbenet Ramsey (1996), a six year old Pageant queen who was found murdered in the basement of her own home. To this day her murder hasn't been solved, but there is a huge conspiracy revolving around her family and their involvement that night! The documentary is slyly filmed, focusing on peoples reactions to the murder many years later. It focuses on actors taking part in casting of the people involved in the case, whilst filming mostly the out takes as they talk about their thoughts on Jonbenet's death and who they think could of done it. What I find interesting about the documentary is not only are you told the hard facts of the case but you hear the conspiracies and what others think on the murders, something I've never seen done in a murder documentary before.
If you aren't aware of the Jonbenet case I won't say more, but you don't have to do any research before hand to watch the doc!

Image result for rupaul's drag race season 9

I love the new season of Ru Paul's Drag Race fright from the moment Lady Gaga walked into the work room and tried to pass off as one of the queens, LIKE WE WOULDN'T SEE SHE'S THE REAL DEAL GAGA! I loved the twist and of course the season carried on like every other, delivering my favourite episodes like the snatch came and new challenges! It's tough to pick a winner for me this year because there's so many queens who could win, but my favourite is definitely Valentina! Netflix uploads a new episode each week and I'm bursting for drag queen fun every time it comes to new episode day! Who is your favourite queen this season?

Another series I'm late to but I finally got around to watching The People Vs OJ Simpson, a series focusing around the murder case of Nicole Brown Simpson and how OJ, her famous football playing Husband stood trial. Based on true events, the series give you so much information whilst keeping to the events perfectly with matching actors/actresses perfectly to the real life lawyers/people involved with the case. I love the efforts met to re create the event, again going beyond with recreations of murder case stories to captivate an audience.

Whilst waiting for new episodes of series I'm currently watching I can't wait to sink myself into another series just as good as this selection! Netflix is a great way to find new content but I've also been venturing onto sky boxset.

Is there any series you think I would enjoy? Or films?

Until next time,

Getting Past A Blogging Block & Personal Style

14 May 2017

If I'm quite honest I feel myself hitting an invisible wall when it comes to writing blog posts lately, and I can't get past it which is super annoying. I don't have the time like I used to, I work a lot which is going to be increasing starting next week and I'm actually quite worried as to how I'm going to fit things in like blogging and creating art. I really enjoy talking photographs of my outfits or other things I blog about, these photographs especially I'm so proud of because I really took my time in the editing process to get them just right! You'd think I'd be eager to put together a blog post if I love the photographs right, but I'm sat here literally forming a sentence every five minutes because I just don't know what to write. I'll type out a few words, change the song I'm listening to, nip downstairs to get a cup of tea, flick through my planner to write down an idea, talk to Joel a little THEN type out another sentence. I feel that I get so distracted when it comes to being in a block and I've experienced this with everything, heck when it came to writing my dissertation at university I ended up playing Spyro instead of going to the library like I planned. I was terrible, getting myself out of a block is incredibly hard and this time around it's been going on for weeks. I keep trying to get myself motivated enough to smash out a couple of blog posts in an evening like I used to but it's just not happening, I'm losing my mojo in a sense, so I'm fully invested in working towards getting it back!

So when it comes to getting myself out of a blogging block I feel that the first thing I do is take some time for myself, whether that be my days off from work or scheduled time I booked off! Living with someone else means a lot of my free time goes to them, but on days when I'm home alone and Joel is at work, I get so much done. I love to just stay in my PJ's all day, or if I get dressed I make it super productive by taking outfit photographs or for other projects I share on my blog like beauty posts or DIYs! I then grab snacks, put on films and the writing comes more naturally when I'm just in my own head with nothing to move for. No distractions and I also feel that a no stress zone really is the best medicine to write a good blog post.
Another thing I've noticed is that I feel less inspired to write when I feel very out of the blogging community. I mean if I haven't kept up with twitter or my favourite bloggers in a while I tend to feel a little out of it, not wanting my own content to be out of date or something. There's enormous pressure with putting yourself out on the internet and I always want my content to show my true self, that being said I also want to keep up with current trends. I want my blog to form into a business, I could go into it more but to put it simple I need to be in the now rather than talking about trends/lifestyle related subjects that happened months ago. A lot of little things like that stress me out so I like to keep as up to date as possible with the blogging world, so getting myself inspired by catching up with blogs, youtubers and social media is also a good way to prepare myself for a good writing session.

There's many other ways to get myself back on board but I want to also give myself something new, an idea to work on and that's keeping a journal of ideas on what to write about! I love all the processes of creating content, taking photographs comes naturally because it's what I've educated myself to do, that part is easy and I really want the writing part to come easily too! I'm going to start keeping a notebook full of ideas on what to write so that I can even start writing them out, adding the photographs in second to see if that helps keeping myself regular. I love my blog so I hope I can get my spark back soon!

On to my outfit of the day! Two things I love is a black outfit and something unique, so when I saw this piece in H&M I knew I had to have it in my life. It's one of those pieces which you hum over on the hanger because you can't really figure out it's fit, the dress would have a shift style if it wasn't for the frill, which start more at the hip than the waist. Once on I love how it fits, I have quite a little frame so I did add a touch of my own with a belt to cinch in my waist! My personal style always helps to change up pieces on trend, whether it be something that's going around on the internet or an item that doesn't particularly look like it would be apart of on my wardrobe. To make this piece my own I added a belt, chunky sandals and a edgy gold necklace. Accessories make everything I've found! The dress doesn't have anything underneath so I'm afraid if you're scared to bare a little skin then this dress isn't for you, I put underneath just a black leotard to protect my lady instead of a shift because I wanted the holes to stand out as much as possible.


Until next time guys,

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I'm constantly wearing one brand

10 May 2017

I find myself nowadays constantly wearing one brand, which if you haven't guessed it already is H&M! I work full time currently in one of their stores in York, which is actually going to be changing at the end of this week because from next week I'll not only be moving stores but I'll officially start my training to be a manager! I'm super excited, it's such a big opportunity and I feel as if it's the perfect step for me because I generally not only love working for H&M but I'm passionate about the clothing they sell. When it comes to H&M there's always something I want, I found this well back when I was just a customer, but I always managed to pick out a full outfit and then just a top or dress here and there in other stores. I have faith in the business I work for, because lets face it their products are so bloody good! Great value for money, always keeping up with trends and right now I am going mad for the Spring/Summer range that is coming in every week. I feel so comfortable in this weather bringing out all the white clothing again, they had almost retired last winter but finally I feel so refreshed to be wearing them again. I love Spring, this time of year is full of inspiration, flowers blooming, the sunshine popping through and most of all it starts to fill me with happiness again having the promise of a warm day and fresh air. It makes me smile so much walking home at 'night' when it's still light and I can smell the evening settling in, birds singing, people walking their dogs or getting home to start to wind down. I love Spring days but I love Summer nights, which are well on their way with it getting brighter and brighter each evening. The weather at the moment is slightly warm but still holds that cold breeze sometimes, so I've been wearing layers but in quite a styled, light way.


I won't lie, I feel slightly terrified about leaving York and the store where I've basically become the person at work I want to be. I love York, it will always be one of my favourite cities because its where a lot of life changing events happened for me. University, work, friendships, Joel, our first home, our first pets, I feel an attachment to York so to leave the last thing tying me there well...it's sad. But happy. I'm so fortunate to have this opportunity to step up in my field and I'm raring to go! I see it as a new adventure, a different city to create ties and memories, which will be awesome in such an interesting city such as Leeds.
Before working for H&M I found I always bought a lot of their clothes, which means my life hasn't changed that much because I still do now...just with discount. I always treat myself a little each pay day and I know I need to stop because I don't need this much pieces of clothing, but when I see a shirt or pair of shoes I like, they nip at me every day I see them on the shop floor till I buy them. I've been doing really good lately if I'm honest where I've been able to find some really good bargains because we always have reductions in sale and offers on, so the odd full price item doesn't keep my sweating as I pull out my bank card. I actually found this Leather Jacket thanks to another fashion blogger! They mentioned that they'd taken a full price jacket to the till and it'd gone into sale for only £7! I mentioned it to the team and we scouted out the jackets which to our amazements had gone into sale so of course I bought it. I got a larger size so I could pull off the 'Buffy wearing Angels leather jacket' look with a cute small dress, but now I wear it day to day for layering! It's amazing what you can find in sale.
As for the rest of my outfit, I bought the skirt last summer to jump about the Aline train and I actually had it in mind when I purchased this floaty blouse last week! I love how simple yet light looking this top is, it's pretty sheer so I do dress it with a knitted white bralet or just a plain white bra. I have been daring and worn it with one of my really pretty triangle bras, but sometimes I don't want people staring at my chest on show all day. The ruffles on the shoulder are super cute!

As for my shoes these are definitely my new 'I wear them every day all day they are my favourites' pair! I always find shoes that I literally will wear to death and then after a couple of months they end up breaking, which is super sad but it then leaves me with the painful job of finding a more sturdier pair. After seeing these little buckled babies which yes weren't exactly cheap, I thought to myself it was worth the investment because if I wear them every day they should be able to with stand me charging around for a longer length of time than if I purchased some on the cheap!

I haven't taken photographs of my outfits in a while so if you didn't notice already not only am I growing out my fringe but I also refreshed the green ends of my hair! I tried a different dye which has turned out amazing, there's a teal tint to how it looks which I love. I've had a fringe since I was fifteen so I thought a change was long over due!

My lipstick is the shade 'Beeper' from Colourpop!

What is your favourite highstreet store? Bought any absolute bargains recently?

Until next time guys,

Royal Mail ruined my Colour Pop Experience.

8 May 2017

If you do not follow me over on my social medias (mainly twitter) then you'll be unaware of the hellish ordeal of how I managed to acquire this Colour Pop order, but by god I thought I would never receive it with how my order was going. I'll be pretty up front, I absolutely love the products after I finally got my hands on them but in all honesty I'll probably never order from Colour Pop again, purely because of how much of a hassle it was for me to get them to my front door. If you don't know what the hell as Colour Pop is then definitely check out the makeup brand because their products are the bomb, they're an American company and you'll of probably heard that their formulas are the exact same as the Kylie Lip kits with the cost cut in half! A liquid lipstick is something silly at like $5, very VERY affordable for good quality makeup. When the brand announced that they were finally shipping to the UK I was so excited to try them out as I'd heard so many good things, I still do heard good things and can vouch that the products are amazing! but the experience I had to get them well...it's put me off ordering again. Despite them shipping to the Uk for a little while now I finally had some extra money to place my order and boy I went all out. I ended up spending a total of $64 which entitled me to free shipping because it was over a certain amount which I thought yay, awesome! When shipping to the UK you'll no doubt be paying customs to get your packages in, but with free shipping I felt better about it because either way I was going to have to pay extra costs to get it here so it was nice to not have to pay both shipping and a custom charge on top of that. I made this order on the 8th of April, only just receiving it 30 days later. Thats nearly a month later I got my package, not because it came to my front door but because I had to chase it down and go driving into the city to question its where about. 

Colour Pop's website states on shipping that a parcel to the UK can be from 10 days to 21, so of course I left it to the latter to question the where about when I never got that glorious knock on the door from the man holding the package of my dreams. I followed the steps, went on my tracking to find that not only had there been an attempted delivery (which never actually happened) BUT it was on the 19th of April, a day which I had been home all day and never once did anyone come to the door. I had no slip to say I'd missed it and on further inspection of my tracking the parcel was somewhere in Scotland?! Scotland is very VERY far from where I live, so I started to suspect that my parcel wasn't going to be delivered soon. I emailed Colour Pop who replied saying there was absolutely zero they could do and that I had to contact Royal mail instead, they're tracking wasn't as in detailed as mine and that in fact their tracking could be completely wrong?! I resisted the urge to send out a raging email about there being no point in having tracking if its not 100% correct, but I let it go, found my local Royal mails number and waited till Monday to contact them. Bare in mind this was already the 29 of April, if the parcel had been attempted on the 19th it wouldn't have that long before it would be shipped back to America and it had already been 10 days. 

Monday came around and I contacted my local Post office who transferred me to Royal Mails customer service and here is where I found the only person in this entire mess who actually helped me. I told her the story, I had no slip, no reference number because I believed my package had never came. I told her my shipping number though from Colour pop and she found the location of my parcel, which had been sat in Doncaster's (my nearest city) collection office for the entire time and was GOING TO BE SENT BACK TO AMERICA THE NEXT DAY. MEANING I HAD TO SOME HOW TRAVEL TO THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE, IN THE CITY TO GET THE BLOODY THING BEFORE IT WAS SENT OFF AND I HAD TO PAY DOUBLE THE CUSTOM FEE. MY CUSTOM FEE WAS £20 MEANING I WOULD HAVE TO PAY £40! 


The lady from customer services told me the package had never even left to attempt delivery so Colour Pop's tracking was definitely wrong, there had been a problem and the package had been sat in Doncaster this entire time. My next problem was how do I pick up a package without having any paper work. This problem took me half an hour of being on hold whilst a kind woman sent out multiple emails to see how I could pick up the package, so with every ID I could possibly find and bills with my name and address on myself and my Aunty drove to the other side of town and then some to find the sorting office. Here is where I met the next un helpful person. I waited in line for ten minutes, got to the front and when explaining the story AGAIN, a man working for Doncasters sorting office said 'sorry love I received no email I can't help you here.' my heart sank. I could see the clear imagine of me punching this guy in the face in my mind, until a woman also working for the sorting office came out of no where and said 'You do have the email, it's right here on the computer.' She asked for my post code and name which had been attached to the email and FINALLLLLLLLY I got my Colour Pop order and a lovely charge of £20. so in total I spent around £70 when you convert over the order amount into pounds, probably not worth all the hassle truthfully just for makeup. 

 Colour Pop Mile High Eye Shadow Palette.
I love everything about this palette, from the packaging to the actual shades inside! The palette is $20 which is an utter bargain for six shades, all in these individual pots which the brand are known for. I love that instead of just getting them separate the shades come together in this palette, the cover being beautiful and quite tropical with a girly twist. Inside the palette has a mirror and each shade is listed on the back, the swatches on my arm being (from the top) Cricket, Lala, Nillionaire, Mittens, Truth and So Quiche! The products are creamy and pigmented, so a little goes a long way! 

Colour Pop Ultra Matte & Metallic Liquid Lipsticks.
So I went a little wild when ordering lip products but I can totally justify it because this is the whole reason I placed my order. I've heard some amazing things about ColourPops lip products so I just went for it, accidentally ordering two of the same shade I was that excited! I love the texture of these lipsticks because they feel asif they're barely touching your lips. The colours are fantastic and I even went for a cheeky metallic shade which is utterly beautiful! I don't want to go into too much detail about the shades because I'm going to do lip swatches in another post. I thought I would go for some safe shades like their popular nudes and then go daring with a green shade!


Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter - Lunch Money.
I am blown away by this highlighter! Even when doing very basic makeup I always apply highlighter, so I thought I would go for their popular highlighter in the shade Lunch Money which is a light golden shade. It's incredibly pigmented and soft to touch, asif the product is creamy whilst being a powder based highlighter! Again a little goes a long way and I love how it's in such a easy pot, making it travel friendly if you needed to top up your shine throughout the day. I will say the surface of the product changes after using it with a brush one or two times, but the product still is fantastic. 

So despite all the hassle of having to track down where the hell my package had gone, I do love the products by Colour Pop. I'm very hesitant ordering with them again so I'm going to look for alternatives to how to ship them to the Uk. 

Have you guys ordered from Colour Pop? What products do you suggest I try next if I do order again? Do you know any other way I can get their products in the Uk?

Until next time,

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