Getting Past A Blogging Block & Personal Style

14 May 2017

If I'm quite honest I feel myself hitting an invisible wall when it comes to writing blog posts lately, and I can't get past it which is super annoying. I don't have the time like I used to, I work a lot which is going to be increasing starting next week and I'm actually quite worried as to how I'm going to fit things in like blogging and creating art. I really enjoy talking photographs of my outfits or other things I blog about, these photographs especially I'm so proud of because I really took my time in the editing process to get them just right! You'd think I'd be eager to put together a blog post if I love the photographs right, but I'm sat here literally forming a sentence every five minutes because I just don't know what to write. I'll type out a few words, change the song I'm listening to, nip downstairs to get a cup of tea, flick through my planner to write down an idea, talk to Joel a little THEN type out another sentence. I feel that I get so distracted when it comes to being in a block and I've experienced this with everything, heck when it came to writing my dissertation at university I ended up playing Spyro instead of going to the library like I planned. I was terrible, getting myself out of a block is incredibly hard and this time around it's been going on for weeks. I keep trying to get myself motivated enough to smash out a couple of blog posts in an evening like I used to but it's just not happening, I'm losing my mojo in a sense, so I'm fully invested in working towards getting it back!

So when it comes to getting myself out of a blogging block I feel that the first thing I do is take some time for myself, whether that be my days off from work or scheduled time I booked off! Living with someone else means a lot of my free time goes to them, but on days when I'm home alone and Joel is at work, I get so much done. I love to just stay in my PJ's all day, or if I get dressed I make it super productive by taking outfit photographs or for other projects I share on my blog like beauty posts or DIYs! I then grab snacks, put on films and the writing comes more naturally when I'm just in my own head with nothing to move for. No distractions and I also feel that a no stress zone really is the best medicine to write a good blog post.
Another thing I've noticed is that I feel less inspired to write when I feel very out of the blogging community. I mean if I haven't kept up with twitter or my favourite bloggers in a while I tend to feel a little out of it, not wanting my own content to be out of date or something. There's enormous pressure with putting yourself out on the internet and I always want my content to show my true self, that being said I also want to keep up with current trends. I want my blog to form into a business, I could go into it more but to put it simple I need to be in the now rather than talking about trends/lifestyle related subjects that happened months ago. A lot of little things like that stress me out so I like to keep as up to date as possible with the blogging world, so getting myself inspired by catching up with blogs, youtubers and social media is also a good way to prepare myself for a good writing session.

There's many other ways to get myself back on board but I want to also give myself something new, an idea to work on and that's keeping a journal of ideas on what to write about! I love all the processes of creating content, taking photographs comes naturally because it's what I've educated myself to do, that part is easy and I really want the writing part to come easily too! I'm going to start keeping a notebook full of ideas on what to write so that I can even start writing them out, adding the photographs in second to see if that helps keeping myself regular. I love my blog so I hope I can get my spark back soon!

On to my outfit of the day! Two things I love is a black outfit and something unique, so when I saw this piece in H&M I knew I had to have it in my life. It's one of those pieces which you hum over on the hanger because you can't really figure out it's fit, the dress would have a shift style if it wasn't for the frill, which start more at the hip than the waist. Once on I love how it fits, I have quite a little frame so I did add a touch of my own with a belt to cinch in my waist! My personal style always helps to change up pieces on trend, whether it be something that's going around on the internet or an item that doesn't particularly look like it would be apart of on my wardrobe. To make this piece my own I added a belt, chunky sandals and a edgy gold necklace. Accessories make everything I've found! The dress doesn't have anything underneath so I'm afraid if you're scared to bare a little skin then this dress isn't for you, I put underneath just a black leotard to protect my lady instead of a shift because I wanted the holes to stand out as much as possible.


Until next time guys,

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