Royal Mail ruined my Colour Pop Experience.

8 May 2017

If you do not follow me over on my social medias (mainly twitter) then you'll be unaware of the hellish ordeal of how I managed to acquire this Colour Pop order, but by god I thought I would never receive it with how my order was going. I'll be pretty up front, I absolutely love the products after I finally got my hands on them but in all honesty I'll probably never order from Colour Pop again, purely because of how much of a hassle it was for me to get them to my front door. If you don't know what the hell as Colour Pop is then definitely check out the makeup brand because their products are the bomb, they're an American company and you'll of probably heard that their formulas are the exact same as the Kylie Lip kits with the cost cut in half! A liquid lipstick is something silly at like $5, very VERY affordable for good quality makeup. When the brand announced that they were finally shipping to the UK I was so excited to try them out as I'd heard so many good things, I still do heard good things and can vouch that the products are amazing! but the experience I had to get them's put me off ordering again. Despite them shipping to the Uk for a little while now I finally had some extra money to place my order and boy I went all out. I ended up spending a total of $64 which entitled me to free shipping because it was over a certain amount which I thought yay, awesome! When shipping to the UK you'll no doubt be paying customs to get your packages in, but with free shipping I felt better about it because either way I was going to have to pay extra costs to get it here so it was nice to not have to pay both shipping and a custom charge on top of that. I made this order on the 8th of April, only just receiving it 30 days later. Thats nearly a month later I got my package, not because it came to my front door but because I had to chase it down and go driving into the city to question its where about. 

Colour Pop's website states on shipping that a parcel to the UK can be from 10 days to 21, so of course I left it to the latter to question the where about when I never got that glorious knock on the door from the man holding the package of my dreams. I followed the steps, went on my tracking to find that not only had there been an attempted delivery (which never actually happened) BUT it was on the 19th of April, a day which I had been home all day and never once did anyone come to the door. I had no slip to say I'd missed it and on further inspection of my tracking the parcel was somewhere in Scotland?! Scotland is very VERY far from where I live, so I started to suspect that my parcel wasn't going to be delivered soon. I emailed Colour Pop who replied saying there was absolutely zero they could do and that I had to contact Royal mail instead, they're tracking wasn't as in detailed as mine and that in fact their tracking could be completely wrong?! I resisted the urge to send out a raging email about there being no point in having tracking if its not 100% correct, but I let it go, found my local Royal mails number and waited till Monday to contact them. Bare in mind this was already the 29 of April, if the parcel had been attempted on the 19th it wouldn't have that long before it would be shipped back to America and it had already been 10 days. 

Monday came around and I contacted my local Post office who transferred me to Royal Mails customer service and here is where I found the only person in this entire mess who actually helped me. I told her the story, I had no slip, no reference number because I believed my package had never came. I told her my shipping number though from Colour pop and she found the location of my parcel, which had been sat in Doncaster's (my nearest city) collection office for the entire time and was GOING TO BE SENT BACK TO AMERICA THE NEXT DAY. MEANING I HAD TO SOME HOW TRAVEL TO THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE, IN THE CITY TO GET THE BLOODY THING BEFORE IT WAS SENT OFF AND I HAD TO PAY DOUBLE THE CUSTOM FEE. MY CUSTOM FEE WAS £20 MEANING I WOULD HAVE TO PAY £40! 


The lady from customer services told me the package had never even left to attempt delivery so Colour Pop's tracking was definitely wrong, there had been a problem and the package had been sat in Doncaster this entire time. My next problem was how do I pick up a package without having any paper work. This problem took me half an hour of being on hold whilst a kind woman sent out multiple emails to see how I could pick up the package, so with every ID I could possibly find and bills with my name and address on myself and my Aunty drove to the other side of town and then some to find the sorting office. Here is where I met the next un helpful person. I waited in line for ten minutes, got to the front and when explaining the story AGAIN, a man working for Doncasters sorting office said 'sorry love I received no email I can't help you here.' my heart sank. I could see the clear imagine of me punching this guy in the face in my mind, until a woman also working for the sorting office came out of no where and said 'You do have the email, it's right here on the computer.' She asked for my post code and name which had been attached to the email and FINALLLLLLLLY I got my Colour Pop order and a lovely charge of £20. so in total I spent around £70 when you convert over the order amount into pounds, probably not worth all the hassle truthfully just for makeup. 

 Colour Pop Mile High Eye Shadow Palette.
I love everything about this palette, from the packaging to the actual shades inside! The palette is $20 which is an utter bargain for six shades, all in these individual pots which the brand are known for. I love that instead of just getting them separate the shades come together in this palette, the cover being beautiful and quite tropical with a girly twist. Inside the palette has a mirror and each shade is listed on the back, the swatches on my arm being (from the top) Cricket, Lala, Nillionaire, Mittens, Truth and So Quiche! The products are creamy and pigmented, so a little goes a long way! 

Colour Pop Ultra Matte & Metallic Liquid Lipsticks.
So I went a little wild when ordering lip products but I can totally justify it because this is the whole reason I placed my order. I've heard some amazing things about ColourPops lip products so I just went for it, accidentally ordering two of the same shade I was that excited! I love the texture of these lipsticks because they feel asif they're barely touching your lips. The colours are fantastic and I even went for a cheeky metallic shade which is utterly beautiful! I don't want to go into too much detail about the shades because I'm going to do lip swatches in another post. I thought I would go for some safe shades like their popular nudes and then go daring with a green shade!


Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter - Lunch Money.
I am blown away by this highlighter! Even when doing very basic makeup I always apply highlighter, so I thought I would go for their popular highlighter in the shade Lunch Money which is a light golden shade. It's incredibly pigmented and soft to touch, asif the product is creamy whilst being a powder based highlighter! Again a little goes a long way and I love how it's in such a easy pot, making it travel friendly if you needed to top up your shine throughout the day. I will say the surface of the product changes after using it with a brush one or two times, but the product still is fantastic. 

So despite all the hassle of having to track down where the hell my package had gone, I do love the products by Colour Pop. I'm very hesitant ordering with them again so I'm going to look for alternatives to how to ship them to the Uk. 

Have you guys ordered from Colour Pop? What products do you suggest I try next if I do order again? Do you know any other way I can get their products in the Uk?

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