Rekindly My Love For Pinafores

23 Jul 2017

When I first started blogging at the age of seventeen on my first ever blog I remember falling in love with fashion bloggers I saw absolutely rocking dungaree's or pinafores! I always wanted a black or burgundy corduroy pinafore or dungarees with trousers, never indulging in the latter but through out those seven years till now I've bought my fair share of pinafores. A couple of years ago I bought a button down, A-line style pinafore and never took it off, I styled it with everything and when it was winter it was the perfect item to give my outfits an extra layer. As time went on though for me it became out of style, it got a little worn out, every blogger and their mum had a similar one so it just ended up in the back of my wardrobe to die. I recently tried to revive it and found it just didn't wear the same, but I do love myself a pinafore so I took to the internet to find a new one!

Lazy Oaf are a brand I've never tried before, I follow them on Instagram so I see the awesome collections they bring out and after seeing a few friends of the blogging community find killer items in the sale, I thought I'd finally give them a try! I wasn't looking out for a pinafore when I was on their site but with me wanting one, it was fate when I came across this beautiful but also really different item for only £35! Straight off the bat I do think Lazy Oaf is expensive, their dresses are always around the £70 mark and their tops above £40, but when you look at the item you can see they're a unique brand. You won't find stuff like theirs anywhere else! You're definitely paying for the quality which is what we all want, so their sale items are definitely worth a try despite still being over £30. 

I can't find the pinafore on their sale section anymore but I've never ordered something so fast when I came across it, a checked black and white pinafore which is different in itself but the black heart really makes it! It doesn't hang too low on my frame and even has two button holes so you can wear it tighter or low depending on your size and how you want to style the straps. It's different than my other pinafores because it doesn't have those dungaree style mental clasps to alter the straps, you just wear it as it comes hanging slightly lower on your frame. I was beyond excited to see too that the heart is actually a pocket! Genius.

Even with it coming in the mail a couple of days ago I've dressed it with a number of t-shirts, black long sleeved, white short sleeves, even a white shirt but I love how brighter this baby blue top with a white collar makes me look! I'm all about trying to brighten up my wardrobe this summer as the second a breeze hits for autumn I'm back to black and burnt warm tones.

I'm planning on dying my hair all black again so hopefully that'll give me more confidence to go for colour, I always fear clashing with my green hair which I know is silly. If I wear red I instantly feel like a Christmas tree.

I casually dressed this look down with a nude lip and chunky sandals, being the comfiest shoes ever for long walks in this cool summer weather.

 It feels so good to be back blogging again and I have so many ideas for my outfit looks so prepare to have regular posts again! I feel like I've missed a lot of summer so I'm hopefully going to be catching up by showing you some of my favourite looks that you may of seen on Instagram as I do update that regular. Thankyou for being patient with me, I hope you liked this look!

Until next time guys,

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