This is not a drill, it's the last day before September so AUTUMN IS HERE! Well, officially in my eyes it's here. We haven't had much of summer here in the UK and even though the sun does keep peeping it's head out from the clouds, so does the rain. There's nothing I love more than this time of year because it's time to start transitioning into Autumn, light jackets are coming back out, there's a wind in the air that's getting me excited because it means leaves are gonna start falling, the boots are going to come out and walks where I snuggle into my scarf is about to happen. Of course I'm getting excited super early, we're a day away from September but I just can't wait to be able to read autumnal themed posts, see orange everywhere in photos and just get on board with the early nights.
When taking these photos my sister and I went for a little walk around the woodland area and seasonally everything seemed to be changing, I definitely sensed it was time to start transition away from the summer clothes in our Autumn wear and I definitely want to keep it as comfort as possible.

At the moment I'm in that phase of it still being warm enough to have your legs out, but I definitely want to be covered with some layers. I didn't show it here but I've actually been wearing this outfit with a baggy dark denim jacket, so I definitely think summer is leaving us sooner than planned this year. I've been wearing this outfit non stop recently, whether it's changing up the t-shirt or adding other layers, I've been loving the pinafore combo and this one was definitely a bargain. For only £12 I found this burgundy cord pinafore in Primark, and it's the pinafore of my dreams because it's what I've always wanted. I remember looking at an over priced pinafore like this a couple of years ago in Topshop, now for such a good value for money I have myself a piece in my wardrobe I've wanted for YEARS.

I've been styling this pinafore a number of ways but my favourite is with a striped t-shirt, something very casual and I have so many I can literally just alternate which shirt to dress this with. Working from home means I love to dress comfortably, and now that its getting to layering up weather I just think to myself I really cannot be bothered with putting in too much effort. I think layering up something with a pinafore is super easy but creates 'a look' that you can pass of as putting in effort for.

burgundy cord pinafore - Primark . White striped t-shirt - H&M . Floppy sun hat - Boohoo . Studded boots - H&M .

I dislike so much having to put on a pair of tights so I think this Autumn I'm going to try to get away with long skirts and culottes, but this pinafore is definitely not going away with my summer wardrobe. I think burgundy is the perfect transitional colour because for me it really does suit all seasons, I'm going to gradually pair it with longer shirts and definitely a fur coat for when the cold really hits.

I really do love this time of year, I'm happy for the sun to peak out in the late afternoons and I can't wait to go back exploring in the woodlands around my village with my camera again! We came across some little tree gardens, it was so peaceful and beautiful. I love country life.

What clothing are going to be your transitional pieces? Fan of Autumn too? Lets get ready!

Until next time guys,

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"you know clambakes, trips to the cape!" YES I AM IN A LAKE!!!! 10 points to Gryffindor if you guessed that quote without googling it.  One of my favourite things about blogging is when I put on an outfit and go out with my camera to shoot, I always feel so creative in the process of putting together a fashion post and it definitely has stirred my interests into fashion. I stay up to date with trends and what's going on in the industry, whether that's through the internet, bloggers, magazines, etc but it's fallen into my normality of what I do for blogging. When I worked for a fashion retailer a big thing we worked on and spoke about often was the sustainability of clothing, something I've heard often in the fashion industry because I think we've come to an era where we're trying to do more for our world. We want the environment to last, we go to retailers who now create clothing from recycled clothes and support brands like Lush who do so much to change things up and promote better living.

Sustainable fashion is something that high street stores are doing, whether you're aware or not is something I think we need to improve on. Today's post is going to be something completely different to my usual outfit of the day, I've been given the opportunity to ask one of the UK's leading manufactures Hawthorn questions on the importance of sustainable clothing and their impact onto the fashion industry. I jumped at the chance to put together a list of questions because I think it's a subject rarely spoken about unless you have your toes dipped into the industry, so here's a little Q&A of what I think you need to know about how Hawthorn contributes to sustainable fashion.

Do you consider the environmental effects of the colours and prints you use for your customers?

There are a vast selection of eco friendly fabric dyes which have been developed in recent years to help sustainability within the industry. Although printing has a way to go before being full sustainable, the two most popular methods currently are water based and plastisol based. There are trade offs between the two, with water based requiring more energy to set, but plastisol being more harmful to the environment. The vast majority of prints we use are 100% Phthalate free, something which we do as a matter of course to ensure all printed items are as sustainable as possible.

When selecting fabrics for your customers, do you consider the end of life stage such as the implications of disposal?

Because our customers are individual and may or may not have a strong opinion on sustainability, it is hard to comment on the end of life stage of a garment, however by ensuring that we promote natural fabrics to our clients; something we already do, we will be helping to ensure that their retail customers have the option to recycle them in the future.

Can clothing you produce have a second life?

Absolutely, we actively promote sustainability with all of our customers and ensure that we not only do that, but get as much information as possible on to the internet and in to the general population. This helps build awareness among the consumer that clothing does not have to go to landfill once it is finished with. It can be recycled at any of the many recycling centres across the country. Not only that, there are services where people will actually come and collect recyclable clothing to put it to use in a second life.

What makes the clothing you manufacture ethical?

We have invested heavily in to becoming a manufacturer who offers ethical and sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo viscose and hemp for use by our customers. This is something that we have done following a trend over the past couple of years for eco friendly clothing, and the increased awareness of it via bloggers like yourself. The demand is definitely on the increase, seeing our customer base go from being 5% ethical a couple of years ago, to now having 15% fuly ethical brands and a further 10% using ethical fabrics in their ranges. We aim to increase this figure exponentially by offering more clients the option of sustainable fabrics at a reasonable price, taking away from the “fast fashion” image which the industry currently has.

What would be your number 1 tip on how to support/promote sustainable fashion?

Because we have put so much in to being able to offer sustainable fabrics to our clients, we are already seeing more and more brands appearing on the market which use these who otherwise would not have. Our number 1 tip to promote sustainable fashion is via social media, however. We actively promote sustainability via our blogs, and have recently written an article on the subject which can be found
here. By working with bloggers like yourselves we believe that collaboratively we can raise awareness of the challenges currently faced by the industry.

How can you as a manufacturer discourage disposal of the clothing you produce?
We are working very hard on the awareness of sustainable fashion at the moment, and a part of that will naturally include the disposal stage of clothing. One of the great things about sustainable clothing is that because it uses no harmful chemicals to produce, it is a higher quality fabric and lasts longer, so effectively you wouldn't have to worry about disposal for a longer period of time. With that being said however, the disposal of the clothing once it's come to the end of its life is down to the end user. As a manufacturer we have little sway over the actions of the end user, however by promoting sustainability as best as we can, we will help to bring about the general public to thinking more about how the clothing they wear can have an effect on the environment and therefore, think twice about recycling rather than disposing of.

I absolutely loved being able to ask Hawthorn questions about sustainable clothing, it's a subject I've been curious about and I loved the answers they provided! Thankyou so much Hawthorn, I'll definitely be putting more thought into my clothing their life cycle!

What do you think of sustainable clothing? Can we as a consumer make a difference?

Until next time guys,

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(This post is in collaboration with Hawthorn)

How to get brands to work with you

24 Aug 2017

I absolutely love to write posts about blogging, and after just over six years of having a space on the internet I think I've gained some sort of 'blogging knowledge' which you guys seem to really enjoy. I love blogging, having this platform has really saved my brain from exploding over and over again, it's an outlet from subjects I find important to simple fashion posts because I WANT to write about fashion because I can do whatever the fuck I want on my blog (not sour at all about the recent drama with bloggers disrespecting others).


One area of blogging that I haven't spoken about before is working with brands, and from my experiences of building up my blog I thought I could offer some help out to bloggers who are wanting to start collaborating with brands or are just curious as to where to start. Just imagine this, you're a new blogger who's happy with how their blog is going, you're content is awesome, your following is forever growing and you think 'hey, it's time to take the next step' and use your platform as an advertising space to work with brands. That's how my boyfriend describes what I do to others, blogging is advertising, which I guess he's not wrong in a sense. When you work with brands they're using you as a blogger to reach an audience they might not necessarily reach, just a little food for thought. Here are some things I think you should do to get the ball rolling with brands, or just things I think you need to do for brands to see your blog and want to work with you.

be present on social media as much as you can
I know that a lot of bloggers aren't as fortunate like myself to work from home full time, I know a lot of them have full time jobs (like I did for two years of blogging) so I know that even if you're busy its still possible to keep a presence online which brands are going to notice. A lot of the time brands find my blog through seeing me on social media, whether its Instagram or twitter, they state in their email that they saw me slaying it (lol they totally don't they're just like hey we found you on Instagram) and that's how they then browsed my blog and want to work with me. I think having yourself on social media speaking about blogging, your blog or even just to other bloggers really helps because it gets your name out there. It's a new era, the time of the internet and a lot of brands do have teams who manage their social media accounts (PR team) and do look out for bloggers to work with. The more time you spend online the more likely it is that someone will come across your name and your content, but I think it just determines a level of dedication of how long you want to spend being on your phone or computer. I found that when I took time away from the internet I got less offers from brands, but when I'm posting every day new content and scheduling my posts, the emails roll in.

Scheduling is a fantastic way of letting everyone know about your blog and content without spending all time on social media, use websites like buffer if you haven't already! I tend to schedule posts starting from 10am to 10pm, having something being posted every two hours at least.

regularly check up on hashtags like #bloggerswanted, #PRrequest
I found this so helpful when I wanted to tackle approaching brands myself, it doesn't have the pressure of emailing them yourself, but you can use social medias such as twitter to see if any brands are looking for bloggers! On twitter I regularly check on #bloggerswanted and #prrequest, along with a few others where often brands will tweet out wanting bloggers to work with them. Bloggers also use it to almost announce that they're wanting to work with brands (which I feel like they shouldn't because it's so annoying to be looking for brands and instead bloggers are like HEY HEY WORK WITH ME) but it's always there so you put your name out there to a bigger audience than just your followers. It's so easy to just give their tweet a like and comment, I usually go for something along the lines of ' hi there I'd love to work with your brand, my blog is lalala and my email is lalal' but each case is different but its. that. easy.

put together a media kit
So this is a big tip for when you're ready to start sending out emails to brands, it's the easiest way of getting across all of your information (stats, figures, details about yourself and blog) in a creative way but also brands what this. Emailing brands can be quite scary if you've never done it, there's so much I think you should involve in the email, but it's also key to not write too much info because you want to keep it sweet, so just link them to your media kit for more information. Put it together, turn it into a PDF and you can attach it to the email. I may do another post on how to create a media kit and what to involve, but you want to add your personal touches whilst also being professional with all the necessary information. Talk about yourself, your blog, your goals, aims, but then  definitely involve all your important stats, your view counts, your social medias and their follower numbers, but also all the other gritty details like your unique users, DA, etc. If you've worked with brands before include who you've worked with, just so they can get a sense of your experience. treat it like a cv...but more creative.

be creative, don't be a sheep and take a different angle
To work with brands you have to have to be business minded, even if you're not wanting to make this a career, a brand is only going to work with you if they think you're blog is going to benefit them. You're blog is going to become an advertisement space for the brands you work with, so to get others to work with you I think you need to keep your blog looking fresh, welcoming but most importantly creative. I know if I was a brand (which I am, I do have my own store) I'm going to want to work more with the blogger who's content is different, interesting, regular but most importantly not like all the other bloggers on the internet. I'm not talking about things like flat lays, marble counter tops, you do you boo, but if you want to stand out above the rest to a brand, do something different. Go big, whether that's with your quality, photography, words or just the idea of your post. I hope that makes sense, don't remove your personality from your blog but make it shine out instead.

think about visually, how does your blog look to a brand
One thing I've learnt from when I first started blogging is the moment I started putting out better quality photography, more brands started to email. When I first started blogging I didn't really care much on what my blog looked like, I had a basic layout (which is still fine AS LONG AS YOU'RE HAPPY) I did shoot on my canon so the quality was good, but I never cropped, edited or did anything with my photographs and there was always so any to one post. As I grew more and decided to actually learn a thing or two about blogging, I found that when I started to care more and spend extra time putting in the effort, I got more views and more brand offers. Now I shoot my photos with better equipment, I edit my photos so they're brighter and more visually pleasing and I know when a shoot isn't working to re do it. This ties in with thinking about your space as a business, people tend to want visually nice things, so maybe put more effort into how your blog looks if you want to work with brands.

approach brands which not only you love but fit in with your blog
There is no point approaching a hotel about a travel collaboration if say you post beauty posts or review books (ya catch my drift). When I started to approach brands I sat down and wrote out a list of brands I wanted to work with because I really like them, but also I kept in mind if they would fit in with my content. I think your readers are also going to appreciate more a post on something they read your blog for, than a random product review that you're not into just because you wanted to work with someone. Don't work with brands for the sake of it, do it for yourself. It is your space and I think the beauty of working with brands is you get to decide who you want to put your time and efforts into.

I hope you found this post helpful guys, they're just a few points that I've taken on board as I've been working with brands. I do put a lot of effort into each of my blog posts so its always rewarding to work with brands, definitely take the plunge if you haven't already to start reaching out!

Was this helpful? What advise do you have about working with brands?

Until next time guys,

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How to style something you're unsure about

21 Aug 2017

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you're all feeling motivated to smash the week ahead, I certainly am. Today is the second part to my collaborate with  who kindly sent me some bits to share with you guys how I add my own personal style! As a fashion blogger I love this stuff, I love having an opportunity to try something new or explore a brand I necessarily wouldn't have but sometimes I purposely go out of my way to style something different, just to see how I would dress it up. 

It's occurred to me that especially in summer I tend to be a little more creative with my outfits, exploring colour for a change, adapting a boho style which I do love, so when a brand does approach me I don't necessarily go for my usual black old faithful item. Sometimes it's an absolute win and I find a new item or style that looks good on me, sometimes when the item arrives I'm at a complete stump on what to dress it with. Admittedly I did this when emailed me, I picked some items from their store which was a little different for me but looked really good, the striped dress which is feminine and beautiful, the second these green high waist trousers* (they're meant to be cropped but I'm just that short). Not all brands that approach me are super goth, so when choosing items sometimes I do pick the only things that pop out to me, these trousers* definitely appealing to me because I LOVE their tone of green, but I had absolutely no idea what I would wear them with. I could of picked something on the site to go with them, but I thought I would pick something from my own wardrobe instead to really add my own style to them.

Even though I loved the colour of the trousers and the style (who doesn't love something high waist) I still found it hard to style, purely because I never wear straight legged trousers. The cut is meant to be cropped but of course I'm too short, so after rolling the ends up I got the same affect but for me they were longer than I'd usually go for. I actually went onto fashion sites like lookbook to see how others had styled green trousers, searching for inspiration and in the end I just thought fuck it lets do this. It's always hard to dress a piece you're not 100% with, but I think this is purely because of my preference and not the actual item. The trousers* are such good quality, the perfect high waist length for me to bring in my waist, a gorgeous tone which is going to be rad for autumn, I just needed to fit it in with my wardrobe.

When I feel a little self conscious about something I always want everything else to not be a problem, so I made sure I took the time to do my makeup, created a subtle grungy burnt eye, made sure my mermaid locks we're in place so that I could then experiment with other things like my outfit. I think my number one tip for styling anything you're unsure about is to just feel confidence in yourself that its going to look AWESOME and just go for it. Style it with something else you're completely comfortable in, so that you're not going completely out of the park on the first time trying something new.

I could of styled these trousers many different ways, I planned to wear a white ballet, than a soft cropped tee, but decided to add a smarter vibe and paired it with this love heart shirt I bought in the sale from H&M. I feel like it turns the outfit into something you could easily dress up by just adding a pair of heels, but it's completely ok to go to class in or to work in an office if you're wanting to be smart but casual. I added my go to chunky sandals this summer which is also from H&M, that brand can do no wrong to me (apart from fucking up my faith in working for them again looooooooooool)

love heart print shirt - h&m . green high waist trousers* - . bag - primark . shoes - h&m

I really loved how this look turned out if you didn't notice by the amount of photographs I took! I was so determined to make these trousers work and I really like the smarter look for myself, plus with my little satchel bag I look like I'm ready to start the day. I took myself for a walk into my village, went to the post office and felt truly like a little British lady, a little over done to run my errands but I feel like such a girl boss.

I just want to thank for collaborating with myself and I love both pieces I styled, yes I do think their clothing is a little on the expensive side for someone on a budget like myself, but absolutely worth it for the quality and how unique their brand is. They provide modern items with small twists, like buckles, patterns and how they create their clothing. Give their site a little look and let me know what you'd love to style!

Until next time,

(the item marked with * was sent to me for free in exchange for a blog post. However all words are my own and truthful to my own opinion)

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