How to get brands to work with you

24 Aug 2017

I absolutely love to write posts about blogging, and after just over six years of having a space on the internet I think I've gained some sort of 'blogging knowledge' which you guys seem to really enjoy. I love blogging, having this platform has really saved my brain from exploding over and over again, it's an outlet from subjects I find important to simple fashion posts because I WANT to write about fashion because I can do whatever the fuck I want on my blog (not sour at all about the recent drama with bloggers disrespecting others).


One area of blogging that I haven't spoken about before is working with brands, and from my experiences of building up my blog I thought I could offer some help out to bloggers who are wanting to start collaborating with brands or are just curious as to where to start. Just imagine this, you're a new blogger who's happy with how their blog is going, you're content is awesome, your following is forever growing and you think 'hey, it's time to take the next step' and use your platform as an advertising space to work with brands. That's how my boyfriend describes what I do to others, blogging is advertising, which I guess he's not wrong in a sense. When you work with brands they're using you as a blogger to reach an audience they might not necessarily reach, just a little food for thought. Here are some things I think you should do to get the ball rolling with brands, or just things I think you need to do for brands to see your blog and want to work with you.

be present on social media as much as you can
I know that a lot of bloggers aren't as fortunate like myself to work from home full time, I know a lot of them have full time jobs (like I did for two years of blogging) so I know that even if you're busy its still possible to keep a presence online which brands are going to notice. A lot of the time brands find my blog through seeing me on social media, whether its Instagram or twitter, they state in their email that they saw me slaying it (lol they totally don't they're just like hey we found you on Instagram) and that's how they then browsed my blog and want to work with me. I think having yourself on social media speaking about blogging, your blog or even just to other bloggers really helps because it gets your name out there. It's a new era, the time of the internet and a lot of brands do have teams who manage their social media accounts (PR team) and do look out for bloggers to work with. The more time you spend online the more likely it is that someone will come across your name and your content, but I think it just determines a level of dedication of how long you want to spend being on your phone or computer. I found that when I took time away from the internet I got less offers from brands, but when I'm posting every day new content and scheduling my posts, the emails roll in.

Scheduling is a fantastic way of letting everyone know about your blog and content without spending all time on social media, use websites like buffer if you haven't already! I tend to schedule posts starting from 10am to 10pm, having something being posted every two hours at least.

regularly check up on hashtags like #bloggerswanted, #PRrequest
I found this so helpful when I wanted to tackle approaching brands myself, it doesn't have the pressure of emailing them yourself, but you can use social medias such as twitter to see if any brands are looking for bloggers! On twitter I regularly check on #bloggerswanted and #prrequest, along with a few others where often brands will tweet out wanting bloggers to work with them. Bloggers also use it to almost announce that they're wanting to work with brands (which I feel like they shouldn't because it's so annoying to be looking for brands and instead bloggers are like HEY HEY WORK WITH ME) but it's always there so you put your name out there to a bigger audience than just your followers. It's so easy to just give their tweet a like and comment, I usually go for something along the lines of ' hi there I'd love to work with your brand, my blog is lalala and my email is lalal' but each case is different but its. that. easy.

put together a media kit
So this is a big tip for when you're ready to start sending out emails to brands, it's the easiest way of getting across all of your information (stats, figures, details about yourself and blog) in a creative way but also brands what this. Emailing brands can be quite scary if you've never done it, there's so much I think you should involve in the email, but it's also key to not write too much info because you want to keep it sweet, so just link them to your media kit for more information. Put it together, turn it into a PDF and you can attach it to the email. I may do another post on how to create a media kit and what to involve, but you want to add your personal touches whilst also being professional with all the necessary information. Talk about yourself, your blog, your goals, aims, but then  definitely involve all your important stats, your view counts, your social medias and their follower numbers, but also all the other gritty details like your unique users, DA, etc. If you've worked with brands before include who you've worked with, just so they can get a sense of your experience. treat it like a cv...but more creative.

be creative, don't be a sheep and take a different angle
To work with brands you have to have to be business minded, even if you're not wanting to make this a career, a brand is only going to work with you if they think you're blog is going to benefit them. You're blog is going to become an advertisement space for the brands you work with, so to get others to work with you I think you need to keep your blog looking fresh, welcoming but most importantly creative. I know if I was a brand (which I am, I do have my own store) I'm going to want to work more with the blogger who's content is different, interesting, regular but most importantly not like all the other bloggers on the internet. I'm not talking about things like flat lays, marble counter tops, you do you boo, but if you want to stand out above the rest to a brand, do something different. Go big, whether that's with your quality, photography, words or just the idea of your post. I hope that makes sense, don't remove your personality from your blog but make it shine out instead.

think about visually, how does your blog look to a brand
One thing I've learnt from when I first started blogging is the moment I started putting out better quality photography, more brands started to email. When I first started blogging I didn't really care much on what my blog looked like, I had a basic layout (which is still fine AS LONG AS YOU'RE HAPPY) I did shoot on my canon so the quality was good, but I never cropped, edited or did anything with my photographs and there was always so any to one post. As I grew more and decided to actually learn a thing or two about blogging, I found that when I started to care more and spend extra time putting in the effort, I got more views and more brand offers. Now I shoot my photos with better equipment, I edit my photos so they're brighter and more visually pleasing and I know when a shoot isn't working to re do it. This ties in with thinking about your space as a business, people tend to want visually nice things, so maybe put more effort into how your blog looks if you want to work with brands.

approach brands which not only you love but fit in with your blog
There is no point approaching a hotel about a travel collaboration if say you post beauty posts or review books (ya catch my drift). When I started to approach brands I sat down and wrote out a list of brands I wanted to work with because I really like them, but also I kept in mind if they would fit in with my content. I think your readers are also going to appreciate more a post on something they read your blog for, than a random product review that you're not into just because you wanted to work with someone. Don't work with brands for the sake of it, do it for yourself. It is your space and I think the beauty of working with brands is you get to decide who you want to put your time and efforts into.

I hope you found this post helpful guys, they're just a few points that I've taken on board as I've been working with brands. I do put a lot of effort into each of my blog posts so its always rewarding to work with brands, definitely take the plunge if you haven't already to start reaching out!

Was this helpful? What advise do you have about working with brands?

Until next time guys,

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