How to style something you're unsure about

21 Aug 2017

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you're all feeling motivated to smash the week ahead, I certainly am. Today is the second part to my collaborate with  who kindly sent me some bits to share with you guys how I add my own personal style! As a fashion blogger I love this stuff, I love having an opportunity to try something new or explore a brand I necessarily wouldn't have but sometimes I purposely go out of my way to style something different, just to see how I would dress it up. 

It's occurred to me that especially in summer I tend to be a little more creative with my outfits, exploring colour for a change, adapting a boho style which I do love, so when a brand does approach me I don't necessarily go for my usual black old faithful item. Sometimes it's an absolute win and I find a new item or style that looks good on me, sometimes when the item arrives I'm at a complete stump on what to dress it with. Admittedly I did this when emailed me, I picked some items from their store which was a little different for me but looked really good, the striped dress which is feminine and beautiful, the second these green high waist trousers* (they're meant to be cropped but I'm just that short). Not all brands that approach me are super goth, so when choosing items sometimes I do pick the only things that pop out to me, these trousers* definitely appealing to me because I LOVE their tone of green, but I had absolutely no idea what I would wear them with. I could of picked something on the site to go with them, but I thought I would pick something from my own wardrobe instead to really add my own style to them.

Even though I loved the colour of the trousers and the style (who doesn't love something high waist) I still found it hard to style, purely because I never wear straight legged trousers. The cut is meant to be cropped but of course I'm too short, so after rolling the ends up I got the same affect but for me they were longer than I'd usually go for. I actually went onto fashion sites like lookbook to see how others had styled green trousers, searching for inspiration and in the end I just thought fuck it lets do this. It's always hard to dress a piece you're not 100% with, but I think this is purely because of my preference and not the actual item. The trousers* are such good quality, the perfect high waist length for me to bring in my waist, a gorgeous tone which is going to be rad for autumn, I just needed to fit it in with my wardrobe.

When I feel a little self conscious about something I always want everything else to not be a problem, so I made sure I took the time to do my makeup, created a subtle grungy burnt eye, made sure my mermaid locks we're in place so that I could then experiment with other things like my outfit. I think my number one tip for styling anything you're unsure about is to just feel confidence in yourself that its going to look AWESOME and just go for it. Style it with something else you're completely comfortable in, so that you're not going completely out of the park on the first time trying something new.

I could of styled these trousers many different ways, I planned to wear a white ballet, than a soft cropped tee, but decided to add a smarter vibe and paired it with this love heart shirt I bought in the sale from H&M. I feel like it turns the outfit into something you could easily dress up by just adding a pair of heels, but it's completely ok to go to class in or to work in an office if you're wanting to be smart but casual. I added my go to chunky sandals this summer which is also from H&M, that brand can do no wrong to me (apart from fucking up my faith in working for them again looooooooooool)

love heart print shirt - h&m . green high waist trousers* - . bag - primark . shoes - h&m

I really loved how this look turned out if you didn't notice by the amount of photographs I took! I was so determined to make these trousers work and I really like the smarter look for myself, plus with my little satchel bag I look like I'm ready to start the day. I took myself for a walk into my village, went to the post office and felt truly like a little British lady, a little over done to run my errands but I feel like such a girl boss.

I just want to thank for collaborating with myself and I love both pieces I styled, yes I do think their clothing is a little on the expensive side for someone on a budget like myself, but absolutely worth it for the quality and how unique their brand is. They provide modern items with small twists, like buckles, patterns and how they create their clothing. Give their site a little look and let me know what you'd love to style!

Until next time,

(the item marked with * was sent to me for free in exchange for a blog post. However all words are my own and truthful to my own opinion)

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