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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Get yourself a drink, because we're about to start a rant up in here! My own personal style is something I've been struggling with lately and if I'm honest its been really getting me down lately. You're probably wondering 'how in the hell can something like your style be upsetting you?' well a few things have been eating away at me recently and where not better to unload my word vomit then on my blog? I love my style, that isn't the issue, I've always dressed a little alternative and always put a dark 'goth' twist on outfits which are a little different to the people I surround myself with. I have gothic interests, I love vampire films, Halloween, anything black and spooky which makes autumn my time to shine. My inner soul is a goth, but I feel like everyone has their own levels of how much they're committed to dressing like the dark lord himself. I have so many people all the time say to me 'but you're not a goth' and I never know what to say, because really I just wear whatever I want. It's only until I started blogging that I really put a label on it because I had to put it into words for the internet, I just wear whatever I feel like wearing that day. I do dress alternative, something once called me soft grunge or soft goth which I thought was a perfect description, I like to wear black 98% of the time, but just lately I've felt like my personal style, my 'niche' has gone out of the window and its made me feel a little lost...

Its so hard to have a unique style when every alternative 'goth' blogger has the same one. 

I'm coming across as a little bit of a cow here, but one thing thats been giving me a little stress is how ever fashion blogger that could be put into the same category with my blog, has the same style. It's the black pinafore epidemic all over again, we all shop at the same stores, we wear the same clothes, we blog about the same things and it's as if we're all trying to create the exact same aesthetic to our blog which I'm just tired of seeing. I love reading unique blogs, especially bloggers with alternative style because it's what interests me most! What I hate seeing is a fashion blogger ripping off a look I did back in 2015, posting on twitter things they want to start doing on their blog when literally the day before I announced the same thing. I keep just having a mad stress that I need to keep my own content fresh and change it up because everyone else seems to be doing the exact same thing. 

I value the blogging community I'm in and the life changing friends I've made on the journey of Heartshapedbones. I just can't stand when someone steals the efforts of someone else. I think if you're yourself in blogging the uniqueness shines through in your blog, thats what makes a good post, not trying to go with what trends every other person is following too.  

I had a little break from blogging and it's really hit my confidence with the content I'm creating

It can't only be me that feels like with the community of fashion bloggers growing that you need to up your content game! This is my blogs third year and I can say I've never felt stress before to up my standards, I've never wrote a blog post or taken photographs and cried because I thought it wasn't good enough in comparison to what others are posting. There we have the problem, comparing yourself to others is NEVER good. I've always felt so positive about the content I create and I think it's only the more I've been involved with the blogging community that i've felt spells of feeling crap about my blog. I hope it's not just me, but lately I've been looking at my recent looks and just feeling really uninspired by them. I posted three to four times a week last year and never felt a waver in confidence, but after having a good couple of months off from blogging...I just feel out of it. Like I don't have a special touch to make anything special. I look at my posts now and don't feel any connection to them, I'm not wowed over my looks and it makes me worry so much that you guys aren't either. I think that why I took a break because my inspiration for content was draining away and it's not springing back like I hoped it would. 

I don't know if it's because of summer, or that I've been trying to change up my looks, but I feel as if I'm losing my niche. 

my friend and I came to the conclusion with my fashion posts that in summer I tend to change up things and stir away from black, which I think I've done unintentionally but I do have some reasoning behind it! In summer not only do I try to brighten things up a bit to fit in with the season, but the sort of fashion brands that approach me tend to be selling whats currently on trend. This year when browsing their sites I've barely found anything alternative, it's been whites, frilly dresses, which I do love! But once I've taken the photographs in them I've started to realise their clothing makes me feel not myself...I love working with brands especially in fashion because it's what I do here in the blogging community, but it's just not helped when I feel as if I'm losing my niche. I joined the Altbloggers chat (which was utterly fantastic) and just felt a little disconnected because I hadn't posted anything that felt like myself in weeks, but the awesome ladies did inspire me to get my shit together. I'm going to start posting more about what I love, films, art, traveling, outfits which really show me than just an item a brand sent me to review. I want people to come to my blog knowing exactly what they'll get and still be blown away, a niche that Heartshapedbones has but just needs a little kick up its arse. 

This outfit that my amazing boyfriend shot for me really has upped my spirits that I can get back into feeling more at home on my blog! I love this shoot, it's definitely one of my favourites from this year. 

I hope you've not found this post too ranty or that negative, I just needed a space to spill my thoughts and that is what my blog is all about. What I'm trying to get across is the blogging community is awesome and we all need to work together to be as awesome as we can be. Be original and creative, we all love it more that way. 

Nirvana cropped t-shirt - H&M . Mesh frilled t-shirt - H&M . Silver Metallic Skirt - H&M . Studded booties - H&M . Grey suede watch - Newlook . Wig - Amazon . Metallic Lipstick - Colourpop . 

These set of photographs were originally meant to be shot in a park looking all gloomy in the trees, but we changed locations for a side street where the sun was shining down! I feel so comfortable in these clothes because this is what I wear day to day, it's completely me showing off my favourite band, favourite mesh t-shirt I love to layer things with and a shiny skirt! I love it when Joel agrees to take photographs of me because he does have an act for it, even getting the lighting just right so you can see my metallic lipstick from colourpop shining away! This is my alternative summer look, how to dress black into your outfit when wanting a little stroll in the sunshine.

Until next time guys,

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  1. Yes to everything in this post! I 100% agree with where you're coming from! It can be so hard to feel like you're producing original content that is constantly improving from your last post! I agree with everything in this post and whilst yes we may have similar features at the end of the day our own personality and individuality as to shine through in our posts! I love how honest you are in this post!
    Robyn // http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk

  2. My blog is in a totally different niche to yours, but I think no matter what your topic you'll feel like you're not posting original things from time to time. For me, when I feel in a similar rut, I find it helps to take a couple of days off anything blog related and mix up my routine a little by visiting a new place or trying out something different, and then after a couple of days off plan some posts but don't look at anyone else's in that time until I've got new posts ready to go. Ignore blog twitter feeds, instagrams, etc. and just focus on creating new content without any of that playing tricks with your mind and telling you you're not unique/different/whatever enough. It's so hard to create new things when we constantly surround ourselves with other people's content!

  3. Gosh I know exactly how you feel, but for me it's kind of the other way around... 98% of the year I'm decked in cute frilly pink clothes but as soon as it hits August I'm wanting to channel my dark goth vibes. I'm such a fake goth but I just love wearing it in the colder months, and it makes me feel like a completely new person. But then I worry that I'd always be labelled as a "fake goth" and just look like every other alternative blogger out there...

    I'm so glad that you're working hard to do what you love! I think that's the most important thing of all. I wouldn't worry too much about niche as it will just come to you naturally and it's never good to force yourself to wear something just because that's what people know you as.

    I really hope that the both of us will be comfortable with our individual styles one day!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  4. Just love your dress.! those tattoos babe adore


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