My August Favourites

11 Aug 2017

So it might be a little too early into the month of August to be doing my monthly favourites, but when I haven't done a post like this since March I thought it was about time I was doing a current favourites. I used to love creating a good old flat lay for my monthly faves, without fail I always posted one on my youtube each month, but life of course got in the way with most things and over the last couple of months I've just not been able to put one together. If I'm honest I got a little bored of just creating a haul, the items of clothing I showed never looked good just laid on a flat surface so I thought I would change up how I do things. A more in depth of what I'm loving, including music, films, events, youtubers, bloggers, homeware, clothing and so much more!

Over the last couple of weeks I've settled more into a routine, now that I work for myself it's really become getting used to feeling as if I'm at 'work' when I'm working for my art store and blogging, then shutting work off to be at home when its all under one roof. I finally have a good routine where I'm doing my admin bits and making new products, blogging and then taking care of my house bits. If anything I've found that I do love to clean now that I can easily keep on top of everything, which I think allows me to wake up more positive because I can crack on with managing my art store Witchcrafts not having to worry about my living environment. I can finally breath again and I definitely feel like my new level of happiness is leaving a job I didn't like! I've gotten back on track with my blog, spend more time with my family and we even opened our home to another member!

Meet Barry the kitty! we decided since a dog wasn't appropriate for our living situation than we'd get ourselves a little fury friend, Barry being only just 10 weeks old and I think he's already stole 98% of my heart. I love watching him play and he loves cuddles in a morning, my arm pit has become his favourite morning snuggle spot.

Now that I work from home I decided I wanted to have a little move around, adding some new features to freshen up the style of homeware and feel more inspired in my work space. I had a move around of my living room and I LOVE how it now looks, adding some new pillows, a new friggin coffee table!!! which has super cool draws on each side to hide all my sewing bits and cables (how practical for the modern day grandma I know)  

I bought some magical cat bedding which broke the internet, or at least got 230 likes which for me on twitter is a personal best!


Without doing too much indulging, I actually got a hand full of pieces that I've been wearing to death in this excuse of a summer we're having. I've explored new brands like Lazy Oaf, found bargains in Primark and even worked with some awesome brands who have introduced pieces to me which I'm going to wear over and over until its time to bundle up. My blog is mostly fashion based so I do update you all mostly on clothing that I love because you get to see them in lookbooks or OOTD's over on Instagram, but here are just a few items that I'm obsessed with this month.


I've felt a little out of tune with a lot of things recently and one of them had been youtube, it's taken me weeks to get back into the swing of watching my regular subscribed channels. In the process I've fallen back in love with a lot of youtubers that I watch but also found a few new channels which are blowing away my mind! It's inspired me in many ways and basically given me a kick up the arse to get back onto youtube! I've been watching channels I've been subscribed to for years now just because it's out of routine, but I've found the most amazing channels that touch on art and my own interests. Furrylittlepeach is an awesome illustrator who documents not only her work but living as an artist in Austria, I'm so happy I found her channel! I've followed Kiera rose for years now and every video I love, she's definitely amongst the few channels I never grow tired of ever.


I often find myself browsing through Instagram for hours upon hours, despite the funky algo-whatever I still love uploading photos and even creating my own Insta story! These aren't necessarily photos that got the most likes recently, I've decided to focus less on that because it's only going to add more stress to a platform that shouldn't effect you emotionally! here are some that I uploaded to Instagram recently and personally are my faves, I love how they turned out.


One of my most favourite pass times is being socially involved with bloggers and reading blogs, for me it not only gets me inspired but I love to see what's new and going on in the community. I always have my fave blogs which I've read for years, but this year I've found a lot of new blogs which I am utterly obsessed with. People in the blogging community are the nicest people you'll ever meet, here are some that I'm absolutely fan girling over every day!

Lifewithmaria - I love following Marias blog because she offers literally everything, her fashion posts are so unique, her beauty looks off the charts which she updates on her Instagram pretty much every day AND she just did a new post on how to look after your cacti which was so helpful! If you want unique and completely her own, check out Maria!

Midnightandlace - Robyn is my goth sister, and another blog you need to definitely go check out if you want uniqueness! For me I love blogs that offer something you can't get anywhere else, and amongst her utterly goth-tastic fashion posts, Robyn also does 'real life' chats about dating, her identity and just the real world. 

Rhiannaolivia -  What I love about Rhianna's blog is how well put together it is, with good photography, a fresh blog layout, she also makes good honest content that always keeps me coming back for more! As an artist I'm incredibly visual, I'm more likely to read a post because the photographs are of amazing quality and this blog definitely ticks all the boxes for me!

Trashedvintage - India Hannah Pixie, the writer of trashed vintage creates the most unique outfits I've ever seen and I can't sing her praises enough! It's definitely her niche, but that's what makes me check her blog daily because I just love how completely different her blog is! For girl power, unique and retro outfits definitely check out Indias blog!


I'm definitely  huge film/tv buff and if you've followed my blog for a while you'll of seen how much I love to do a 'what I've been watching' post! As I've kept quite from blogging for the past couple of months I've definitely got involved with a number of tv shows and films that I've loved!

Midnight, Texas (aired July 2017, all things super natural & a murder mystery!)
Game of Thrones (season 7, the great game is back and my god episode 4 is my favourite of the entire series!)
Wet Hot American Summer (I've seen this being advertised on Netflix for ages, we sponge watched the pre-q series and the film! Now onto the 10 years after season and I love it so much)
Nocturnal animals (This film was weird and definitely indie, with three of my favourite actors/actress' it definitely has me thinking about it weeks after watching!)


I do plan on doing a huge post on my art work very soon, because with me working for myself as a full time artist it is pretty much the most important area of my life! Ive been love working for my own business, not only creating art but doing all the admin bits every day gives me an absolute joy! I do have a blog over on my actual store which I'll be posting on regularly very soon, but for now here are some bits I've been working on this month and I absolutely love!

I'm so happy with how things are going, especially with taking the big leap of working for myself but it's paying off so much! Thankyou everyone for reading and thankyou so much to people who have purchased stuff from my store!

Hopefully I can keep up these monthly posts, I loved doing it this way

Until next time,

I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts