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Sunday, 6 August 2017

You know when you walk into Superdrug fully intending to only pick up some hair dye and maybe look at re purchasing your foundation because its ran low? I'm a danger to my bank account when I physically go into makeup stores myself because I don't just look, I never just add what I need to my basket. I get distracted by pretty packaging, prices and promises to do more for my skin than my current makeup can! I add and add to my basket till I have a bunch of new makeup to try and then just hold in my tears as I leave the store with a massive dint in my bank account. On the plus side though I completely forget about the cost as I try out all the new makeup I purchased and squeal as I create new look after new look. Yes I did a little 'exploring' with some new products and brands I've never tried before, so here is a few items I picked up from both Revlon and I Heart Makeup!

Revlon Colourstay 24 hour wear, full coverage foundation for combination/oily skin -
I opted for the shade Ivory which is the lightest in the collection, matching my skin perfectly as I do have a yellow tint to my skin! Upon first time trying the foundation I was immediately impressed, using a beauty blender to build up the product which I needed very little of. I love a full coverage foundation and for only £8 this has definitely become one of my favourite foundations over other brands such as Soap & Glory and The Body Shop where I usually buy from! I used a little bit of products and instantly there was no shine, it covered my red patches immediately with no need of building layers and I found it blended so well into areas like my neck, eyes, lips, hair line. I never thought to try out a brand such as Revlon but the 'full coverage' advertisement poster for the foundation made me think about trying something new, even if it's not the product for you it's only £8 and worth a try.

I Heart Makeup chocolate bar eyeshadow palette VICE -
Super drug was also having a huge advertising campaign for the I Heart Makeup chocolate bar eyeshadow palettes, which caught my eye because there was 50000000 different palettes! There was so any palettes to choose from, I looked at all the shades, each palette having the same packaging but in different colours (this vice palette is black, there was a brown, yellow, pink, gold palette, etc) but the Vice black palette had shades I was more likely to wear! For only £7.99 I would of gone to town on buying a new of their palettes but I just wanted to first test out their quality, which I think is what you're paying for. Some of the matte shades are super pigmented like the dark burnt orange shade, where as some of the shimmery shades have to be built up and barely are touched by my brushes. On my finger each shade is super bright, its just then when putting onto my eyes the colour dims. I love a good warm shade, perfect for when Autumn comes next month!

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts, triple baked blusher Peachy Pink Kiss -
I had seen this range from I Heart Makeup online from a lot of bloggers so when I saw it in store and again, in so many versions I had to try them out! For only £4.99 this blush is completely worth it, the shades are pigmented and can be used in different ways! I've used a thick brush to do one swipe and apply to my cheeks to get a rainbow affect, I've used the lightest shade as my highlight and then the deeper blush colour for my checks, even adding more of the middle shade to give my skin a beautiful pink glow.

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts, triple baked bronzer Hot Summer of Love -
Again, I've also used this Bronzer Hot Summer of Love palette in different ways, using it to build up my contouring but also using the light shade as highlight, darker shade as a sharp bronzer to cut into my cheek and then the middle shade to blend it out into my dark contour I had already done.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip colour - I'm always a bugger for trying out new lip products, I never think to try brands out of my comfort go to's like Nyx, Lime crime, so when I saw these Revlon ultra matte lip colours, I was beyond intrigued! Not only is the product appearance different to other liquid lips, but the texture too feels sticky like a lip gloss, then turns matte with a little shine to it. It's hard to explain without you applying it to your lips yourself, but I will however show it in another post when I review some of my favourite liquid lipsticks with pictures of them on. There was a number of shades including a beautiful dark brown and purple, but I went for something I could wear day to day so a nude brown and a dark pinky red like a cherry. I love a nude but I also love a dark pinky tone, and they're perfect for every day wear but I've also worn them whilst out drinking! I wore the brown nude to the pub and it lasted me so well.

I'm so in love with all of these products I'm so happy that my daring purchases paid off! Have you recently tried anything from Revlon? Anything from I heart makeup? My favourites are definitely the blushing heart bronzer and blush palettes!

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  1. That blush and bronzer looks absolutely stunning, even the packaging is adorable! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 


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