Rosegal Summer Fashion Wish List || Pink Chiffon Maxi Dress, Floral Swim sets

Thursday, 3 August 2017

I've finally accepted that our summer isn't getting any better from this point, I'm definitely not going on holiday so instead of buying Bikinis to never get in them, I thought I'd put together a one brand wish list of leafy bikinis and incredibly boho pink chiffon maxi dressesRosegal are a brand I've worked with throughout last year and when they got in contact to create a wish list but also then review some items for them, I jumped at the chance to get back into writing a good old wish list!

It has to have been over nearly two years since I did my last wish list post, which feels so strange because I remember when I first started out blogging nearly seven years ago I would post a wish list weekly! It was the in thing to do for blogging, like how flat lays have stormed the internet, everyone posted a cheeky wish list in hope that when pay day came around they could get any of the bits they wanted. I remember putting together really gothic looks which were so fun, but I never got paid enough from my first little job in a restaurant to get anything. I think even here on Heartshapedbones I started out still posting wish lists because they're were always so fun to put together, so heres my attempt at putting together a new one! 

I am a sucker for a beautiful maxi dress, so when I came across these two GORGEOUS dresses I had to add them to my wish list. I feel as if the weather hasn't peaked to where I want it to wear a maxi dress this year, I've worn shorts only a hand full of times and then British weather just seemed to skip a season. For days now it's been grey clouds and has rained without fail at least once in the sucks.

1. I thought this floral maxi dress would be utterly stunning for a birthday bash at a function or just being sat at the pub in the sunshine sipping a pint!I love it's button up feature on the bust but also the off the sleeve frills! Everything this season seems to have a cut up the side but it shows a little leg which is always a good thing in summer!

2. Going for a complete different look to the first, I think this boho style maxi dress is stunning. I love how the pinks and browns really contrast against the blue, but then you get the additional detail of the tassels!

I've faced the fact that I'm not going on a sunny holiday this year, I can't really afford it meaning hello not having to spend any money on bikinis because they're not gonna get worn! With it still being summer every retailers website seems to be over following with the things, so I did take a little look and I feel like a girl can dream about being on holiday, so I added a few to my wish list. I love a good once piece and I love how retro these look, even the two piece with the high waist is super on trend because it's featuring a popular leaf pattern. I just want something a little different than my usual plain black sets that I go for, and these definitely turn heads. 

After this month we're finally going to be into autumn (I'm a little too over excited) so I thought i'd look at some trousers because I love to transition from skirts to killer bottoms. I love both of these pairs, the striped leg being flowy and loose looking for style but comfort, the other a completely dare find but I think I would love to try to style them! 

6. Last year we all got into culottes and I found myself going for loose high waist trousers more because for work I think they made me look a little more professional. I can see myself wearing these with a think strap heel, out for food or even drinks in utter comfort. I've always wanted striped loose trousers so I'll be excited to style these up!

7. We love everything retro, the 60's/70's style trend has come back in and especially everything American biker! I love how these flare out at the bottom but also have the cords criss crossing right up the leg for extra detail. I'd style these with really tall boots, a flared sleeve or even a band tee!

8. Now this was a random find on their website, I never think to look at the bags but my lordy they have some fabulous items. They have a large range of bags, from casual beach bags to high end styled pieces like this beauty. I love anything that reminds me of a channel bag, the gold chain which is adjustable and then for an added extra you get a beautiful lay of flowers and pearls. It's going beyond my usual taste but I love something thats high fashion with a cheaper cost.

Man it feels good to be doing a wish list again, but then having the realisation that I probably can't afford everything makes me very sad.

Have you ordered from Rosegal before? what items on their website are you craving for? What would be on your wish list?

Until next time guys,

(This post was in collaboration with Rosegal who in exchange for this post sent clothing. All words are truthful and my own.)

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  1. Oooh ooohh I need that leaf print bikini! 😍😍😍 I love everything you've picked out here!
    Robyn //

    1. I want it sooooooo bad but I'd never wear it haha we need a holiday asap!

  2. Everything in this post is really stunning! I love the bag at the bottom of the post and the maxi dresses are stunning x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


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